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Weed seeds are the most common type of cannabis seed used to grow marijuana.

There are many different types of weed seeds available on the market, each with their own unique characteristics. The most common type of weed seed is a regular seed that will produce a male or female plant, but there are also feminized seeds that will produce only female plants. There are also autoflowering weed seeds that automatically flower when they reach a certain age, and regular cannabis seeds that must be switched to flowering mode by changing their light cycles.

Weed seeds are the first step in growing your own weed. They are the tiny, round, hard objects that you see when you break up a cannabis plant.

The best seeds for growing weed come from strains that have been bred to produce large quantities of THC and CBD. You can also buy feminized seeds which have been bred to grow into female plants only instead of male and female plants together.

What is weed?

A plant that is grown in gardens or fields for its flowers, leaves, and seeds.

The seeds of the weed plant are used to make oil, medicine, and food.

Weed seeds are often found in bird feed.

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