15 Free Best Instagram Hashtag Generators to Boost Your Followers

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I guess you want hashtags to increase your Instagram likes and followers. This is a guide to help generate the best Instagram hashtags that will grow your followers using the listed 15 best free Instagram hashtag generators below.

To make this article more useful, I’ll show you how to find the best hashtags, how to know if a hashtag is taken and how to create a hashtag on Instagram.

The social media is abuzz with the most trending hashtags on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok etc. Grow your Instagram followers and become a marketing influencer with the top used Instagram hashtag maker.

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What Is A Hashtag Generator?

First, what is a hashtag? It is a word or combination of words preceded by a hash sign (#) usually used in social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) to identify with a certain topic or trending issue.

A hashtag generator is an application designed to generate hashtags according to the provided keyword, photo or link. Majority of these hashtag makers generate twitter hashtags, Facebook hashtags and Instagram hashtags.

The effectiveness of an Instagram hashtag maker is determined by factors like integrated analytical tools and tracking tools and its area of specialization. Hashtag generators with such tools are the best for they are developed with a purpose; a purpose to yield good results.

I guess you are here to know the best free Instagram hashtag generators to increase your followers.

Choose any of the listed below, generate the right hashtags, use them 11X in your post and watch your followers grow by 79%.

15 Free Best Instagram Hashtag Generators

1. All Hashtag.com


All-Hashtag generator was started in 2015 as a free tool to help hashtag users generate, monitor and analyze their performance.

It’s an all in one tool and very easy to use. The analytical tool gives an instant performance index. The free hashtag creator enables social media enthusiasts to create personalized hashtags.

Besides generating hashtags, you can use those listed on the “Chart” menu to spare your time. They are updated regularly to meet current events or circumstances.

All-Hashtag is used to generate or create hashtags for the majority social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype and many more.

2. Hashatit.com



It was started in 2014 and has the simplest navigation procedures. Hashatit.com is a free Instagram hashtag finder for the most trending keywords, URLs and @mentions on the internet. These sub-divisions make it a better choice when searching on a specific topic.

Using hashtags needs support tools especially among marketers and their lack in these applications puts off some users. To access the advanced features, you also have to sign up further pushing people away.

3. Top-Hash Tags.com



This hashtag generator has only four features, namely; top hashtags, random hashtags, convert hashtags and top app. With these features, just click any and you will get a list of 100+ hashtags listed and their popularity score.

The Top Hash Tag is built to generate and keep updating the top trending hashtags on all social media platforms. If you don’t know which hashtags to use, Random hashtags will keep your posts highly followed.

No registration, sign up or hidden requirements are needed to use this hashtag generator.

4. Tagstagram




Tagstagram application was started to capture every moment and make it widely followed and liked by generating the most complementing hashtag. The realistic nature of this application is what attracts Instagram hashtag to it.

There are 27 categories of hashtags and more than 140 sets to help match your pictures, logos, weather and environment.

The disadvantage of this application is the mandatory download to the app store in order to use it.

5. Influencer Marketing Hub




As the name suggests, Influencer Marketing Hub is a marketers and influencers market for social media tools. There are more than 44 tools. Each individual tool is used with its own set of social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing Hub is a marketing company with specialization in influencer marketing.

Whereas some applications are pricey, the Instagram hashtag maker is absolutely free and requires no signing up.

6.  Instagram Tags.com




Get the most popular hashtags on the front page of Instagram Tags.com. They track the latest trending Instagram hashtags and update their popular hashtags hourly for maximum exposure. Using these hashtags requires only a copy and paste procedure.

Even though there are future plans to introduce a small monthly fee, they currently allow tagging of 30 hashtags (maximum allowed by Instagram) for free to photos. Depending on your profile, you can choose the most suitable category from its 11 tags categories.

7. Tag Blender.com 



Tag Blender’s tactic of using the highest number of hashtags under more than 10 categories in one post is among the best in Instagram tagging. To use the generated hashtags, you need to tag them while on the blender and then paste them to your Instagram by copy posting.

Because they understand the need for more hashtags to get more likes, Tag Blender generates the number of hashtags you need. Just click any of the categories provided and all popular hashtags will open for you to use.

No typing or searching: they are ready and waiting for only one click.

8. Ingramer



Ingramer.com is free hashtag generator that uses the photos, keywords, and links provided to analyze the hashtags it generates. It also produces Facebook and Twitter hashtags.

Giving a small test to this application, the results are worth making it a good choice for Instagram users. Three results are generated; related hashtags and their popularity index, niche hashtags which have the same keyword and non-niche hashtags.

You want to have 30 hashtags on your photo? Upload that photo and the Ingramers Al Algorithm will tag the best hashtags for the photo.

9. Upsocial.com



Upsocial.com is a free Instagram hashtag maker with one purpose, generate hundreds of hashtags and give you the chance to choose those that fit your context. Even though they have a list of the top hashtags and the trending hashtags, they don’t agree to the copy paste technique used by other generators.

To get the Instagram hashtags from this application, enter the term that fits your post and click the search button. From the generated hashtags, just click once to the hashtag you select and it will add automatically to the post.

10. Instavast 



Instavast has a free hashtag generator and paid hashtag monitoring services. Other free tools include banned hashtags, Instagram downloader, username to ID converter and local proxy.

The hashtag automation service is the best deal to keep you updated on social media even though it comes with some costs. You can also buy likes and views from Instavast to facilitate higher growth.

11. Bigbangram.com



Bigbangram.com was started 7 years ago and has currently 27k active users. They have 24/7 customer care support to help their clients who are mostly bloggers.

Looking for target hashtags? This is the right application for you. Describing your project to get the exact target hashtags ensures more views and followers with similar interest. Using the maximum number of targets hashtags also increase people views.

As a marketing tool, it has an Instagram automation system which works better by 63% compared to those that don’t use it.

12.  Keyword Tool 



Keyword Tool is popularly known for finding keywords for Google and E-commerce SEO ranking. In our case, it’s a reliable Instagram hashtag finder. It’s also used to generate hashtags for Twitter. Given its 4.89/5 rating, this is probably the best Instagram hashtag generator.

The Keyword Tool PRO for Instagram provides 20X hashtags compared to the free tool. It sorts the top trending and popular hashtags with low competition to keep your posts above the rest. It’s highly priced and most affordable to big organizations.

13. Tags Finder.com



Which hashtags do you want to generate? Tags Finder gives you the option to find related hashtags, similar hashtags, combined and local hashtags. In a single search, it generates 30 hashtags.

Tags Finder helps in customization of hashtags according to regions, by searching top and trending hashtags in individual countries. The Statistics feature is an added advantage if you want to refine the most popular hashtags in local searches.

14.   Hashtagify.com 



It was started in 2011 to boost Instagram and Twitter hashtag marketing. This application enables you to find the best-related influencers and hashtags for both Instagram and Twitter posts.

Hashtagify is designed to your Instagram posts most popular by generating the best hashtags, tagging them on your post and monitoring how they engage followers. To effectively manage your social media marketing strategies, you need to subscribe to the monthly paid plans.

15. Kicksta.co 


This is the simplest free Instagram hashtag generator with very few features. No monitoring, customization or tracking of hashtags with the free program.

There are the creative and the professional plans paid monthly and come with plenty of support services. Among the services offered are smart filters, guaranteed maximum growth, email support and a safe and secure plan.

To generate the needed hashtag, you only need to type the word or phrase and press the “copy hashtags” button.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Hashtag Generation

Hashtag generation is surrounded by thousands of unanswered questions partly due to its daily developments and emerging new policies.

How to Find the Best Hashtags?

Finding the best hashtags can be a bit challenging if you are new to Instagram. But don’t worry. I’ll guide through.

i. Choose the top used hashtags in your niche

Going against the grains can at times be a bit difficult. There are already trending hashtags in your field of specialization. Using them in your posts will equally have the same impact as the other similar posts by other people.

ii. Identify the hashtags used by influencers related to your posts

Influencers are always on top of their game. They tend to use the most relevant hashtags some of which are even paid to get. Hope you won’t mind picking just a few from these most searched and followed people.

iii. You can consider finding the top listed hashtags by the hashtag generators in your topic

Some hashtag generators keep a list of the top and trending hashtags and also their statistics. Most of them are listed by almost all the applications. These will definitely be the best for your posts.

How to Know If a Hashtag is taken?

It’s important to know how widely a hashtag been used to avoid using saturated hashtags. There are some tools you can use to search your hashtag across different platforms. This will help you know whether it’s taken or not.

· Brand24.com-Social media monitoring tool. This is the perfect tool for monitoring how hashtags are trending. It also helps identify who else is using the hashtag you intend to use.


· Keyhole.com– This tool will help you know the number of times your hashtag has been used, the number of posts in which it appears and the people using it. It’s used to analyze hashtags in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


· Tagboard.com– It will not only show how frequently it’s used but also the images attached to the hashtag. All the sites with the hashtag are pulled to one screen to display where it used and by whom.

How to Create a Hashtag on Instagram?

Creating a hashtag on Instagram is as easy as 1-2-3 but making a mass following is what determines its success. Every Instagram user intends to have thousands if not millions of followers you included.

Follow the steps below and get followed by millions of other Instagram users.

Step  1: Now that you have an Instagram account, make it clear as to the purpose of your hashtag. This will provide a direction you want your post to follow.

Step  2: Find the best hashtag (refer to the first question). Make it short and catchy for it to be memorable by your followers. It should be easy and interesting to type.

Step  3: Write your post or upload the photo you want to post. Tag it with your selected


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