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Although the seven-clawed dragon beast did not care much about Moloya's attack, it sensed the sharpness of the division of chaos, and immediately jumped to the side, and then a tail hit the Yin and Yang son on Moloya's back. It swung its tail so fast that neither Yinyangzi nor Moloya had time to dodge, and with a boom, its tail hit Yinyangzi on the shoulder. Yin Yang Zi only felt that his body was falling apart, while Moloya in his crotch was directly smashed down, and one man and one beast fell into a state of dizziness. Taking advantage of this, the NPCs and players of the Church of Light have rushed through the defensive front of the Bloody Church, and there is chaos under the walls. Many Bloody Church players were killed by the other side after the formation rushed, while Bloody Nuns and Bloody Servants were besieged by a large number of players, and Paladins led Paladins to attack the church gate. Boom. The door of the church shook twice and collapsed inward. When the NPCs of the Church of Light camp outside were about to rush in, a red light curtain was constantly expanding and moving outward inside the church. The ground pushed by the light curtain was like a light wave diffracted by an explosion. The NPCs were quickly shaken away. This blood-colored light curtain seems to have the function of identifying friends and enemies. On the way forward, all those belonging to the Church of Light camp are blown away, while those belonging to the Bloody Church camp are intact. The seven-clawed dragon beast was about to take the opportunity to tear Moloya and Yinyangzi, but after seeing the light curtain. It immediately ran back and jumped away. A figure came out of the church,decorative palm trees, wearing a blood-colored crown and robes, holding a blood-colored scepter, the top of which was not a ruby, but a skull. Bloody Pope! This guy is the master of the bloodlands. The NPCs of the Church of Light camp saw the leader of the other side coming out, and of course they couldn't wait to rush up. Shouting slogans such as "The God of Light gives me the power to kill evil", one by one like playing chicken blood. The seven-clawed dragon beast stayed behind and kept muttering: "a bunch of idiots, let you go to die first!" Bloody Church has a constant bloody aura,fake ficus tree, which doubles the health recovery rate for people of the same faction, and gains 10% of the blood-sucking effect after each output of damage. The Pope waved his blood-colored scepter and drew an evil symbol in the air. The air around him began to ripple, and a half-moon light wave spread outward. All the people who were touched by the light wave, whether players or NPCs, stopped. After a while, the body began to twitch involuntarily, and the blood vessels under the skin wriggled like snakes, faster and faster, and soon exploded. Advanced blood burst! The higher level guy is better, but there is a lot of blood flowing out of his body, while the lower level guy even has his heart exploded directly. Especially classes with rage values, artificial coconut palm trees ,outdoor palm trees, such as warriors. It hurts the most. Yin Yang Zi took the opportunity to retreat from the front line. "Quick!" "Let them protect me!" He cried to his son! I will summon Saint Buzelas! When she heard this, she immediately ran to the bloody Pope without asking why, and said something to the Pope. When the Pope heard this, he took a closer look at Yin Yang Zi, who was riding a dragon lion with a bone spine, and then asked a bloody nun to lead Yin Yang Zi to the church. After Yin Yang son came to the church, no time to observe the surrounding environment hurriedly informed Ji, let Ji tell Saint Bizelas ready to use God move. Yin Yang Zi was about to say something, only to feel his body suddenly frozen, he could not move, even the words can not say, now any person can easily wipe his neck. The attack outside became more and more fierce, the bloody Pope was surrounded by five paladins, temporarily unable to pull away, while the rest of the NPCs of the Holy See of Light cooperated with the players to strangle the last resistance forces of the church. The seven-clawed dragon beast took the lead and rushed into the bloody church first. The bloody nun who had led Yin Yang Zi in before was whipped away by the seven-clawed dragon beast. Awful! It's only been a minute, and it's too late! Yin Yang Zi's body is still stiff now. Moloya, who was standing by, roared in front of Yinyangzi, and his two tails curled up like snakes and aimed at the seven-clawed dragon beast. "Roar ~" Moloya roared, spewing a ball of magma from his mouth. The seven-clawed dragon beast turned its head and dodged the attack. Moloya straightened up at once, trampled his body heavily on the ground, and released the trample of war. Unfortunately, the body of the seven-clawed dragon walking beast is too big, so the war trampling released by the level of Moloya has no power at all. Cluck, cluck. The seven-clawed dragon beast smiled happily, rolled Moloya around with his tail like lightning, and then sent him to the front. Just as it was about to open its mouth and bite Moloya's head, there was a sudden boom and a huge object came in at the top of the slope. Into the church. Yin Yang Zi's body shook and fell to the ground. The seven-clawed dragon lifted its head and saw that a huge head had smashed into the top of the church and was now reaching in and looking straight at him, and then- "cluck," he burped. "I looked at the fallen Yin Yang Zi and said," I almost pulled the angel's wings off! Now, in order to save you, I lost my delicious food! "Igandar?" Yin Yang Zi looked at the black dragon head in the air and called out each other's name. St. Buzelas said he was sleeping, so he transferred the time coordinates to me, and I was in the neighborhood, so I came. However When I got here, I found it was no big deal. Yin Yang Zi thought helplessly, "Of course it's no big deal for you!"! "This one." The seven-clawed dragon beast.. Why does it look so familiar? After hearing Igandar's words,silk ficus tree, the body of the seven-clawed dragon began to tremble violently. Oh! Right! I was about to eat your tail a few hours ago, and you were summoned away! Ha ha, I didn't expect to meet you again! "Well.." "Well.." The seven-clawed dragon began to whine. It let go of Moloya and ran for the door. Where are you going? A huge undead dragon head came into the doorway.

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