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If you arelooking for play to earn cryptogames, Blankos BlockParty might be for you. The primary earning activity in this game is collectingblankos, leveling up, and selling them for profit. The price of a blankodepends on its rarity and attribute, and the most expensive one can sell for $5million! Players also earn money through daily quests and building blockparties. In addition to gaining coins and gold, players can also level up andcollect blankos for free.

MyNeighbor Alice is a farm and builder game

If you arelooking for a free, addictive, and fun way to play blockchain and crypto games,My Neighbor Alice is the game for you. The farm-builder game allows you to farmin-game assets, fulfill quests, and even develop virtual lands. You can thenshare these lands with your friends or the online community. The game isactually a two-for-one deal. It is both an appropriate choice for newcomers tocrypto and for seasoned gamers who want to play for real money.

In the game,players can rent or buy virtual plots from Alice or from marketplaces. Plotsare represented by NFT tokens. They are also used for other purposes in thegame. The game allows you to purchase and deploy different in-game assets, suchas buildings, animals, and plants. There are also several in-game assets thatyou can trade. In addition, you can lock your NFTs to participate in landlotteries.

Ageof Rust is an open-world role-playing game

Age of Rust is ascience fiction adventure game that takes place in a dystopian future wheretechnology has broken down and humanity has left its infrastructure to crumble.A dystopian future has also led to the emergence of powerful AI-enabledmachines that have turned against humanity and are now stealing to survive.While Age of Rust is a fun game, you might want to know what it is all aboutbefore you buy it.

This open-worldrole-playing game utilizes blockchain technology. Players own game items intheir wallets. They act as passports to various game areas. In addition, theyearn Rustbits from non-holders who pay to temporary access. The players cancollect these Rustbits and use them to purchase unique equipment. The use ofthese items will be critical for the game's objectives.

BlankosBlock Party is a farm and builder game

If you're a fanof farming games, you may want to check out Blankos Block Party, a farm andbuilder game based on the blockchain technology. The game was originally a techdemo, but Mythical Games decided to make it a full-fledged game. With no codingskills necessary to play, you can create your own world and create your ownexperience.

In Blankos BlockParty, you create and interact with virtual beings called Blankos. Your virtualavatars are modeled after vinyl toys. You can create your own worlds and enjoycommunity-made maps and racetracks. Blankos are fun to collect and have funwith. Blankos are tokenized accessories you can purchase and customize in thegame to enhance your characters.

Despite itslackluster Twitch performance, Blankos Block Party is already a hit. Thedeveloper has partnered with Burberry and Deadmau5, and received $75 millionfrom investors earlier this month. Blankos has plans to add in-game content andlicense its technology to other games. The developer is not looking for a quickexit, but is focused on generating a profit from its NFT-driven gameplayecosystem.


The Silks cryptogame is an ecosystem of horses and Avatars. You can own horses by stakingcryptocurrency on them or by breeding them. You can also buy, sell, and tradethese horses. The game will integrate the thoroughbred horse racing industryinto the game. If you want to know more about the game, read on. Silks will letyou purchase and sell NFTs, which will enable you to invest in differenthorses.

The Game ofSilks is a play-to-earn metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain that mimicsthe real-world world of thoroughbred horse racing. Silks tokens arenon-fungible and are used in the game's game economy. Horse owners will earnin-game tokens based on how well their horse performs. Because they can tradethem with real-world assets, Silks tokens can be used in many different ways.


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