50 Business Ideas People are Actually Making Money

Choosing a business idea is an incredibly important decision. A great idea can make your life so much easier. People will naturally identify with your mission and help to share your message. The right topic will make you come alive and you’ll fall in love with your business and customers. A poorly chosen idea, on the other hand, can make life difficult. When people stop by your site, they won’t find a compelling reason to stick around. You’ll be swimming upstream every week, wondering where you went wrong. We don’t want that to happen to you, which is why we've already identified 10 common mistakes to avoid when choosing a business idea.

1. Podcaster

As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, increasing numbers of podcast hosts and creators are finding ways to monetize their shows. This includes selling products and services to the audience, as well as landing deals with advertisers. Real World Examples: Jordan Harbinger has built a business around his successful podcast, The Art of Charm, and is featured in one of our Fizzle Founders Stories. John Lee Dumas has also built a massively successful business around his daily podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, and hosts Fizzle’s Advanced Podcasting course.


For over two decades bloggers have been building audiences by delivering free, relevant, entertaining, and/or informative content on a myriad of topics, including fashion, food, fitness, health and wellness, minimalism, business, careers, and technology. Much like podcasting, bloggers are able to monetize their audience in a number of ways, including selling products and services directly to their audience, as well as selling access to their audience to advertisers.
Keeping with the minimalist blogger theme, Leo Babauta also makes a living via his blog Zen Habits, which was named one of Time Magazine’s top 25 blogs in the world two years in a row. Leo is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories and also hosts our course, “How to Create Effective and Engaging Content.

Selling Through Etsy and Ebay

Online retailers offer indie business builders an existing platform with which to sell products online (no complicated shopping cart or website development required). Handmade art, vintage collectables, jewelry, and custom creations can all be sold effectively through websites like Etsy and Ebay.Real World Example: Think selling jewelry is “too small” a business idea for you? In her Fizzle Founder Story, former Fizzler and current popular podcast host Jess Lively explains how selling jewelry was an instrumental component in her incredible business journey.

Wedding Photographer

Soon-to-be-wed couples are always on the hunt for a talented photographer to snap unforgettable shots on their special day. The generally higher rates for wedding related products and services presents an excellent opportunity for wedding photographers to generate great income. Real World Example: Friend of Fizzle Jen Wojcik specializes in “Fine Art Weddings” and has built an impressive client list and portfolio in just a few years.

Video Producer/Creator

A quick scroll through your Facebook feed will reveal just how prevalent online videos have become. Whether it’s sales, education, animations, or instructional, the ability to create high quality video content is a skill that’s only going continue to rise in demand. Real World Examples: Former Fizzle team member (and host of our “Essential of Shooting and Editing Video” course) Caleb Wojcik runs a successful video production business. As does Chris Johnson of Simplifilm, who’s featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories. Richard Boehmcke of Vibrant Motion also makes a living creating videos. Richard hosts our “Getting Started with Video Production” course inside of Fizzle.

Freelance Writer / Content Creator

While the prevalence of podcasting and videos continues to rise, the majority of online content is still based in the good ol’ fashioned written word. Talented writers have a myriad of opportunities to build a business by offering their writing services in the creation of blog posts, magazine articles, editorials, and more. Real World Example: Check our article on How to Become a Freelance Writer for tips from over 25 successful freelance writing experts.

Personal Chef

Our insanely busy modern lifestyle is, paradoxically, coinciding with increasing understanding of the importance of nutrition in our lives. The result is many busy people looking for a personal chef to cook them healthy and delicious meals. Real World Example: Fizzle member “Chef Shelley” is a personal chef and runs the site Chef in the ‘Burbs where she shares recipes honed from working as a chef and cooking for her two boys (one of whom is a very picky eater).

Freelance Designer

Online resources like Squarespace and WordPress can take the average DIY website builder a long way. That said, many businesses still want to hire a design professional to design and build their websites. Real World Example: Chuck Longandecker, of user-experience web design company Digital Telepathy, shares how to build a design company from scratch in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.

Photography Teacher

Already built a successful photography business? Time to start teaching what you know to others. Real World Example: That’s what long-time Fizzler Darlene Hildebrandt does through her business Digital Photo Mentor.


Copywriters create content intended to produce a specific action from the reader, be it make a purchase, book a consultation, or opt-in to a mailing list. These writing gigs can include sales pages, email marketing, landing pages, white papers, in-app messaging, and more. Real World Examples: One of our most prolific Fizzle Forum contributors, Faith Watson, offers copywriting services via her business Pen to Zen. Think this idea might be for you? Read our article, Writing Copy for the Web: The 80/20 Guide to Copywriting for Entrepreneurs.

Online Course Creator

It’s no secret that information products like online courses are an extremely effective means of sharing your knowledge with an audience. Your course can be self-hosted, or sold and hosted through online learning sites like Udemy and Lynda. Real World Example: Fizzler John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution has created successful courses on connecting with influencers and hosting webinars. He recently launched his latest course on finding and working with ideal clients.

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