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Your introduction consists of a short paragraph of less than one or two sentences that sets out your thesis (your main idea) and introduces the topic to the reader. Following the headline is the best way to engage the reader. Just a few applications:

Renters are the main buyers in 80% of US households. If you're not marketing for them, you should be making those profits.
Look again at this place on the arm. Wrong shape? Multicolored? You may have melanoma. Know the signs.
Those tiny wasps that fly among the flowers in your garden can't sting you. Their stingers have become tools for laying eggs. The wasps that look for places to lay their eggs take part in the balance of nature.

The body of the essay is where you explain your story and argue. As a result of observation, the letter was reported and several pages of notes were collected, crossed out with a marker and marked with important events, key moments.

Choose your top three ideas and write them down at the top of a blank page. Now review your notes again and extract the background information for each key point. You don't need much, two or three is enough for the skin.

Write paragraphs about each of these key points, clarifying the information with your notes. If one is not enough, you can learn to reach a stronger key point. Do more research to back up your opinion, if you don't know how, ask the bid for papers. It is always better to have too many resources than too few.

He's almost finished. The last paragraph of your idea is your conclusion. It can also be significant and should refer to the introduction.

In the introduction, he explained the reason for his thesis. In turn, depending on this, calculate how much your key points will confirm your thesis. Here is the application:

Observing the natural balance in her garden, listening to lectures and reading everything she could get her hands on about raising insects and mice, Lucinda was fascinated by the natural balance. "It's easy to get carried away if you just take the time to watch," he says.
If you're still worried about your essay after trying to write it yourself, consider hiring an essay editing tutor. Authoritative services pass on your work, not rewrite it. Choose carefully.

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