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As soon as Shangguan Liu Ying had finished speaking, Qian Ze looked up in panic and said, "No, I can't say that!" Shangguan Liu Ying was surprised and looked back at Qian Ze. She immediately shook her head and smiled. "You still don't want her to die, do you?" She said with pity. "She has hurt you so much that you still protect her." Qian Ze slowly got up, speechless, the ground fainted Luo Yuqing, at the moment in her eyes, particularly dazzling. She blamed her and even hated her a little, but she didn't want her to die. Even if she had the intention to harm herself, and more indirectly killed the moon, but really want her to die, she still can not bear. Liu Ying, let's go, as if nothing had happened, after me. Qian Ze's eyebrows and eyes moved, and he paused for half a beat: "I won't expect anything in the future..." No longer expect to bury the hatchet, no longer expect those who betray themselves to change their minds. As the moon said, the world is really not beautiful. Even though she has suffered a lot since she was a child, she has never been betrayed by someone close to her. The pain burst out again and again, and she could no longer resist it. Shangguan Liu Ying listened and was silent for a moment. She pulled Qian Ze forward and said,Faux cherry blossom tree, "Don't be so disheartened. When you go back, you have to tell me everything one by one. Don't carry it alone any more." She stretched out her hand and stroked Qian Ze's wet hair behind her ear. "We are friends." Friend. Qian Ze burst into tears and dared not look up at the smiling Shangguan Liu Ying. The word "friend" sounded painful and sour at the moment, and she had mixed feelings. Let's bury Xiaoyuan well first. It's a cold palace. No one will clean it up even if it's dead. How pitiful it is. Shangguan Liu Ying sighed again and looked at Xiaoyuan, who was turning in his grave. Qian Ze came forward, stroked her open round eyes, picked up her body: "Xiaoyuan, thank you." "Sister Qian, I'm sorry." Her every frown and smile was still vivid in my mind,fake ficus tree, and the gentle and naughty girl was now just a cold corpse. Qian Ze thought, holding her arms tighter and tighter, as if she would come back to life. Xiaoyuan's body was raised by Qian Ze, but his weak arm slipped down, and suddenly a ball of paper fell between his loose fingers. What is this Young season comes forward to ask. Qian Ze blinked her tearful eyes and looked at the ball of paper. She reached out and picked it up and rubbed it slowly. The paper was slightly damaged, apparently torn in the rush, and the handwriting on it was so dense that it was not clear what was written for a while. When Shangguan Liu Ying saw this, she said, "Hurry up and take Xiaoyuan away. It's getting late. If the emperor finds out, she won't be able to hide the matter of Yu Fei." Qian Ze was stunned and nodded. ※ When I returned to Qingze Palace, it was already evening, and the rays of the sun were beautiful, rolling and relaxing at the end of the sky. Aunt Yusai and Xiao Jun cried with joy when they saw Qian Ze. When Xiao Jun called Qian Ze to get up in the bedroom in the afternoon, she found that she was no longer there. She was so frightened that her hands and feet were cold and she was in a panic. And Yusai aunt looking for a day, but has disappeared. I wanted to tell the emperor, artificial grass panels ,fake blossom tree, but I was afraid of involving the lives of the slaves from top to bottom in Qingze Palace, so I delayed again and again. But now see Qian Ze came back safely, how can not be ecstatic? "She had nothing to do, but she was bored and went to the palace for a walk." Shangguan Liu Ying said calmly to Yu Sai. Yu Sai nodded repeatedly and said, "It's all right. Thank you, empress." She kowtowed with Xiao Jun, and Shangguan Liu Ying nodded slightly and went into the bedroom with some shocked Qian Ze. The three of them sat around the fumigation cage, holding a dim lamp on the table. Qian Ze spread out the paper and read it line by line. Shangguan Liu Ying leaned against her and looked down in order. After looking at her for a while, she shouted in surprise, "This.." Qian Ze's shoulders began to tremble violently, and she did not expect that Luo Yuqing was planning such a thing. Charm life, what is charm life? Shangguan Liu Yingshou close, small mouth stammer: "Why, this will have..." Her beautiful eyes widened, her long fingers pointed at one end of the paper, and her voice became softer and softer: "Butterfly?" The mark of the butterfly, and the pattern on the back of their neck, exactly the same, Shangguan Liu Ying felt that a monstrous secret was being gradually untied and peeled off. Qian Ze's eyes are absent, and the corners of his mouth are desolate. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled softly. "She did it all for him …" "All to get him." Shangguan Liu Ying stretched out her hand to break Qian Ze's shoulders and asked solemnly, "Qian Ze, make it clear, make it clear!"! How can this butterfly be on this paper, what is the charm, and what is the way to control the charm written on it? Why does Luo Yuqing want to control this. "Something called Charm." Chapter 95 Analysis Qian Ze, like a clay doll, did not squeak for a long time. Shangguan Liu Ying shook her and said with a dignified look, "Qian Ze, you have come to this point. What else can't you say to me?"? I know your heart is full of holes, but if you tell me what's going on, at least someone can share it with you! At the end of Shangguan Liu Ying, she choked with sobs. Qian Ze looked at her faint red apricot eyes, and finally opened his mouth: "Liu Ying..." She lowered her eyes, picked up the crumpled paper on the table, and fell into memory. She talked about the difference between Yin and Yang, and then described the mystery of the butterfly mark on the paper. Shangguan Liu Ying while looking at the paper, while listening to Qian Ze said a word, a white and charming face, the blood gradually faded. She understood what Qian Ze said, and for a moment there was a flash of lightning in her mind. So, the emperor, he. Shangguan Liu Ying ice and snow smart, even if Qian Ze did not break, she still immediately thought of Qi Ye. Her eyes widened in disbelief, and her little hands trembled. "How could it be like this …" No wonder there is such a butterfly mark on the neck of every imperial concubine in the harem. "He turned out to be Yang Charm." Shangguan Liuying absently murmured, but the young season beside her could not understand. She pursed her lips and muttered, "What is Charm? Why can't I understand?" Shangguan Liu Ying glanced at the dull young season, but looked like a lost soul. Qian Ze looked at her like this,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, then remembered the original oneself, at that time oneself also did not believe that there would be such a thing in the world. However, this is all true.

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