Flycatcher – “No day Like Today”

There is no day like today, there is no time like at this point!

  • Flycatcher Technologies Start up Story for Startup India – Notes Section

There is a backstory to each story

In 2012, If you revealed to me that in the coming year, I would be elbow somewhere down in trash, I wouldn’t have trusted you.

Around then, I was driving the Middle East and South Africa activities for a worldwide organization. Life was going to take a milestone turn, and I did not understand what was coming up.

Conceived and raised in the city of dreams, Mumbai, I had an adoration for the city which developed with me. A long time later, I was working the profession way I’d picked, and things were well on their arranged way. Obviously, in the event that you know the city, at that point you would know its amount impacts your life. What’s more, I was getting progressively mindful of the progressions around me.

The city was extending and thinking about a developing portion of issues. Furthermore, the rise of landfills around the city, before long turned into a typical sight. In any case, seeing one so near my home, somehow or another, stunned me. The generally new (was it?) sight of a flooding, trash dump resembled an enlivening call. Where did this originate from, when did this occur? The stench and the sight tormented me. It essentially was not satisfactory to me, that with all that we had and all that we could do, as a network, here was one thing that was simply there, when it needn’t be.

Obviously, trash dumps can be found in any and each city on the planet. It was only that a few urban communities were better at concealing them or that they were simply better at dealing with their waste?

It was then that I chose to accomplish something.

The hardships

Normal of my kind, I’m a designer, I got the chance to work at understanding the issue and building a framework to handle it. Before sufficiently long, I got down to work and truly got my hands messy. My very own home turned into my exploration ground, my lab.

I started with the trash we produced as a family at source, at home. Every single imaginable strategy were taken a gander at and every single potential framework were put under a magnifying glass. On account of the persistence of my family, luckily, they held on for me and empowered me. All the various preliminaries lead to smell and comparable such burdens that left my family and my neighbors somewhat displeased. What’s more, which is all well and good. I could perceive any reason why and I didn’t accuse them.

I simply continued testing to accomplish a superior form that would address these protests. In the long run when I attempted anaerobic absorption utilizing best in class gear, in addition to the fact that it eliminated the scent it created biogas fuel!

Obviously, the underlying framework required enhancements in size and execution. Also, critically, it should have been fixed in order to guarantee it would not draw in bothers nor mosquitos. Absolutely couldn’t make another issue while attempting to tackle one!

In this manner the Dedko was conceived in 2013 and right enough, as verification of idea, we had a guest to the house who preferred it so much they put in a request for it immediately. My first customer!

The initial steps to taking the jump

Planning and testing an item in your own home is a certain something, yet doing likewise for a customer implied I needed to locate a devoted space. So in 2014, I leased a little workshop and began the creation of Dedkos.

At the same time I was persuaded I was handling an issue for our locale, presently I was sure there was a market out there and maybe, I could really bring home the bacon from this. So en route, in this first year, I took the jump and leave my place of employment.

The best part and the most consoling, is that the initial not many excited customers are as yet utilizing the machine starting today!

Backing and support in the underlying years headed for supportability

All new companies have a considerable amount of hiccoughs. We were the same. Luckily, we had truly necessary help and consolation from Start Up India and BIRAC.

Since we had enquiries from café proprietors for a framework to oversee bigger amounts of waste, we assembled the Rhino. The improvement of the Rhino was upheld by BIRAC, and the principal model was sent in 2016.

As far back as we have sold more than 60 digesters and have selected many esteemed customers. We are currently pleased with offering an item run that covers the necessities of a solitary family up to a huge emergency clinic.

Our most energizing news nowadays is our continuous work on the following rendition of the Dedko which will be offered as an online item, consequently the name, eDedko!!

A couple of exercises we learned en route

Our first exercise is utilize your time and the award carefully, for the accompanying reasons:

  • You have a duty to give significant yields on award
  • You have to make an important item/administration
  • You should work expecting this is the main speculation you will get
  • Do put resources into individuals
  • Be straightforward with disappointment
  • Be agile – drop a methodology that doesn’t work and proceed onward, something different will work out

What’s more, when you’re prepared, you should concentrate on getting the opportunity to Market:

  • Remember you are illuminating a social issue
  • Ensure the power of the center science
  • Utilize innovation to make the item significant
  • Your underlying offering won’t be great so don’t be dampened
  • Accept analysis dauntlessly
  • Expect high help costs at first
  • Iterate
  • Highlight highlights to sell, support and create income
  • Be benevolent to introductory clients they are getting the hang of, investing significant energy to test your item
  • Accommodate contributions from group

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