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Content writers write informative content for the Web. This content includes text for graphics, podcasts, sales copy, and e-books. Various Web formatting tools required by the content writers for quality content that includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and content management systems. Content writers produce contents for wide variety of websites, such as e-commerce sites, blogs, social networks, college websites and news aggregators. Apart from writing content, the content writers are solely responsible for providing keywords for ad sense and helping Digital marketing with SEO (Search engine optimization). They're also responsible for setting the overall configuration of the site. Planning, researching and deciding what information to include in the site is the prime activity of a content writer. It also includes fetching product specific information and execute it in the site in a way which is easily understandable by the customer thus widening the customer base. AICT is one of the leading content marketing agency in India which provides content marketing services and other services and products, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.
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