How to Post Instagram from Desktop Tools

Ever would like you may post to Instagram directly from your desktop rather than your mobile device? Did you recognize Instagram is rolling out this functionality?

In this article, you’ll find out how to schedule and publish posts to Instagram via your desktop with none third-party apps.
How to Schedule Instagram Posts on a Desktop while not Third-Party Tools by Jenn Woodrow Charles Herman on Social Media Examiner.
How to Access Creator Studio for Instagram
Instagram still hasn’t enabled posting directly from, however the new Creator Studio will supply the choice to post and schedule each Instagram feed post and IGTV videos.

To get to Creator Studio, visit

You’ll mechanically be logged into the accounts and pages you’re connected to together with your Facebook account.

If your Instagram account is connected already, you’ll see the Facebook and Instagram icons at the highest of the browser window. If your Instagram account isn’t however connected, choose the choice to attach it.

This screen is one in every of multiple within the rotating show on the house page. Another screen announces the introduction of posting to Instagram and IGTV with a attempt It currently action button that may conjointly take you to the Instagram affiliation possibility.
Once connected, click on the Instagram icon at the highest of the page to look at your Instagram account content and insights.

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If you’ve got the choice to post via Creator Studio, you’ll see an outsized blue produce Post button within the top-left corner of the screen. Clicking that button reveals 2 options: Instagram Feed or IGTV. choose the choice you wish and continue with the prompts to transfer your post.
As of this writing, Creator Studio permits you to form Instagram feed posts (with one or multiple photos and/or videos) and IGTV video posts. There isn’t presently Associate in Nursing possibility for Stories.

1: the way to Post to the Instagram Feed From Desktop

To post to the Instagram feed from Creator Studio, click the produce a Post button and choose the Instagram Feed possibility.

A pop-out window can seem on the correct facet of the page asking you to pick out the Instagram account to use. If you’ve got only 1 account, solely that account are listed for you to click on. If you’ve got multiple Instagram accounts, click the one you wish to use.
The window then expands to permit you to form your Instagram post. you’ll write your caption, add a location, transfer your content (photos or videos), and at the same time post to your associated Facebook account.

Write your caption as you wish it to look on Instagram, as well as any spacing and data formatting you wish. bear in mind that constant data formatting rules apply to captions in Creator Studio as they are doing on Instagram:

There can’t be any areas when the last character of a paragraph. To avoid this, typewrite to the last character.
You can’t use multiple special characters at the top of a paragraph. finish with one punctuation, not a series of punctuation marks (like OMG!!!!).
Don’t use Associate in Nursing emoji because the last character of a paragraph (assuming you’ve got Associate in Nursing emoji keyboard on your computer).
Include your Instagram hashtags within the caption. There’s no choice to produce a investigate the post with the posting tool thus if you wish to incorporate hashtags at the time of posting, you would like to incorporate them within the caption.

As you start typewriting your caption and adding @mentions and hashtags, the counter at a lower place the caption box keeps a running tally of what percentage of every feature you’ve got remaining. This makes it simple to check what percentage characters, @mentions, and hashtags you continue to have out there.

You oughtn’t to embody a caption to publish your post to Instagram. It’s higher to possess one, though!

To add a location, begin typewriting the name of the situation and proposals can seem for you to settle on from.

To transfer your visual content, click the Add Content possibility below the Add Location box. Then opt for whether or not to transfer content from your pc or Facebook page.

You can transfer up to ten photos and videos into one carousel post exploitation this transfer possibility.

If you choose one file from your pc or Facebook page, you can’t add another file via the transfer possibility. You can, however, choose multiple files to transfer at constant time by choosing over one file from your file window.

The files you transfer can default to a sq. crop. you’ll edit the position of the image within the sq. or modification the orientation to landscape or portrait mode. To do this, faucet the three-dot button below the image and choose Crop from the pop-up menu.

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