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Dev Lifesciences: Herbal Children Immunity Drops

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Combining a unique blend of herbs, CHILDREN’S IMMUNE SUPPORT LIQUID DROPS utilizes key ingredients to provide immune support for kids:
  • Goldenseal Root may naturally kill bacteria and support immune system health.
  • Fresh Osha Root contains natural immune-boosting properties.
  • Fresh Echinacea Purpurea Flower strengthens immune and adrenal systems.
  • Licorice Root soothes inflammation and stimulates healing action.
  • Oregon Grape Root supports digestion and immune system health.
  • Myrrh Gum contains antioxidants that support an overall healthy body.
  • Fresh Wild Indigo Root supports respiratory health and immunity.


With the highest quality ingredients derived from the natural source, Immunity Drops delivers ultra-pure, high potency.
Suggested Daily Intake:
Based on the child’s weight, take 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.
4.5kg – 13.5kg (10-30 lbs) : 5-10 drops
13.5kg – 27.5kg (31-60 lbs) : 10-20 drops
27.5kg – 45.5kg (61-100 lbs) : 20-30 drops
45.5kg + (100 lbs +) : 30 drops
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