100 Startup Directories To Submit Your Startup

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If you’re launching a startup (like we were), you’re probably considering submitting it to various startup directories and review sites.

As we quickly found – there are a lot of startup directories.

In fact, my research found over 100 startup directories, and I’m sure there are more.

Here’s the “good” news: Many of the startup directories require the same information, which means if you fill it out once, you can get away with copying and pasting.

Admittedly though, it’s still a lot of work and can be difficult to explain to a VA. If you really want to go through these – prepare for an entire day to be sacked. (If you do outsource and you want to a seasoned pro who’ll know exactly how to execute from start to finish with not much hand-holding needed, you can always opt for dedicated marketing service.)

Otherwise, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to highlight the startup directory that sent us the most traffic and conversions.

Next, I’m going to share my entire list of startup directories.

And then I’m going to link to a bonus package that will include hundreds of more directories, that are guaranteed to be up to
Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom!

The Full List of 100 startup directories

1 101bestwebsites.com
2 365startup.it
3 aboutyourstartup.com
4 allweb2.com
5 alphalist.co
6 appappeal.com
7 apps400.com
8 appvita.com
9 austinstartuplist.com
10 betabound.com
11 betacandy.com
12 betainvites.com
13 betakit.com
14 betalist.com
15 betapunch.com
16 capterra.com
17 crozdesk.com
18 cloudbook.net
19 cloudshowplace.com
20 cloudsurfing.com
21 crunchbase.com
22 dreamstake.net
23 erlibird.com
24 eu-startups.com
25 f6s.com
26 feedmyapp.com
27 fos.com
28 go2web20.net
29 growvc.com
30 hackernews
31 inspiredbeta.com
32 inviteshare.com
33 killerstartups.com
34 launchingnext.com
35 livetoclose.com
36 makeuseof.com
37 marsjob.net
38 momb.socio-kybernetics.net
39 mosaichub.com
40 new-startups.com
41 ontheapp.com
42 opencoffee.ning..com
43 operation6fig.com
44 paggu.com
45 plugstartups.com
46 prefundia.com
47 producthunt.com
48 productivewebapps.com
49 promotehour.com
50 ratemystartup.com
51 reddit.com
52 rev2.org
53 robotlaunch.com
54 rubase.vc
55 seriousstartups.com
56 singlefunction.com
57 sprouter.com
58 sproutingstartups.com
59 start-ups.co
60 startupbenchmarks.com
61 startupbooster.com
62 startupdirectory.com.au
63 startupdonut.co.uk
64 startuplift.com
65 startupmeme.com
66 startupnext.co
67 startups.bz
68 startupsea.com
69 startuptabs.com
70 startuptank.com
71 startuptunes.com
72 startupwizz.com
73 storyfied.com
74 techfaster.com
75 techpluto.com
76 thenextweb.com
77 thestartuppitch.com
78 thetechmap.com
79 topecommercestartups.com
80 venturebonsai.com
81 venturebin.com
82 webapprater.com
83 webdevtwopointzero.com
84 wikindo.com
85 youngentrepreneur.com
86 younoodle.com
87 ziipa.com
88 angel.co
89 getapp.com
90 startupstats.com
91 kaanjo.co
92 mystartuptool.com
93 startupnotice.com
94 universalstartups.com
95 allstartups.info
96 betapage.co
97 startupinspire.com
98 startupbuffer.com

Is It Worth It To Submit To The Rest Of the Startup Directory?
Like most things, the answer is: Maybe.

The short answer is we didn’t get much traffic or conversions from the other ones we submitted to.

The long answer is we may have gotten some quality backlinks that will help us rank down the line. Additionally, who knows, maybe some VC will be looking through one of these one day and come across our startup. It’s hard to put a price on being “out there”.

What Information Do I Need To Submit My Startup to a Startup Directory?
There are pretty fundamental things you are going to need to know about your product. You might not need all of these, but if you have them all handy you’ll be good to go.

  • Product name and website
  • Company name and website
  • Company Logo
  • Location
  • Have you received funding?
  • Around 4-5 screenshots
  • Product video
  • Founding year
  • Founder(s) name
  • Awards
  • Brief description ( you can have around 3 for variation )
    Long Description ( you can have around 3 for variation )
    Who is it for / What problems it solves
    What makes it different
    Social media handles
    Pricing details
    Looking For More?
    I’ll be honest – I don’t keep this article up to date.

    And every month, new, hot directories come out, not to mention that there are well over 100 to begin with.

    So, if you’re looking for more submission websites, including some new ones that have launched, I’ve compiled a resources guide that links to some articles and websites that are more active about adding the latest directories.

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