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3-Axis Wire Forming Machine

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3-Axis wire forming machine is designed and manufactured with best controller and servo motors to control the feeding system and cam system combinedly. Cam axis, feeding and quill rotary are the 3 axis machines we have. We have experienced and professional engineers with high-class manufacturing skills in the area of wire forming machines.

Our quality has been guaranteed from our customers feedback. We are always trying our best to meet the customers' demands and assist the wire former model to fulfill their need. We will test run the machine before we ship to ensure all mechanical and electrical parts are working fine or not.

3-axis wire forming machine is suitable for the production of various compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring (single/double), flat wire spring, and etc.


Model WF-20
Wire Diameter 0.3-2.5 mm
Axis 3/4
Max.Feed Length unlimited
Max.Wire Feed Value 9999.99mm
Min.Wire Feed Value 0.01 mm
Max.OD 50
Rotary Quill Axis 1 * 1.0 KW
Wire Feeding Axis 1 * 2.7 KW
Spinner Axis (Optional) 1 * 0.4 KW
Cam Axis 1 * 2.7 KW
Max Program Support 2000 program Max.2000 Lines for each program
Interface Language Chinese/English
Probe 2pc
Machine Size 1450 * 700 * 1650 MM
Wooden Case Size 1500 * 850 * 1750 MM
Machine Weight 750 kgs
Total Gross Weight 850 kgs
Input Power 3p 220V 50/60Hz

3-Axis Wire Forming Machine Features

  • 3 Axis (cam axis, feeding and rotatory axis)
  • Continuous Feeding
  • Safety detection for material disconnection and Jam
  • Fully automatic wire forming machine
  • Precise and stable
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Fast production rate
  • Hand wheel for setting