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Suppliers Wholesaller Manufacturer who are popular with India market ranked in turn here. The transformation of technology and systems has given rise to a whole new host of responsibilities for B2B Tech CMOs, but most will tell you that the future of the role is focused on providing a holistic customer experience to ensure growth and loyalty.


  • Transportation & Packers And Movers (4)

    Transport or transportation is the movement of humans, animals and goods from one location to another.
  • Tools

    A tool is an object used to extend the ability of an individual to modify features of the surrounding environment.
  • Timber & Plywood

    Manufacturer of Plywoods, Ply Wood & Plywood Sheets offered by U V Timber & Plywood from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Textiles and Leather Products

    A worldwide business platform of textiles & leather manufacturers, wholesale leather goods, leather products suppliers, yarn exporters.
  • Telecom Products

    Telecom Equipment & Goods. ... EPABX System• Public Address Systems• Intercom System• Video Conferencing System• Mobile Phone Jammer.
  • Sports and Entertainment (2)

    Sports entertainment is a type of spectacle which presents an ostensibly competitive event using a high level of theatrical flourish and extravagant.
  • Solar Products (1)

    Solar products are the products, which get energy from the sun. There are various types of solar products such as solar battery, solar torch, solar emergency lights,
  • Scrap

    Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste,
  • Scientific and Laboratory Instruments

    Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory: The classical equipment includes tools.
  • Safety & Security (9)

    one can use CCTV cameras, and other digital and electronic products, such as x-ray security, hand held shock devices, and other bullet proof products.
  • Rubber Products

    The types of natural rubber currently produced include ribbed smoked sheets, technically specified rubber, crepes, latex, epoxidized natural rubber and thermoplastic.
  • Printing & Paper (3)

    Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template. The earliest non-paper products involving printing include cylinder seals and objects.
  • Power & Energy Equipments

    There are various sources of power generation such as water, solar power, wind power, and bio gas plants. Here we find two types of power and energy equipments.
  • Pollution & Environment

    For the proper solution of this issue, a full-fledged industry on Pollution & Environment has emerged. The industry provides Acoustic material.
  • Plastic Products (2)

    The use of plastic products is on the rise. The plastic products are used in home and industry both. In homes, we find plastic products as water bottles, jug, mug, jars, crockery etc.
  • Pipes, Pumps, Motors (2)

    Pipes, Pumps, and Motors are multi use products. They are used in different industries. Just take an example of pipes, they are made of aluminum, brass, copper,
  • Packaging & Labeling

    Every Product whether finished or unfinished, requires a proper packing and labeling. This fact indicates the importance and scope of packaging and labeling industry.
  • Oil Lubricants Gases

    Oil has, broadly speaking, two-fold of application, one related to cooking- cooking oil and other for industrial applications like petrol, diesel and kerosene oil.
  • Office Supplier (1)

    Office supplies are consumables and equipment regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written.
  • Mobile Phones, Accessories (1)

    Mobile Phone, The accessories industry is a fast emerging industry in India. This is so because, Mobile Phone, Accessories has become a prime.
  • Metal & Alloys

    Metal and Alloy products are inter-related products. Metal and Alloy sector is considered as the basic infra sector of our industry. Our modern industry is based on it.
  • Machinery & Plant (6)

    Machinery and Plant provide maximum possible coverage of machinery and plant. all types of machinery and plant. Machinery for a machine tool to agriculture.
  • Light & LED

    business provides comprehensive detail about Light and LED Products.manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors and other related service providers.
  • Leather Products

    Leather products have wide use of the application in our life. We find leather products such as shoes, sandals, leather coats, jackets, leather bags.
  • Laboratory & Surgical (4)

    If you are in search of laboratory and surgical products, equipments, accessories, technology and other allied services and instruments, then your search ends here.
  • Kitchen Equipments (2)

    A kitchen is a must for every house, restaurant and a hotel. But, the necessity of kitchen equipments varies from house to house, restaurant to restaurant and hotel to hotel.
  • Jewellery (4)

    As, we know, Jewellery is a form of personal adornment, such as brooches, rings necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This jewelry may be of gold, silver.
  • IT & Computer and Data Science (13)

    As we know, I T mean, Information Technology is a fastest growing technology in the world. It is increasingly finding its applications in all sectors of the economy.
  • Interior (1)

    The word Interior means indoor or inside Building. In business term, Interior word is used like interior lighting, interior designing or interior
  • Industrial Products (4)

    Broadly speaking there are two types of products. One type is of consumer products and the other type is of industrial products. The difference between the.
  • Hospital & Medical (18)

    The words -Hospital and Medical refers to a life saving industry. The industry related to hospital and medical is a wide spread and a big industry. In it, thousands and thousands people are involved in manufacturing.
  • Home Products (8)

    The requirement of Home products varies from house to house. But there are some basic home products requirements, that, every home must have. They are, like bags and luggage, fans, kitchen equipments and kitchen wares.
  • Health & Beauty (26)

    There is a popular proverb, "If wealth is lost, something is lost, If health is lost, everything is lost." This popular proverb reflects the prime concern of the society towards human health. Like-wise craze for beauty is a well known fact to all.
  • Glass Products

    Use of Glass products are on the rise. Nowadays, glass products are widely used in business and industry. They are used in auto and automobile industry, building and Construction, architectural and
  • Gifts & Handicrafts (6)

    As per tradition, people on special occasions, offer gifts to their nearer and dearer ones. So, for the purpose, products for the special occasions are specially produced. This tradition has given birth to a Gift industry. In the gifting.
  • Garment & Apparel (6)

    Garment and Apparel means clothing. This industry is essentially associated with Textile Industry. Textile Industry is one of the oldest industries in India. It has a nation- wide spread over. Garment and Apparel are of
  • Furniture (6)

    Furniture is the necessity of every house. The necessity of Furniture varies from person to person. The use of furniture is not limited to house hold only. There are other use, such as, in gardens, hotels, hospitals and schools etc.
  • Food & Beverages (31)

    Food and Beverages is related with eating and drinking. So, Food and Beverages Industry is a basic industry that fulfils the basic needs of the people. Broadly speaking, food can be divided into two that is, vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food.
  • Entertainments & Sports (4)

    Entertainment is an inseparable part of our life. Everybody needs entertainment. There are various ways of entertainments. Just to mention, Music, Dance, Drama and Sports are some of the leading source of entertainment.
  • Electronics & Electricals (8)

    Electronics and Electricals is a vast industry. Electronics industry and Electrical Industry are inter-related too. That is why, many a time, they are treated under one category. But it does not undermine its importance.
  • Drugs & Pharmaceuticals (1)

    Generally speaking, when we talk about drugs and pharmaceutical products, we mean products related With Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry. Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry is a life saving Industry.
  • Drilling & Boring

    Drilling and Boring is a machining process. like Machine Tools, Wood working Machines, Mining Industry, Building and Construction Industry etc. As we know, for Drilling and Boring process, drilling and boring machines and its related tools are the prime necessity.
  • Consumer Electronics (6)

    Consumer electronics (CE) refers to any electronic device designed to be purchased and used by end-users or consumers for daily and non-commercial/professional purposes. Consumer electronics are among.
  • Chemical (3)

    The word chemical has a special meaning for business and industry people. For them it means business with which they can transact business. A business can be transacted with a manufacturer or with a dealer or distributor.
  • Cables & Wires (1)

    Cable & Wire are multi use products. They are used in almost in all industries. So, they find their presence in almost, in all types of categories of products.
  • Building & Construction (7)

    Building and Construction is a big project. It is engaged in building and construction of roads, buildings, bridges and dams etc. In this big project, many industries play their due important.
  • Auto & Automobiles (11)

    Auto and Automobile Industry is a very important segment of our industry. The reason is simple; it is the source of movement of all industries. If we want to know about it, about its manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, etc.
  • Agriculture (2)

    The science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled
  • Water Products

    Drinking water-related products refer to transmission and distribution equipment, protective material, water treatment material, water treatment device.
  • Welding Product & Machines

    Welding Machines. As a pioneer in welding machines, we have consistently led the industry in streamlining the welding process itself in addition to.
  • Tour And Travel (23)

    A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers.
  • Real Estate Agents (44)

    Real estate is "property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water.
  • Hotel (12)

    A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality
  • Education (59)

    Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits
  • Mobile Application (15)

    A mobile application also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.
  • Digital Marketing (25)

    Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising,
  • Event Organisers (6)

    Event planning companies offer professional event planning services that include event management, event coordination, theming, décorates.
  • B2B Suppliers (24)

    Horizontal B2B is the transaction pattern for the intermediate trading market. It concentrates similar transactions of various industries into one place, as it provides a trading opportunity for the purchaser and supplier
  • Web Design and Development (35)

    Web growth is the work associated with establishing a website for an intranet or the internet. Internet advancement can range from developing a simple single static web page of plain text to intricate online internet applications, digital companies, and also social network services.
  • Business Opportunities (11)

    A business opportunity involves sale or lease of any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser-licensee to begin a business.

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