Why Your Business Should Be Listed In An Online Directory ?


Internet is hugely dominating the world today and with everything available online, people nowadays rarely look up hardcopies of trade journals and Yellow Pages. Online directories are most trusted by users these days, to look up businesses.
Online directories are nothing but a database containing list of businesses. Adding your company name in these directories can be a great way to get your business noticed. They give you the visibility your business require. The more your business appears on a search, the more are your chances of making sales. There are many reasons why you should get your company registered with an online directory. Here, we have gathered a few reasons why getting your business listed with an online directory is so beneficial. Take a look...

1. Gets your business noticed

As discussed above, the main purpose of an online business directory is to get your business noticed. These directories are the first place where a consumer looks these days when they want to find a suitable business to meet their requirements. The more your business gets the visibility, more are the chances of attracting potential customers to your business. Source: Manager Mint Media .

2. Improve your SEO rankings

Online directories can significantly help in building your SEO rankings. Once you provide a backlink to your website in these directories, every time someone searches for your company, your directory listings will appear in the searches and help the customers point back towards your website.

3. Strengthens your business reputation

The internet has a big part to play when it comes to the discoverability of your business. People tend to place their trust on the online directories for finding high-quality and reliable businesses. Getting your company name registered in these directories proves that your company is not just a shell company with a fancy website, rather a dedicated and serious company and thereby help build a positive reputation for your business. Source: coinrevolution.com.

4. Brand expansion.

Online directories can help you in expanding your brand as well. The more directories you register your company name in, the better it would be for the expansion of your brand. Getting your business listed in multiple websites, makes your company name appear more frequently in the searches and the more people see your business , the more comfortable and trustworthy they will be with your brand. Increasing the number of times consumers see your business will significantly boost your sales accordingly...


5. Accessibility.

Registering on an online business directory, gains your business more accessibility. With the increase in visibility, more and more people will get to know about your business including the contact details that you provide. Therefore, they can dial you up whenever they feel the need of your service. Business directory works as a great medium for showcasing your brands, products and services and gaining higher accessibility to your business. Source: Marketing Donut .

6. Informing consumers more about your business.

When you register your name on an online business directory, you will be asked for details like product names, types of services offered by your company and your location and contact details etc. They also get the chance to reach your website and know more about your business. This helps the customers and business owners to connect with each other more efficiently and thereby improve your chances of increased sales.

Wrapping Up
In a nutshell, by listing your company name in an online business directory, you can rank higher in local as well as web search engines and in turn increase the sales and standard of your company. By registering in an online directory, not only to you get to attract the attention of potential leads but also improve the revenue of your business.

Black History Month: Black-owned Business Directory Launches In Pittsburgh
Part of Pittsburgh City Paper's month-long celebration of Black History Month ..

When Khamil Scantling founded Cocoapreneur (“Cocoa + Entrepreneur") she wanted to make becoming a business owner attainable for more African Americans in Pittsburgh. With the launch of Cocoapreneur’s new online Black-owned business directory, Scantling is expanding her reach to help give even more exposure to the many businesses owned by African Americans throughout the region.

The directory, launched earlier this week, includes local businesses Ujamaa Collective, Kolor-N-Kiln, Kitchen of Grace, and more. A business can currently get listed annually for free, but the directory also provides monthly packages with more options. Scantling, originally from New Jersey, talked to us about why she feels the directory is needed in Pittsburgh, and what surprised her most about the city when she first moved here. Congrats on the launch of Cocoapreneur's new directory! Why was it important for you to provide a list of Black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh?In my opinion, from my observations, particularly in America, being financially stable and prosperous is closely aligned to freedom. Regardless of whether or not that is morally just, that is the case when you live in a capitalistic society. Black people in America, as long as we have been given the space to do so, have been smart, innovative, resourceful, and good spirited, despite all of the oppression and racism that is cast upon us. The thing we lack most, as a collective, is wealth and ownership. Creating this directory is my contribution to the fight to sustain Black neighborhoods and communities in Pittsburgh because they are just as important as neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill and Polish Hill.

Cocoapreneur's directory offers listings between $19.99-49.99 a month, but a business can also submit an application to have one annual listing for free. How do you keep your prices so low? I keep them low and offered the free option because I feel like it's necessary. A huge part of my philosophy is the notion of "meeting people where they are." That means catering to the needs of others and recognizing that not everyone is as able as you may be. As human beings who have varying circumstances, various levels of awareness, various levels of experience in business, etc, I needed to include and make space for people at all levels of entrepreneurship. I am a very communal person, and I want to reach as many people as I can. I want the newbie and the titan to both have space on this directory. We can all eat together. Is Cocoapreneur all you? Do you have anyone helping you out? In regard to the day-to-day operations, it's me. In regard to the idea, it sparked with a conversation between two friends, Nazura Asaseyeduru and Maria, and myself. But the sustenance, inspiration, and motivation to continue this mission comes from the people I aim to impact! That helps keep me excited about this work. The amount of appreciation I receive for the work makes me excited to stay up late and spend time researching how to make everything I envisioned happen. I'll definitely need to get more help with the directory being live now.

In an interview with Drinking Partners last year, you said you also aim to have Cocoapreneur be a community service to help Black business owners. What kinds of services do you offer if Black Pittsburgh entrepreneurs reading this need help? I have always, since inception of Cocoa, been a liaison between entrepreneurs and resources. I really want to be a resource and provide solutions to issues, whatever those issues may be. I'll begin structured business consulting, startup coaching and fundraising facilitation later this year since those are areas I have experience in. I'd like to map out a young entrepreneurs program for young teens, and being an investor in the long run. I want to build communities!

You didn't grow up in Pittsburgh. Did anything surprise you about the city when you first moved here? I was absolutely in shock when I came here. I remember asking where all the Black people were outside of Pitt's campus. I grew up in a town where I saw Black people in all positions in society. My mayor, principals, business owners, coaches, and dentists were Black. That was my first indication that I become any of those things. I can't imagine what my view of the world would be if I didn't grow up seeing people who looked like me and came from the same background. That lack of familiarity and commonality in Pittsburgh led me to resent Pittsburgh for a long time ...

Blog What Pittsburgh neighborhood do you feel most at home in? I love love love the Hill District! My aim is to purchase my next home there and open a brick and mortar anything in The Hill. It resembles where I grew up and I see so much life there. I breathe a sigh of relief when I'm there and feel like I belong. It's so Black. [laughs]

Do you have a current favorite Black business that you want to give a shout out to? I refuse to name a favorite. I have some that I admire greatly, but there's no way I can name just one ...

It's hard not to recognize that Cocoapreneur itself is Black-owned. What can folks do to help you? To help Cocoapreneur, I need people to share the directory, use it (like really reference it as your go-to source of info on where to go when you'd like to support Black business or when you're in a historically Black neighborhood), and I could use some large city and government contracts to give first hand insight on what Black entrepreneurs need and to put systems in place to further assist Black businesses. I think what some people don't realize is that when Black people in America thrive, this country thrives. We are a large part of this country's history as we are responsible for the rapid economic growth experienced here since we were brought here in the early 1600s. We're due. And if all else fails, just leave us be and cause no harm and we will undoubtedly flourish.

Reminder: Business License Renewals Due March 31 JOHNS CREEK, GA — Business owners in Johns Creek have less than two months to renew their occupational licenses certificates. Entrepreneurs have until March 31 to renew their business tax certificates, a task that can be done by submitting a business tax return with full payment of all fees and taxes. Renewals can be completed in-person at from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at Johns Creek City Hall, 10700 Abbotts Bridge Road, Suite 190 or through the online portal on the City website. Instructions to renew online are available here. The city mailed renewal applications the last week of December. Failure to receive a renewal application does not relieve a business of responsibility to pay its business tax by the deadline. Please note that late payments are subject to a 10 percent penalty and interest of 1.5 percent a month. Business licenses will be considered on time if they are postmarked by March 31. Certificates are valid for a calendar year, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. When business owners submit their tax certificate application, they can also include their business website address, which will then be included in the city's online business directory. This directory can help residents find and learn more about local businesses.

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