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9kW solar roof kits offer an efficient and lucrative energy source to your home. It harnesses sun energy which is an economic way to increase eco-friendly energy consumption. 

A 9kW solar system can generate 3,28,500 units in 25 years of lifespan. In a day, it generates 36 units equal to 36000 watts which is ideal to run heavy equipment, machinery, computer operators, and much more. 

Generally, a 9000 watt capacity solar power system is adopted by industrialist and commercial ventures where the electricity requirement is heavenly important in a continuous manner. 

  • 36-50 units of electricity per day (the efficiency of the unit dispenser depends on the quality and efficiency rates of the solar panel modules)
  • 1,000 sq feet of rooftop space required installation. A shadow-free space is required for optimum power generation. 
  • Return on investment in 5 years with 10000 electricity-saving every month.
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