The 5 Most Addictive Websites

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This collection of guilty-pleasure websites has an addictive appeal, and depending on your personal tastes, any one of them can easily occupy 30 minutes of your day or more. If you’re bored and looking for a bit more mentally-stimulating websites, check out our list of cool sites you can visit.

Many of these sites are safe to view at work (SFW). They contain clean content suitable for most viewers. However, some of them are definitely not safe for work (NSFW) and you shouldn’t visit them at work, around the kids, or anywhere in public. You’ve been warned.

1. The Chive

Somewhat SFW: The Chive is a photo and video blog of the wacky, insane, and the curious. From pretty girls and absurd photobombs to thought-inspiring landscapes, The Chive delivers on addictive appeal. While much of the content caters to post-adolescents and college-aged youths, there is a definite broader appeal here for anyone who likes curious news. Visit The Chive to see why many people claim that it is ‘the best site in the world’.

2. Attack of the Cute

Very SFW. Attack of the Cute is a crowd-pleaser. This is a photo blog, where readers contribute pictures of their cute pet cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, or cute animals they discovered at the zoo. This is absolutely a family-friendly and office-friendly website. You’ll even be the hit of the office if you introduce your coworkers to this place. This site gets a big thumbs up and guarantees smiles for everyone.

3. Reddit

Somewhat SFW: Reddit is a combination of user-generated news and social voting. Everybody and anybody can post a link at Reddit, add a description, and encourage the world to visit that recommendation. Reddit users, in turn, vote positive and negative responses to grade the appeal of each link. Reddit is tremendously addictive for people with short attention spans. However, because anybody can post anything, you may run into some NSFW content if you aren’t careful.

4. Zerg Net

Somewhat SFW: This enthusiasts’ site is dedicated largely to science fiction and fantasy fans, but it has tremendous appeal for people of all tastes. Great Movies Completely Ruined By Pointless Cameos, Facts About Nintendo That Were Never True, the Top Freak-Out Gamers of All Time. You’re bound to find these news pieces and behind-the-scenes stories interesting. Be warned. There is some sexual content in these Zerg Net pages, so be careful about surfing this site at work.

5. Lifehacker

Semi-SFW: Lifehacker is a stylishly named life tips and software recommendation site. The mesmerizing appeal of Lifehacker is about how practically useful it is. All the advice focuses on accomplishing more in your everyday life, like how to cook better al dente pasta, how to tailor your daily work to your personal strengths, and how to grow vegetables in your apartment. There is clever content at Lifehacker and a few risque articles;. Everyone is guaranteed to find something useful here.

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