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Hyderabad, Telangana
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Dr. PadmajaDivakar is a gynaecologist with 25 yrs stand in Obstetrics,Gynec& Fertility and a proven track record with flawless service all alongwithout a single mishap whatsoever on or off the operation table on surgicalside, with good rate of success in IUI, IVF, ICSI & Surrogacy likeA.R.T.Procedures for all last one decade and the evidence info given in our is speaks volumes aboutthat, poised to serve the less fortunate infertile couple worldwide, indistress to have a baby to make up a family; and her Lawyer husband Mr. DivakarReddy who had a brisk legal practice , joined to see her success in this uniqueventure. A dedicated team of about 10 doctors like A.R.T. trained specialistsGynaecologists, Andrologist, Anaesthetists assisted by experienced, sincereminded and committed OT Technicians, GNM Sisters, and In-house SeniorEmbryology Team of 5 Full Timers, the able PROs co-ordinating everything, thePatient Counsellors with all compassion, collectively called “Team PFC” isalways ready to see that you are taken care of well in all respects.

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