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Midas strives for perfection by offering high-qualityproducts and services for your beautifying your face, hair, and body. With acombination of appropriate treatments, peels, and products, you can achieve thebody that you are looking for!


We provide a wide range of treatments such as PlasmaTherapy, Cold Hammer, MicroDermabrasion, Acne Anti-Biotics (for severe acne),Derma Roller Treatment, Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency (MNRF), HairElectrolysis, Hair PRP, Laser Comb, Hair Micro-Needling, Stemcell Therapy, HairMESO, Hair Fall/Thinning Treatment, Dandruff Treatment, Laser Comb/Helmet, HairFrizziness/ Brittleness Treatment, Massage Therapy, U Lipo Treatment, TattooRemoval Treatment, Q Switch ND Yad Laser Treatment, Instalift Treatment, RFFace Tightening Treatment, Skin Lightening Treatment, Lasers, Laser HairReduction/Removal Treatment, and Wart, Mole and Milia Removal Treatment.


We offer a variety of peels such as Chemical Peels, Anti-AcnePeels, Fruit Acid Peel For Acne Scars, Deep Sea Peel, Hollywood Peels, SkinPeeling For Scars On Legs, Carbon Peel, Skin Lightening Peels, and variousother Skin Peels.


Moreover, we offer a variation of products such asAcne Scar Treatment Gel, Antibiotics for Acne Skin, Anti-Aging Scar Cream,Anti-Wrinkle Gel/Creams, and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. We also provide Anti-ScarCreams, especially for face, burns, and cuts.


Furthermore, we also suggest diets so that the BestNutrients are consumed for the Skin.


If you are looking for an experienced dermatologist inBorivali, then Midas is the solution for you! Midas strives to provide you withdistinct treatments so that you can enjoy great skin, hair, and body as awhole. With high-quality products, machines, and treatments available, you canrest assured that your derma-problems will be solved with our assistance. Whenour clients gleam with joy and satisfaction of healthy skin and hair, we feelutter joy to have provided them with the best of the services. Right fromtreatments to gels to peels, we try to make it dermatologically possible foryou to delight in a beautiful body.


Book your appointment at Midas and bid goodbye to yourDerma worries!


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