British Airways is stopping short-haul ticket sales until mid-August.

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British Airways has cancelled thousands of flights out of Heathrow Airport owing to a shortage of resources and has now banned selling tickets for any flights out of Heathrow that are less than three hours in duration. The original termination date of dordle August 8th has been moved to August 16th.

Some of the itineraries are on BA's premium services, so the decision may appear odd. The airline does, however, have two good explanations:

  • The first is to accommodate customers whose original flights were cancelled and who now need to rebook.
  • The second justification is to stay under the daily passenger cap of 100,000 set by Heathrow. Since British Airways is the largest airline operating out of Heathrow, and earlier cancellations have not reduced their passenger count sufficiently to meet the 100,000 passenger cap, they are receiving a lot of attention. Vacationers will feel the effects of this activity. As a result of reduced capacity, competing airlines that fly similar routes might increase their prices for last-minute reservations. It's good news for carriers like EasyJet and Flybe.

Travelers within the UK already face difficulties getting about due to the recent Heathrow Airport closure and the ongoing Gatwick Airport closure, and upcoming rail strikes would only make matters worse. Flights departing from Heathrow on August 16 can already be booked, including those to Athens, Gibraltar, and Naples. It's best to make travel plans as soon as possible after the 16th, as there's no telling if this may be extended again.

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