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Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Ahmedabad University was established in 2009, by the Ahmedabad Education Society to reimagine higher education and to build the foundations of liberal education and research for the benefit of society. Education at Ahmedabad University is premised on three unique characteristics: interdisciplinarity, experiential learning, and research thinking. At the heart of the University’s vision lies its rigorous academic pursuit with a focus on building inquiry as a value, through interdisciplinary learning. Ahmedabad University strives to capture the ambitious and aspirational spirit in which it was founded and commits to the responsibility of sustainable institution-building over the coming decade. More importantly, it is an opportunity to create a collective vision and a sense of shared imagination on how Ahmedabad University can best fulfil its founding vision – to create a future where our students and faculty have the passion and fulfilment in helping build a just, fair and equitable social consciousness.

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