Education is preparation for LIFE – IIRRH.

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Education is preparation for LIFE – IIRRH.

IIRRH wasestablished in the year 1999 with the mission to prepare clinicians in thefield of reproductive medicine and infertility. IIRRH is one of the most trustedestablishments offering you with various courses to enhance trainees aboutknowing more on reproductive medicine which in future will help in the enhancementof the mother and the baby. Training services like Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, PhD programs, In vitro fertilization, Infertility observerprogram and counselling course are provided in IIRRH.

Why isART training so important?

Infertilitycases are increasing over the past few decades. Accepting the reasons for ivf andthe growth of different methods for its treatment is one of the difficult processeswithin medicine, which has undertaken a development during the last few years. Actionassociated with IVF can also be used to escape genetic infection in children, tostop HIV transmission, and many other infertility issues. IIRRH started the effortsto understand the infertility techniques and procedures while providing thebenefits to the mentees who are enrolling for the same.

Coursescovered under infertility training.

Programaccessible under IVF training is: Basic Infertility Course, Andrology Course,Clinical Course, Embryology Courses, and MSc in Clinical Embryology,Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing, Gynaecological Endoscopy Course, CounsellingCourse, and ICSI Course.

Coupleshaving problems in conceiving a child naturally can now rely on doctors andclinicians from IIRRH institute, for it is one of the nation’s most advancedtraining platforms. Our training courses are expressive and suit the standard andeasily understandable for the needs of our students. The facilities andservices at IIRRH contain training and clinical tracks. Besides, candidates canread various books authored by Dr. Kamini Rao andother journals by reputed writers for the latest updates on the subject intheir free time.

Formore detail about course, do follow our official website:

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