15 Best Marketing Automation Tools and Apps in 2019

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In this article, I will be taking you through all you need to know about marketing automation tools and solutions that help you manage your marketing program seamlessly. For all the FAQs that hitherto don’t have sufficient answers, carefully read this post to equip yourself, narrow your search, and grow your business.

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to a process of streamlining and measuring your marketing-related workflows and tasks. It alters way businesses handle the relationship between their brand and customers. By employing automation processes that would have otherwise been performed manually, you increase the efficiency and efficacy of your team, save time and resources while also increasing your business reach and patronage.

How does Marketing Automation Work?

Being the bridge between marketing and sales, marketing automation operates on a principle that is seamless and straightforward. Marketing automation governs the journey of your customer from awareness to conversion and create unique paths for him to engage and interact with your service.

The system works in a way that it allows you to send customers down dynamic and unique that give them the right messages at the right as you deliver your products and services, and seek repeat purchases and referral.

Is it Popular among People?

Of course, marketing automation is beneficial to any organization. No wonder, it has become one of the staples in digital marketing. Whether as a B2B service provider, you can use marketing automation to attract, convert and retain customers.

15 Marketing Automation Tools

1. Bpmonline.com

In terms of function, Bpm’online compares marketing channels to tell between ones that produce the best leads. It also helps in differentiating prospect channels to select sales-already ones and to assign these channels to the right users. Alternatively, it modifies marketing streams.

One feature popular to bpm’online is that it’s an all-channel and end-to-end marketing automation system that is quite agile and flexible. It leverages the best lead nurturing so as to ensure that leads are automatically routed from one sales stage to the other.

Bpm’online also has an in-built content creator that helps develop brand-specific promotions. The system also unites three productive modules in a single CRM package, namely sales, marketing, and service. The price of this bundle is very affordable.

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2. Leadsquared.com


Looking to match email marketing automation with CRM functionality, then you’ve got covered with LeadSquared tool. The solution offers a fair price for the combination, and lands more lead and sells more products in synergy. It also lands a valuable asset for large and decentralized teams.

The vendor has a unique efficient lead conversion practices in the marketing industry. LeadSqaured operates independently to push leads deeper down the sales funnel, boosts the sales scale of your business with accurate lead qualification, and gives a conversion prediction tool that is unprecedented.

The tool also offers a free trial that allows you to test all the major features of the software.

3. Marketo.com


Marketo is one of the leaders of email automation tools and marketing automation with unique lead gathering practices. The system covers almost all digital marketing needs and guides the user from acquisition to advocacy.

Marketo offers a special module called Customer Marketing to accompany its email marketing and lead management features. It is developed as an independent solution of engagement and real-time personalization, operating highly visual, easy to use drag-and-drop interface, requiring no HTML skills to create professional email templates.

Again, you can create great landing pages with data capture forms. In terms of collaboration, Marketo easily integrates with leading CRM and productivity service providers, business intelligence and collaboration frontrunners, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, etc.

4. Exponea.com


Exponea Marketing tool is a fully integrated marketing cloud that comes with a wide array of useful marketing automation tools, matching them with AI-enabled capabilities that raise the bar on conversions within any business environment.

Its target market is businesses trying to maximize customer value and optimize acquisition ROI with limited resources. The platform offers helpful Scenario Designerbrings users with full control over their marketing efforts.

As a result-oriented tool, Exponea helps companies leverage the power of detailed customer analysis, making use of previous experiences to improve performance.

Exponea’s Admanagement toolkit combines and analyzes the performance of all your online marketing campaigns, and uses interactions and CRM data to retarget look-alike audiences.

There are also data tracking and long-term storage facility as well as plug-and-play accessibility that respectively help you to track specific online interactions and enables seamless integration between data collection, analytics, and execution.

5. Realmagnet.com


Real Magnet works as an intelligent, forward-looking automation system that targets both proficient and first-time marketers. It is a simple to use tool with overwhelming complex navigation and HTML skills, but will rather give you an intuitive environment to modify and build campaign templates.

Real Magnet solution is end-to-end marketing automation that takes control over email campaigns and reporting. Real Magnet allows you to use the same editor to build custom reports.

The tool also brings all your inbound marketing efforts together to help you convert those into loyal and paying customers.

Other features that serve the need of your business include search engine optimization as the tool will not only help you discover and target prospects, but also enable web searchers to find your services.

6. Hubspot.com


Are you a first-time MA user? HubSpot marketing is for you as it provides a user-friendly interface that performs proficiently without the use of codes. Users can build a website without IT knowledge, design their own workflows, prepare, format, and personalize customize the experience and publish content.

Again, Hubspot offers a compact and ready-to-use marketing funnel. All you need simply is to create an account, place contacts in the funnel, score them, and personalize and distribute your content.

HubSpot provides access to traffic data and valuable stats with its tight HubSpot CRM and Salesforce connections that in turn helps you improve your sales performance skills.

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7. Sharpspring.com


SharpSpring offers a simplified and personalized email marketing automation experience. SharpSpring does not offer blast emails but rather personalized email messages.

There is also lead capturing dynamic forms which give customers an opportunity to get answers to their inquiries. The form has a smooth drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build, customize and reorder the fields.

SharpSpring’s prices have been so customized so as to meet each buyer’s needs depending on the strength of their pocket. There is an absolute customer support service experience that the tool gives.

8. Oracle.com


Oracle Eloqua is one of the perfect marketing automation tools for small business that drive dynamic conversions, holds the reputation of users’ favorite experience personalization system. Built in several different languages with worldwide reach, Eloqua has one of the longest lists of satisfied customers.

Eloqua helps develop effective strategies as well as enhances those that are already in place. The tool operates an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, where you can transform, normalize, and arrange data.

The system boosts your return on investment by merging sales and marketing using customer information to identify great opportunities and keep the customer engaged with the idea of tracking their behavior all along.

Besides, with Oracle Eloqua, you will get comprehensive data management as well as personalized experiences for more conversions. It also identifies revenue-driving audiences.

9. Activecampaign.com


ActiveCampaign is a great tool that offers you a solution that helps you track events as well as your contacts’ behavior on-site. With event tracking, you will be able to communicate specific actions your contacts have taken to Active Campaign.

You can use that information to create highly customized marketing campaigns. The tool provides conditional content features for you to dynamically modify content on a per contact basis.

Again, ActiveCampaign is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop flowchart tool allows you to create powerful processes and workflows without IT knowledge or coding. ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation tool extends seamlessly into a CRM.

10. Instasky.io

InstaSky targets business owners who wish to simplify the scheduling of Instagram posts across multiple Instagram accounts. The system features automated capabilities that help to publish all types of posts on their preferred scheduling process.

The tool also offers detailed reports for easy monitoring of subscriber growth and the performance of your posts on Instagram, making it easy for users to optimize their workflows and take advantage of the positive influence of Instagram on people.

It offers opportunities for multiple one-host accounts on Instagram. There is also an automated posting, which is highly useful for planning your content on.

11. icontact.com

iContactPro is a quite affordable, user-friendly and customer-first alternative that has plenty of marketing automation features that target creative marketers.

The tool offers modern campaign management that distinguishes and nurture the most relevant leads. In addition, iContact Pro also covers your social media posting and monitoring needs, and keep you in line with all social trends.

The tool provides a robust analytics suite and leads scoring mechanism that will help you gauge the full sales potential of your contacts.

iContactPro facilitates tools for segmentation, A/B testing, and a message builder to fulfill email marketing needs of your company. There are tools tagged “list management tools” in this package for easy management of clients’ IDs.

As a cloud-based tool, iContactPro integrates social media management and robust analytics which helps you shoot scheduled campaigns and join conversations over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

12. Wishpond.com

Wishpond is an amazing tool for any business size: small, medium and large companies. The tool prides in a number of unique growth capabilities for their companies. It has the following functions and features:

· Developers can build and optimize exciting landing pages which are mobile-responsive. No coding, no IT skills required.  The system takes place on a no-brainer drag-and-drop editor to save your time.

· Wishpond offers one of the fastest and most personalized ways to generate leads by leveraging the capacity of random site visitors with pop-ups and creative contact forms.

· The tools are landing pages, pop-ups & forms, contests & promos, and complete lead nurturing and marketing automation.

13. Maxmarketingonline.com

MAX handles simple and difficult marketing processes, including remembering who to call or send follow-up emails to, targeting the right individuals, and delivering the perfect message.

To use the system, users simply need to set up their campaigns and contacts, and the software will handle the rest. MAX has the capacity to inform users exactly what to say to their audiences as well as when and how to say it.

You can easily identify and identify and segment your target audiences. Besides, you can send engaging, personalized messages effortlessly with MAX. With Max, you can nurture your relationships through the platform’s comprehensive CRM tools.

14. Salesfusion.com

This marketing automation tool will automate core sales and marketing operations. Its target audience is B2B companies that seek to align sales and marketing.

Salesfusion is known for its strong partnership in sales campaign execution, offering 24/7 assistance to all users. The platform carries out a number of enterprises for your marketing, and these include attracting and capturing leads, and using top-notch BI tools to analyze the results of your activities.

There are no wasted leads with Salesfusion and there is a long-term relationship with quality leads. The system also creates a bi-directional flow between sales and marketing.

15. Greenrope.com

GreenRope is a customer relationship system that offers some of the most advanced marketing automation tools for high-class lead management. It uses an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and takes into account everything action of your leads.

The system focuses on small businesses and offers the best services for them. Ithas 7 different pricing packages that cater to the needs of different teams and businesses. It is cheap and affordable even to small businesses and startups.

GreenRope integrates all important aspects of running a modern small or mid-sized business, helping you to enhance your sales and improve communication with customers all from a single system.

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What is the best sales and marketing automation tool for small businesses?

Ontraport (Ontraport.com) is arguably the best sales and marketing automation tool for small businesses. The feature that makes Ontraport ahead of others is that it seamlessly connects to every other aspect of your marketing efforts. The more emails you are able to send to customers and leads, the more landing pages you acquire to showcase your products and services.

Which are the best tools about email marketing automation?

Here are some recommendations:

1. GetResponse (Getresponse.com)

2. Ontraport (Ontraport.com)

3. ActiveCampaign (Activecampaign.com)

4. HubSpot (Hubspot.com)

5. Constant Contact (Constantcontact.com)

6. SendX (Sendx.io)

7. Benchmark (Benchmarkemail.com)

8. SendinBlue (Sendinblue.com)

9. Sendlane (Sendlane.com)

10. iContact (icontact.com)

What are the best & free Twitter automation tools?

Here are some recommendations:

1. EvergreenFeed (Evergreenfeed.com)

2. Ritetag (Ritetag.com)

3. Crowdfireapp

4. Hootsuite

5. Dlvrit

What are the problems between marketing automation tools and how to solve them?

1. Problem: Brief Lead Nurturing Process: Your workflows are pressuring the leads into a purchase too quickly.

Solution: Instead of having your solution immediately throw them into a potential purchase, use the tools at your disposal to periodically send them content that may pique their interest

2. Problem:  Errors/Typos in Personalization

Solution: Watch your own newsletters

3. Problem: Complexity of software tools: You’re using the software, but not using all the available features.

Solution: Get more familiar with the software.

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