15 Simple Skills to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

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Nothing sells a business more than a satisfied customer. You might pay for all the adverts and promotions, but if your customers aren’t pleased with your services, it is an exercise in futility.

Customer satisfaction increases your reach to other prospects through good reputation. It is, therefore, imperative to increase customer satisfaction in your business. And there are many ways to get this done, which we will center on later in the blog.

The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction gives business owners and marketers a metric to use for enhancing their businesses. It is a great way to monitor and manage a business enterprise. There are several ways why it is essential for you to have excellent customer satisfaction. The following are some of these advantages:

● Customer retention is harder than customer acquisition. Getting a customer to buy into the business is not a walk in the park. Once you get him/her, the best way to retain them is make them satisfied.

● Unhappy customers spread negative words about your business.

● Increases the revenue you get in your business, ultimately.

● Reduces customer churn.

● Gives you an advantage over the competition.

● It is one of the best modes of marketing your business. And guess what, it doesn’t cost you much.

How You Can Measure Customer Satisfaction?
This is a metric that isn’t so easy to measure due to several reasons. One is that satisfied customers find it hard to show you they are even in questionnaires. Most of the time, it is the unsatisfied ones that air out their views. You can use the following ways to determine what your customer satisfaction rating is:

Monitor customers

There are several ways you can do this and whichever that is convenient for you should be used. You can either email, text, or call your customers for feedback on your services. Thanks to technology, this process is automated so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time physically contacting each customer.

Learning customers repurchase rate

No one buys something wrong two times or more in a row. The fact that your customer comes back to your business for another product or service means that they are probably satisfied with what you offer.

“When your customers are satisfied, it gives them the impetus to repurchase.”

Evaluate the feedback from customers

It is easy to tell if your customers are pleased with you through their feedback. The comments from clients arise from their experiences with you, in terms of reliability and quality. Thus, you can measure customer satisfaction from the comments they leave you on your page or any other communication medium.

Assess your competitor

Look at the reasons why a customer prefers your competition over your business. This can give you a rough idea about the weakness your enterprise has and how to fix it so that you increase customer satisfaction.

Getting to know your customers’ expectations

You should know what your clients expect from you so that you know how to satisfy them. This will involve their expectations of your products or services.

Utilize surveys

Most people don’t have time to give their redress because of busy schedules. This calls for you to go the extra mile and organize a survey that they can fill so that you know what their concerns are. You can even offer incentives to motivate them into participating in the study.

15 Simple Skills To Improve Customer Satisfaction
1. Put yourself in clients’ shoes

This is by far among the best ways to increase customer satisfaction. It is easy to claim, as a business owner, that a customer is wrong until you picture yourself on the other side.

Imagine yourself as a buyer who is spending his/her hard-earned money on a product, what would you expect? It is apparent that you want nothing short of value for money, and that is exactly what most customers want.

So, when they fail to get what they want, this is what leads to a dissatisfied customer. You need to evaluate your products and services to ensure they meet the demands of your market.

2. Create an easy-to-follow onboarding sequence

Your first impression is your best shot at boosting the customer satisfaction rate in your business. What does the client see first about your business, and does it have a positive impression on them? Getting clients is often a hard thing to do, and so is maintaining them. There are several onboarding sequences to use for your current customers.

How you engage clients after they get a service or product from you influence their stay. You should follow up regularly using emails, texts, or calls. For instance, once a client signs up, you can send them an email that appreciates their gesture and encourages future relations. Also, when a customer buys a product from your business, you can organize an automated email to give them giveaway or related product recommendation. This is how to improve customer satisfaction. Some onboarding sequences to use include the following:

· Welcome emails.

· Testimonial requests.

· Gifts.

· Product shipping updates.

· Call and SMS alerts.

· Product coaching.

“The perfect onboarding sequence will encourage clients/customers into working with you even after the first purchase or signing.”

3. Opt for some tools that could make things easier for you

In a world where technology is taking over most of our lives, you should use it to your advantage. This is one way on how to improve customer satisfaction within your enterprise. The commerce industry has fierce competition and being creative puts you ahead of the game.

There are several tools you can use to make things easier for you in terms of customer satisfaction. The following are some of them:

· Automated calls and texts. You can easily schedule a mass call or SMS to your customers in a bid to keep them updated with your business. You can also use such a platform to listen in to their lamentations if any. This is a more natural way of getting a closer approach to clients.

· Using social media. Over a billion people use social media sites today. This makes it a great tool to use for reaching out to customers. Whether through paid adverts or automated message replies, social media is one essential way to handle feedback and post your updates to customers.

· Mails. Emails are yet another avenue to use for communication with clients/customers. Due to the sensitivity of information from this medium, it is advisable to avoid automated replies. Instead, you can assign the role of replying and sending the emails to one member of your team or do it yourself.

4. Offer comprehensive self-service options

Your customers should have a way of quickly solving their queries or concerns about your products or services. There are several ways for you to ensure that this is a reality and the following are some of them:

· Chatbots. These are automated services where clients can post their questions and get a quick response. They should answer within the shortest span possible so that the client isn’t inconvenienced in any way.

· USSD codes. These are codes that the client can use from their mobile phones to solve their queries in real time without direct help from your customer service desk.

· Website self-service. Your site should be integrated with self-service options that give your customers an easy time getting solutions to their problems.

· Social media automation. Social media sites, such as Facebook, offer quick replies to the FAQ for page owners. You can configure your official page to provide an immediate response to your clients aimed at answering their questions.

5. Offer online chat

This is a modern way you can use to increase customer satisfaction. Most of the operations nowadays are online, and this should be a wake-up call for you if you haven’t yet discovered. You must first have a functional website and then create an online chat for current customers and prospects. This is, of course, aside from the online chat interface offered on social media sites. Your site’s interface should be simple and easy-to-use by every client.

One mistake that most business owners or marketers make is to have an online chat provision but are slow to reply. Your response to communications from clients should take the shortest time possible. A maximum of one day is allowed for an answer, but if you can make it earlier, the better. The best way to get this done is to integrate automated replies that get to the client immediately and assures them that their case is in review. This will give your agitated client peace of mind, knowing that you have given their case priority.

“There is nothing more annoying to a client than being ignored.”

6. Listening to your customers and getting their feedback

A good business owner listens to what customers say about their experience. Don’t be biased on who you lend your listening ear. Whether you get a client that sings sweet praises about you or one that is a sharp critic, don’t lean on the first and ignore the latter. All of the feedback you get will help you to make informed decisions in your business. And when you are engaging with the client, avoid talking more than them and instead, you should listen more attentively.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama

Some of the feedback you get from clients when you listen, may have a sense in it and help you better your goods and/or services. Also, once you finish the conversation with them and understand their demands, assure them that their feedback is appreciated, valued, and will be highly considered. This is an impressive way for you to increase customer retention.

7. Seek out competitors

Your competitors don’t have to be your enemies and can help you grow your business. Wondering how this is possible? Well, you can research on why customers prefer your competitors over you so that you understand what to fix from your side.

You can achieve this through a survey or questionnaire and gather the information you get, then use it to better your services. Most of the time, you will realize that when you change the simple things that customers complain about, you will be ahead of the game.

8. Have a thorough understanding of what parts fail

Everyone makes mistakes; what matters is whether or not we learn from them. It is alright for you to have a part that doesn’t work in your business structure, but you should work to rectify it once you realize. Of course, what you need to do is to have a thorough examination of your business through the many survey tools and find out where the rain started ‘beating’ you.

Knowing the problem is part of solving it. Don’t feel discouraged when you realize that something isn’t working right; instead, be positive and attempt to get a working solution. This is how to increase customer satisfaction in your business.

9. Reduce wait times to an absolute minimum

We all hate being kept waiting for far too long. After the automated reply to the customer stating that you will get back to them within the shortest time possible, make sure that you keep your word. A maximum of 24 hours is appropriate for a response but try to bring it to an absolute minimum.

10. Effective apologies to restore trust

This is also one of the best strategies to increase customer satisfaction in your business. Always say sorry when you’re wrong and sometimes even if you’re not. Yes, sometimes you may be required to apologize to a client who sees you are wrong even if in your discernment, you feel you are correct.

“The customer is always right and so, use discretion when handling them.”

11. Improve first call resolution rates

When a client makes a call, and you don’t have the solution to their problem at that instant, make sure that you get back to them with a resolution within the shortest time to increase your first call resolution rates. This is also one of the effective ways to increase customer satisfaction.

12. Creating educational tutorials

Some products and services can pose a challenge to customers. Offering tutorials for this cause is a creative way on how to improve customer satisfaction. It will give prospects the impetus to buy into your business.

13. Keep the social media alive

As stated earlier in the text, there are over a billion social media users today. You should take advantage of this significant presence to increase customer satisfaction. Open a page in most if not all of the social media sites and don’t leave it dormant, keep it alive with recent updates and news. You can also use these sites as an avenue to have an exclusive interaction with prospects and current customers.

14. Be realistic

If you cannot meet specific demands by clients, it is wise to let them know you can’t instead of plainly accepting. It is better to let them know that you can’t rather than deceiving them you can and failing to deliver at all.

15. Pay attention to dissatisfied clients

The last effective way on how to increase customer satisfaction is this one. A lousy word spread around by a disgruntled customer can cost your business. You should listen to their concerns and try to correct them immediately.

You can even go ahead to compensate the agitated client to avoid a tussle. A customer who is unhappy about a product or service can do massive damage to your reputation.

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