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What is Drift Hunters?

Drift Hunters is an online racing game for PC, Xbox One andPlayStation 4. In this video game, you will be playing as a driver who cancompete against other players from around the world in different tiers. Drift hunters has a mobile version that you can play on Android or iOS device.

Drift Hunters: TheGame That's Taking Over the World

Not everyone can be a pro gamer. That is, unless you’replaying Drift Hunters: The Game That’s Taking Over The World. Released earlierthis year by independent game company, Big Banana, Drift Hunters is the veryfirst video game with a focus on drifting. You might think that there couldn’tpossibly be any new angles left to explore when it comes to drifting, but youwould be so wrong. This innovative game incorporates driving skills withreal-life locations and an online community of players to create an experienceunlike anything else we’ve ever seen before. So what exactly are you waitingfor? Read on to find out more about Drift Hunters: The Game That's Taking Overthe World

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