Max Well Hospital

Max Well Hospital

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Dafi, NH 2, Varanasi - 221001, Near Toll Tax Plaza, -, Varanasi

(91)-7897991775, (91)-7897991784


(91)-7897991775, (91)-7897991784

Dafi, NH 2, Varanasi - 221001, Near Toll Tax Plaza, -, Varanasi

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  • Ambulance Services With ICU Facility
  • IVF Centres
  • Burn Surgery Doctors
  • Paediatric Neurologists Doctors
  • Uro Surgeon Doctors
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  • Andrologist Doctors
  • ECG Testing Labs
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  • Cosmetic Laser Surgeons
  • Doctor Burns
  • Ambulance Services For Psychiatric Cases
  • Uro Oncologist Doctors
  • Impotency Doctors
  • Cosmetic Surgeons For Nose Shaping

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  • 2015


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