Catch the cat! Why not try Trap The Cat?

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You can play trap the cat more than once a day if you like. In order to win, you must keep a cat inside a locked box on a game board covered in checkpoints until the clock runs out.

The rules of the game are incredibly easy to understand. See if you can lure the cat into a trap by clicking on the spots to make them darker. The cat will make a random movement each time you click on the panel, and you'll have to keep it contained. Talk about it with your pals!

Detailed instructions on how to play.

The game's accessibility and the limited number of tries available to solve the puzzle have contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity. There is no cost or requirement to play Cat Trap Cage, and there is no software to install. The objective of Trap the Cat, a grid-based puzzle game, is, of course, to trap the cat.

Click the spots to make them darker and try to corner the cat that way.

You can try moving the cat in any direction.

The spots' colors will change after each attempt to indicate how close you are to successfully catching the cat.

Keep the Cat Confined!

After finishing the day's game of trap the cat, players can start a new game the following day.

The law of trap the cat

You lose at cat trap gane if the cat reaches the final spot and you haven't covered it, at which point the cat escapes and you've failed to trap it. The information below serves as a trap the cat game guide for those interested in learning more about this popular web-based pastime.

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