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Training in Corporate is a reputedcorporate training company. We provide communication skills training Mumbai,outbound training Mumbai and Employee engagement programs in Mumbai, India.


Training in Corporate providesexcellent training for team building skill development Mumbai. We also offertraining for coaching and mentoring in Mumbai. For more information about usplease visit

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Aug 10th, 2016




Training in Corporate offerseffective speaking training in Mumbai along with other skill developmentcourses. For more information about our effective speaking trainingMumbai,please visit

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Training CompanyIndia

Training Incorporate

Training people, especially adults to do a particular job is very difficult. Sincemost adults aren’t used to learning, having grown out of the mindset that goesinto learning or gathering and assimilating new information. That is where wecome in. We are a training company in India, particularlya training company inMumbai, India. We trainall sorts of employees for various professions that include, but are notlimited to sales. We provide Sales training in India

We also provide corporate training programs in Mumbai forall those ambitious people who want to be corporate leaders in big companies.Excellent communication and leadership skills are very important in almostevery field. However sometimes you need that little push to go from having goodskills communication and leadership skills to having excellent leadership andcommunication skills. 

We provide CommunicationSkills Training in Mumbai and LeadershipTraining Programs in Mumbai togive you that little push. Are you interested in becoming a trainer yourself?Worry not, we also provide a special Train the Trainer programme in Mumbai tohelp you train others. In this day and age of technology and appearances, theway you present is very important. That is the reason we providePresentations Skills programmes in India tomake your presentation skills become a notch better than your competitors.Employees are the heart of any company and workforce. If your employees are nottrained to deal with the jobs that they have, it can create problems. 

We have Employee Engagement Programs in Mumbai and Employee Engagement Programs inIndia, alongwith Behavioral Training in Mumbai and Soft Skills Training in India to makesure that you have an amazing and prepared employee workforce to take yourcompany to new heights. We also provide Coaching and Mentoring in Mumbai and Outbound Training in Mumbai.

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SWOT for structured conversations<br />
With the new financial year just around the corner, here is a quick and easy way to plan your structured conversations with your team members. Structured conversations will assist not just team building but will also...

SWOT for structured conversations

With the new financial year just around the corner,here is a quick and easy way to plan your structured conversations with yourteam members. Structured conversations will assist not just teambuilding but will also ensure that you are stay abreast with the personaleffectiveness of each team member. 

Structured conversations take a very simpleapproach based on the popular SWOT Model.  

Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats.

Here is how I use it.

  1. Create a simple SWOT Map for     each individual in my team.
  2. List down my observations under     each category.
  3. We know the type of     conversations in each quadrant. They are listed in the diagram 1.1.
  4. Plan when you would like to     discuss each observation, I use 3 triggers,

•      Frequency (once a month/ quarter etc)

•       Milestone (atthe start of a project/ midterm review etc)

•       Event (nexttime it is observed / when I get a complaint etc)

  1. Your plans are now in place and     you are ready to execute them. But as a step towards your own managerial effectiveness     you must ask a fundamental question – WHY? Why are you having this     conversation?  

•      Do you have any preconceived beliefs that might colour your judgement?  

•       Can you sayyou have the right intent?

•       What aboutyour integrity, is there anything that you are planning to say that you don’treally believe in, but just feel you need to say it?

•       Do you reallywant to have this conversation or is it just part of the process and somethingyou feel you must get through?

If your answers to any of these questions leaves theslightest bit of doubt, iron those creases out or the best plans will stillyield substandard results.

  1. Now you need to focus on the     tools and techniques that you feel will allow you to be the most effective     in this conversation. I typically use the Addressing Model, Coaching     Conversations, SBI Model among a few others. Few Leadership Training Programs     will give you an     in-depth view into the methodology and benefits of these tools and     techniques. I also use reflection as a tool to     manage emotions and always paraphrase and summarize the conversations and     reiterate the commitments made.
  2. Finally, you must have the     skills to deliver this effectively. I like to refer to it as the 3 Vs,     Visual Vocal and Verbal (in that order), you must sound and be authentic     and sincere and in the moment with the person that you are listening with     all your sense.

With this I have found that myteams’ performance has improved and for me the ‘fear’ of not having planned mycommunication has completely gone. If you are in a leadership role and wouldlike to learn more about structured conversations, write to us at [email protected] I Training inCorporate, aleading training company in Mumbai, India. We have more than adecade of experience in the field of coaching and mentoring, and wewill be happy to add you to our list of happy clients.

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