Live in a high-risk world and become a farmer.

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After learning the news, the black is absolutely amazing! It has been planning to unlock its mother's seal for nearly a thousand years, and the process has not always been smooth, otherwise it would not have been unsuccessful until now. But in the past, even if the plan is flawed, just hide it again and wait for the next opportunity to continue to act. It is the first time that he has been almost cornered like this, and all kinds of back roads have been cut off, and he is still helpless. Back then, when Indra's offspring finally came out of the kaleidoscope, it was overjoyed to feel that there was hope of success this time. After that, Mingming planned that everything would go smoothly until the kid was born, and the kid seemed to be born to overcome it, and then the development took a turn for the worse. Now in this way, if once the project of the sea train is completed, the country of water can also be connected in series, and the troops can be quickly assembled, there will be no obstacle for her to unify the world of tolerance in the future. If we let her unify the world of tolerance, upgrade the technology of this continent, and spread the application of network technology in an all-round way, then there will be no room for it to make trouble! No, if we can't let her fail before the completion of the sea train, in the future, when the world of tolerance has the ability to fly across the stars, there will be no chance at all, and once the people of the world of tolerance come into contact with the people of the big tube wood family,faux grass wall, let the family know that her mother fled here.. Mother is still sealed, which has the ability to fight back ah! A series of unfavorable factors in front of us are pressing forward step by step, which makes it difficult for Heijue, who used to be cautious and cautious, to remain calm. Even if the current methods are not perfect, they will face risks and have to take risks. For the time being, let's put aside Hei Jue's desperate plans. About a year later. Facts have proved that when Zaoyue was in school, she was basically absent-minded in every class, but she was never caught by the teacher. Obviously,outdoor ficus tree, no one was better at deceiving people than she was. In the same way, if you want to cheat under her eyes now, it is obvious that you are showing off your incompetence, and the bronze player will hit the strongest king. In the final exam of the first semester after the beginning of middle school, Zao Yue made all the candidates understand that cheating is impossible and that they can only study honestly if they want to graduate. Surveillance cameras, machines that can detect Chakra fluctuations to identify whether someone in the examination room is using ninjutsu, arrays that can isolate perception, and three sets of papers divided into A, B and C for each subject, all these means have cooled the examinees who had planned to cheat with luck. Later in the next semester, everyone began to review before the exam, do the exercise book carefully, and never dare to move the wrong idea. Although at the beginning, many ninjas who had graduated from the school of tolerance for several years and had no one to supervise what they learned were suffering unspeakably, after gradually calming down and reading the textbooks again, they found that the content was not as boring as they had originally felt. Moreover, the textbook covers a wide range of knowledge, silk ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, and the content is quite comprehensive, which is much faster than the follow-up study after they came out of the school. Although there will be a leading teacher to give guidance, but when it comes to knowledge other than ninja skills, you need to find the relevant information yourself. This knowledge is usually in the bookstore, when you see the kind of books you want to know, you buy them back and read them. Some of the more popular books are fine, but they involve more partial knowledge, such as science and engineering, which were not taken seriously in the past. There are few people who can organize and publish books, so it is quite difficult to find them. In recent years, it has been quite good. The large-scale paper-making and printing of machines have replaced manpower, which has reduced the cost and the price of books. In the past, it usually took two or three months to have enough money to buy a book. As for the calculation of parabola, the influence of resistance, flow rate and so on, although many people will notice the influence of these factors on combat, but in the past, judgment generally depends on eyesight and experience, only some people with good brains know how to calculate, but now textbooks give formulas that can quickly fit in data and calculate the answer. After noticing the practicality of textbook knowledge, many people soon began to study and master all kinds of knowledge in it. Even Naruto, who doesn't like reading very much at ordinary times, found that the characters in the animated film Age of Myth, which was recently broadcast on TV, seemed to be the characters mentioned in the history textbook. Because it was too itchy to wait for the broadcast every week, he simply opened the textbook to see the spoilers. Perhaps motivated by interest, I suddenly feel that history textbooks are not very boring. Basically, every page has pictures, illustrations, and easy-to-understand text descriptions. It can almost be read as a storybook. Although in the first semester, in order to pass the regular course, many candidates who return to school are in trouble, but contrary to the regular course, the elective courses that can choose two courses per semester are almost unanimously praised and welcomed. Even if the results are not included in the assessment, the students will consciously attend every class. In addition to elective courses related to the ninja profession, such as the introduction of medical ninjutsu, the explanation of sealing, and the identification of blood stains, such as makeup skills, the introduction of playing cards, and gambling probability, which belong to the interest category, are also popular. On the other hand, after three years of recuperation and construction, people's livelihood and economy have been greatly boosted. Even mountainous areas are now successfully connected to water and electricity, as well as to television and radio signals. Although the land of water is mostly mountainous, it can not be planted and harvested mechanically on a large scale like the land of fire, which is mostly plain. However, with the improvement of crops and the introduction of salt-tolerant cash crops that can be planted along the coast, the coastal aquaculture industry has become mature after three years of development. Today, the country at least no longer needs to be as short of food and clothing as in the past, food production has been completely able to meet the needs of the people, and even surplus can be purchased by the government to earn national granaries. And now the coastal aquaculture industry in the water country can not only meet domestic demand, but also export to inland countries. After the aquaculture industry has developed into a large-scale industry, fishermen's income has become more stable,large ficus tree, and they do not have to depend on the weather for food as in the past. Sometimes, for the sake of income, they have to venture out to fish even if there is a storm coming.

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