40 Best Business Name Generators to Inspire Your Brand Ideas

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Starting a new business is not easy. Sorting out the best brand or company name that perfectly reflects the true soul of your business is another hectic story. But it is not easy to find the best, catchy and available domain name for your business.

So, here I have put my effort to solve your name finding hectic task by mentioning the top 40 famous and professional business name generators online. You can visit any of them to generate your business name and also to check the availability of that chosen domain name.

Let’s start!

1. Freshbooks

For a fairly interactive brand or company name generator you can visit the Freshbooks’ page. After opening the website, you need to click on the start button and there you are, a list of industry names to choose from pops up in front of you. Following categories are present there, trade & home services, information technology, legal services, business consulting, marketing and creatives. After choosing industry, you can add your keyword. Your chosen brand name will appear in a vibrant rectangle on another page.

2. Getsocio

Getsocio is a brand name generator. This page allows you to add keyword you are desired to include or insert in your domain. Thousands of domain names are present on this site. The downside of this generator is, when you are done creating your domain name you will get “getsocio.com” at the end rather than a standard.com domain. Getsocio demands you to fill certain questions after selecting domain name like, name, email id and passcode.

3. Brand Root

Brand Root is a very unique company and business name generator which helps you to own very interesting and unforgettable names and all of those are with registered.com fomain name. Brand Root is a professional site, where each name is professionally generated and is then displayed with professional logo and normal prices. You can easily choose a category to search for your required brand name. You will also come across premium brand names that have a higher price tag as compared to other names. You will also get a logo when you purchase your unique brand name.

4. Oberlo

Oberlo is a website that gives you hundreds of business name generator options with just one click. You need to enter your company’s profile reflecting keyword and then click on the generate name option. In this way you will come across to the lists of cool business names to select from. You can choose any desired name and then can easily launch your business. The Oberlo name generator is free and as compared to other websites, it is super easy to use. After choosing a specified name, you need to finalize a domain as soon as you can to make sure that no one else chooses it.

5. Shopify

If you are searching for cool company name generator, then Shopify is your destination. Here you can choose from hundreds of satisfying names. The best part is, Shopify only displays those names that are available to choose, not the ones that are already taken by other visitors. Shopify also provides an option to sign up for Shopify account and easily launch your company here. By launching your company on Shopify you will get the benefit of accessing to their strong e-commerce pool.

6. Namesmith

You can add upto 5 keywords in your domain name via Namesmith which is a brand name generator. You will be shown domains with blends, rhymes, pre- suffixes, exact keywords or alterations according to the keyword you will insert in the box. You will have to redirect to GoDaddy to purchase the domain name.

7. Hipster Business Name

On the list, Hipster Business Name is probably the most amazing company name generator. A list of hipster names are present on the page. Your business niche will not be inserted in the domain name and this perk can help you to expand your business into various dimensions if you want. You will come across to the most funny, catchy, amazing and clever brand names here. This company is not free and you will have to pay some amount to earn your brand name.

8. Anadea

Anadea is a free company name generator. You can easily generate names by providing your desired keyword. A list of catchy and attractive list will appear on the screen. After finalizing your domain you will be begotten to get a quote for website building services and domain. You can also choose from the categories like travel, food, software, technology, health and beauty, etc. you can easily customize web designs and brand names and can also generate app names on Anadea.

9. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas, as the name depicts, is a very interesting company name generator. All you need to enter a word that reflects the soul of your business, its services, kind and type and the domain you want. Cool Name Ideas provides a filtered name list based on the answers you provide to the questions on the website. A step by step guideline is also available on the page for ease. With the “Screenshots & Walkthrough” portion, you can enhance your experience in the name generation niche.

10. Name Mesh

For specific business name generator you can visit Name Mesh. Based on the keywords you will type in the bar, Name Mesh will show you the list of available relevant domains and names. It can also provide you the exact and specific domain based on your keyword. The list is divided into various sections like a fun, new, similar, common, unique etc. The available names and domains will pop up in the green box and unavailable in the red box. You can also easily alter the length of the name as you desire on this page.

11. Wordlab

Wordlab has over 7 million potential domains and company names in the list. This company name generator is quite different from other sites as on this page you will have to individually discover names on your own. For business name ideas, you have to keep searching and clicking until you get the desired idea or name for your business.

12. Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business is here with all its guidelines and easy steps. They guide through a series of questionnaires to help you find a perfect name for your company. After answering some simple questions like the nature and type of your business, location and area of your services and your name you’ll get a huge list of brand names. FSB also gives a bunch of handy tips to easily and perfectly choose your business name without hesitation.

13. Crazy Namer

This is the place where you can generate a similar name, random name, shuffled letter name, one word domain, specific keyword name or web 2.0 name. You can easily check your created domain name if it’s taken or available. Crazy Namer is fun to use.

14. Name Station

Name Station is a place for those that are looking out for free brand or company name generator. Name Station has a big list of great name ideas and by adding a keyword, your desired name will pop up on the screen. You can view available domains and by sorting the list your search will be simplified. Various amazing ideas and blogs are also provided to inspire you before you will create your own name. A beautiful combo of strong research tools and creative thinking, Names Station can be a perfect site to help you create a perfect company name.

15. Domain Puzzler

If you are looking out for multiple ways to create business names, then Domain Puzzler is here for you. There are three ways to generate a domain name. First, you can make your keyword your domain name. Second, you can use advanced way to add more keywords in your company name. Third, you can see a list and match popular names with your desired keyword. For viewing available domains, you need to click the .com box to view the list.

16. Wordoid

Wordoid saves time and only shows a list of available brand names. By adding keyword under the pattern and clicking the ‘create wordoids’ button several domain name ideas will appear on screen. You can also filter the options on this page and get a more precise list of names. You will then be redirected to GoDaddy to purchase your selected domain. You should keep one thing in mind that there will be an affiliated link of Wordoid attached to the domain.

17. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a simple business name generator that simplifies the search of names. After inserting your keyword you will only see the list of available domains. The green names will be the available ones. Twitter handling option is also available. After your selection the site will let you know if the handle is available to attach it with your brand name. You need to register first with one of the listed companies and then you will get an affiliated link of this page.

18. Brand Bucket

For unique brand name and a logo you must visit Brand Bucket. A hefty price tag of over $1000 is attached to names on this page, but they are worth it. The names are unique, catchy, attractive and interesting. While choosing a domain name you will get a free logo with logo modification options.

19. Naminum

Naminum is an online name generating website that also adds suffixes to your desired name. For one word domain name, Naminum can be your best stake. Manual operation is required on this page to check which names are taken and which are available.

20. One Click Name

At One Click Name you can get a logo with the domain name like a few other above mentioned websites. Thousands of premium names are present on the site for sale under various keywords and categories. An illustration of cool logo is presented with each name. You can insert your keyword or click on the desired niche to get the exact domain name. After choosing, you’ll have to pay a few hundreds of dollars to purchase what you choose.

21. Name Find

Your search for high quality and premium brand names might end at Name Find. Their names cost thousands of dollars, but they are worth it. They will be an exact match for what you are looking out.Name Find is famous among successful entrepreneurs and they recommend it to others who have a specific portion of budget to spend it on a quality company name. For queries you are free to call or email the Name Find domain experts.

22. Namerific

Namerific is another quality and premium brand name generating website. Maximum price you will observe here is $400k and minimum to average will be $10k. after you insert your niche or keyword, you will be shown a list of brand names along with their logos. This attractive and bodacious name generator provides its buyers with a nice ring. So, this website is great for those who have a budget and are looking out for premium names.

23. Naming.net

Naming.net allows its visitors to get cool company name ideas with more specific and precise results based on the keywords they insert. You can insert a root word, letter, syllable and numbers, whatever you prefer. You can also add Greek roots, rhymes and Latin words. Naming.net also give naming tips and ideas to help you generate a perfect brand name with ease.

24. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator is a very easy to use company name generator. By selecting a random name from the list, or by inserting your own keyword you will get multiple options of names to choose from. You can add your liked ones to the scratchbox. Then have to manually check if the domain name you choose is available or not.

25. DomainR

This page provides company and domain names that are available according to your inserted keyword. You can enjoy their real time service to search a domain name and this really reliefs frustration. No matter what type of domain you are looking for like a .com, .io, or some other type, DomainR will help you to find the best option for your business.

26. BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz is just like its name, engaging and easy to use. This page needs very little effort to search the name. As soon as you will insert the keyword, BizNameWiz will instantly make a list of names and display it on your screen. The tools on this page also clarifies which names are available and which are taken. In addition, you can also read the branding guides and business naming procedure on their page that can help you to know the do’s and don’ts before naming your business.

27. .online

You can pick a cool manna name at .online, which is a very famous brand name generator. This generator will provide you snappy and memorable domain name. You can easily search your desired name by typing the keyword in the dialogue box. Which ever domain name you will choose it will end as “.online”, which is not bad, as your business is online and this ending is perfectly suitable for such domain.

28. Namelix

Namelix is a business name generator that can help you create a short, most probably one word branded business name. Namelix can filter your results based on the type of list you want. You can also get name ideas on this page. Their algorithyms save your search history and from time to time they recommend new ideas and names based on your search history. You can also create your very own logo at Namelix.

29. BNG

BNG is a leading name generator for professionals and newbies. It is very easy to operate and generate domain names. You can check which domains are available through their domain checker. By brainstorming, shortlisting and getting feedbacks, you can easily generate a perfect domain for your business on this site.

30. Name Generator

Name generator is a random name shortlisting website for brand and business names. By specifying the type of business, either it is small or big, family run or a corporation, you can filter out the search results. Name Generator is different from other sites as it pop ups very random names on the screen sometimes which are unlikely and not suitable.

31. NetSubstance

NetSubstance provides brand names based on the keyword you insert. You can also buy premium names and logos. Free branding information and free business templates are also available on the page. The max letter in your domain name you can insert are 10 and you can also add suffixes, consonants, prefixes and vovels on the volume ration of 20% each.

32. Frozen Lemons

Frozen Lemons is a team of experts and professionals that give help and great ideas to the business owners. They handcraft outclass names and email them without any delay, directly into your inbox. They have experience of more than 7 years. Their name generating services are very fast, they only take 24 to 48 hours to generate a name according to your demand. Charges are very handsome and affordable, $11/ name idea.

33. Addison Whitney

Addison Whitney is an official and professional brand name generator. They specializes in visual and verbal name generating, branding strategy and counseling before giving you a name for your brand. They have 400 + brand name approvals, 87% of they names they recommend are globally accepted and appreciated. Till now they have developed 125+ corporate identities and 50% of the top 200 medicine names.

34. Brandings

Brandings is a popular business name generating site with lists of many industries, hobbies, product names, garden names, scientific and fun names and much more. Once you selects a category, various potential names pop up on the screen to chose from. This site provides articles for guideline and costs to register your domain as well. After you have chosen a name, this site also tells if your name will be successful or not and why.

35. BrandLance

If you want to run a company for Chinese or is based in China, then BrandLance is for you. It is an inexpensive website for the Asian nation. They have compiled an amazing list of Chinese business names and brand names. At present you can browse from 300+ naming ideas.

36. Mithril and Mages

This site isn’t a basic generator. Instead, it offers you categories and subcategories for you to choose from. Once you have filled in the various drop down boxes, you’ll be offered a number of potential business names. You can also choose from a multitude of options such as hotel/motel, medieval names, street names, fantasy names, a few different fantasy suggestions, criminal history, tarot and many others. Play around with some of the suggested groupings that relate to your business until you find the one that’s perfect for your purposes.

37. Rhymer

Rhymer is a quite different business name generator as compared to other sites, as it creates name in the form of a rhyme. Rhymer introduces and shows the list of those names which you had not even considered. There are 6 different categories to select from. You can choose any rhyme starting with any alphabet you want. But for more better and premium rhymes, you’ll have to pay some little amount.

38. Panabee

Panabee offers some different ways to find a brand name. First, you need to insert two keywords in the dialogue box, if you are lucky you will find matching results, but, if not then there are other ways to amplify the name search. This site also helps in domain name search. You can try different TLDs, different variations, extensions or keywords to be more specific in your search.

39. Squadhelp

Squadhelp is a site where contextual, remarkable, appealing and functional name ideas and names are generated by a team of 75000 professionals and naming experts. You can easily get hundreds of custom ideas generated by the professionals, or ready to use names present on the site.

40. Kparser

Kparser is also like BrandLace, as it can generate names based on your location or preferred state pin. Kparser is an inexpensive business name generator, and it has a guideline map for newbies in this niche. It is a huge professional’s traffic and business running principles that are really helpful. You must visit the website for further interesting facts and details for naming.

Over to You-

As you proceed with the business name hunt, the name that can encompass the feelings and emotions of your business and which can entangle your visitors at the very first look. The above mentioned business name generators will do a great task for you. But in the end it all depends upon you customer dealing skills.


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