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svg image is the India's leading business-to-business (B2B) Media Company that facilitates global trade, with a particular focus on the Indian market.

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About KHOJinINDIA Search Engine

KHOJinINDIA is a comprehensive B2B marketplace having over five years of experience in digital disapproval and net development. The B2B Marketplace presently caters registered users and briskly increasing its information of makers, suppliers and firms from everywhere the globe. The digital commerce platform is showing intelligence designed and developed to deal with fierce business competition by providing a secure, fast, reliable and authentic medium of commerce. KHOJiniNDIA is integrated with all new advance options and functionalities that haven't been offered by the other B2B portal. To vie with aggressive selling trends and whole development KHOJinINDIA is that the solely B2B portal serving to countless traders in expressing their presence nationwide.


Our goal is to assist member corporations realize new business partners from everywhere the Bharat and exchange trade offers in an internet atmosphere over the web. we tend to ar a B2B service supplier company and supply all our services on-line through our web site. we tend to ne'er offer trade leads or contact data of member corporations through our Customer Support facilities by any suggests that. However, our client Support Team is usually at your disposal to assist our members against any downside moon-faced whereas victimisation the provided services on our web site.

Create something different that exceeds people’s needs.

Most purchasers solely elicit what they have as a result of they don’t understand what else is feasible. Develop an answer for your purchasers that truly addresses their downside in a very important approach. for instance, whereas our purchasers have an interest in banking solutions, we offer these plus an entire “lifestyle layer” that permits them to interact their customers like ne'er before — a value-add they didn’t expect.


The consumers that we have a tendency to get from these platforms aren't the consumers that the Manufacturer like US would be searching for. we have a tendency to complete that our merchandise don't need the standard B2Bs however we have a tendency to need the Business Development activities to urge in reality with the large Brands or Retail Chains, that isn't potential while not KHOJinINDIA as they're providing human intensive services. The impact of this service is way higher than any B2B. KHOJinINDIA is definitely advanced than all different platforms. Services area unit a lot of Human-2-Human that makes B2B services higher than anyone, Our purchaser consultants area unit extremely skilled, dedicated and work in keeping with your demand

Market with scalability and manageability.

This is a chicken-or-egg scenario: must you build a strong technology infrastructure that needs longer and cash, or must you begin tiny and scramble to build? “Scalability” may be a common nonsense we’re all accustomed to, however many folks don’t place enough thought into it. Scalability goes on the far side technology — it applies to staffing, processes, policies, workplace house and a lot of. Work along with your key members and certify they perceive wherever you think that the business is headed. Take time designing however you'll account for varied things that might arise, and the way you’ll handle them. This way, once it’s time to scale, it’s no surprise to anyone, and you’ll have concepts at the able to pull from.

Our CEO Story

As the CEO of a Thirty one age person company, act my vision has been sometimes tough on behalf of me. I will see clearly wherever i would like to require the business, however act this with everybody on my team is tougher, particularly since we have a tendency to area unit unfold across many offices. In 3+ years, my startup has adult from my front room to an entire floor in a very midtown building. I’ve definitely enjoyed success, and also the times once the corporate has adult the quickest are those once communication lines were robust.

The Importance of a Shared Vision

While the vision is mine, I cannot build it a reality on my very own. i want the understanding, buy-in, and also the enthusiasm of my team to figure along put together to require the corporate forward, and everybody’s favorite word, “scale.” Regardless of company size, a shared vision is required from rock bottom to the highest of the organization, each at the team and individual level. If each individual, team, and business unit encompasses a clear conception of however their work helps to contribute to broader goals of the corporate (revenue or otherwise), it's much more possible that they will work harmoniously to realize them. I generally envision running my company sort of a conductor leads AN orchestra. If I will write a score for every section and show them a way to effectively play their half whereas mixing with the others, then really lovely music may be created.

At the individual level, your workers ought to perceive however their position is significant to the company’s success. Demonstrating that they're very important, can build them feel valued. can their ability assist you produce new and innovative products? can their relationship building and shutting ability facilitate drive revenue? Showing the importance of every employee’s role and skills helps with engagement and buy-in at the foundational level of your company, its people. At the team level, there ought to be awareness of however the success of 1, impacts the opposite. during a membership/community-driven business like mine, the care the B2C team takes of our members through support and engagement, directly impacts the success of our B2B team leverage our members’ experience for marketing research. Finally, at the corporate level, if all the components of the corporate square measure occupation synch with clarity on however one relates to the opposite, however every support and might collaborate with each other, and with workers feeling integrated, you may have strong your company from the within, out.

Big Vision, Even for a Small Company

My web site got its begin as a concept that I had in grad school and so actually got off the bottom with atiny low team in my lounge. It’s so much easier to share a vision with an organization of fewer than ten individuals, as compared to a hundred, not to mention 1000s. once a company becomes larger, with individuals unfold across numerous locations, it becomes that way more troublesome to pass around your view(s) as CEO. this can be why i counsel anyone beginning their own company to consciously build your vision into the DNA of your company and share it with every new person who joins your team. If the “vision DNA” is there from the first stages, as you grow the corporate, your vision can still be visible and accessible, if ultimately through you, then through those longer-tenured workers with whom you originally shared your vision.

Ways I'm Trying to Improve How I Communicate

My web site is currently therein 40-60 person size, split between twenty nine states in India and 3 locations, and growing. As I write this, i'm actively speculative, “how i'm planning to with success share my 2020 vision and goals with this several people?” this can be a decent downside to possess, and believe Indian state once I say that I’m not complaining! Here area unit some sensible steps that I’m puzzling over taking to higher communicate my vision with my team.

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