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The man at the other end of the game did not answer immediately, but spoke after a while, and his words were as concise as ever. "Team" [Polar Night]: Yes. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: … … …… Silence. Mo Lu stared at the screen for a long time, and suddenly felt that the feeling was inexplicably familiar. It's a pity that I haven't got a clear idea yet, and I was immediately disturbed by the constant private chat messages. "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: Little Green, where is it? "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: I have something to ask you ~ "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: … What are you doing? Are you that busy? "Secret Language" [The Moon Is Dark and the Wind Is High]: Hurry up and give me a squeak! …… -_-Convex Mo Green is speechless. Does it take time to type? Does he think she's Superman? Besides, even if it's Superman, it takes time to wear underwear outside. "Secret Language" [Green Water People Around]: If you have something to say, you can say it later. I'm not free to do the task of master and apprentice! "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: … Can I help you? "Secret Language" [Green Water Family Around]: No. Mo Lu finished answering and began to concentrate on solving the 54-level NPC in front of him. As soon as she finished the task, the little swordsman on the screen immediately dazzled with white light. The body of the woman in red is also shining. A prompt pops up in the system: your direct disciple player [Polar Night] has officially finished his apprenticeship. Congratulations on your XXXXXXX experience. It must be false to say that the first apprentice I brought since I played the game was not happy. She searched for the package and finally found a swordsman outfit of level 50 to 60, and then ordered the deal. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: Disciple, congratulations on your graduation. You quickly accept the deal,electronic board for classroom, and then change your new clothes. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: Master, this is not a valuable gift, but the gift is light and the affection is heavy. Don't forget me as a master in the future! ^_^ The polar night is not polite. When he clicked to confirm, Mo Lu found that he had a 70-level knife in his package. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: Disciple!!! Are you rich? Such an expensive gift?! "Team" [Polar Night]: No, I found it yesterday when I was digging for treasure. Just in time for you to use it. Mo Lu,4k smart board, who had never found the right place to dig the treasure, saw his words with a full face. "Team" [Green Water People Around]: Ah, ah, ah, envy and hate!!! I must take you with me next time I dig treasure!!! "Team" [Polar Night]: Good. "Team" [Polar Night]: I am basically online at this point. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: Haha, that's such a happy decision! But disciple, this gift is too expensive. You can sell it for a lot of money by yourself! So "Team" [Polar Night]: Throw away the things sent out and the water poured out if you don't want them. Wow! Shit! Rich people! But throwing it away is not a waste of money for others? However, Mo Lu, who has never been rewarded, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive touch screens education, still has some small entanglements. "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: _ But level 65 to 70.. Have to wait until the monkey years. "Team" [Polar Night]: It doesn't matter, I have everything. When Mo Lu saw this sentence, she was stunned, and she suddenly remembered that the swordsman of level 72 had said something similar to the little doctor. She hasn't logged on to the number of Mingyue Zhaodou for a long time. From the day she made up her mind to give up, she tried to reduce the number of times she logged in to the trumpet, and gradually, she couldn't remember the password. People are really forgetful animals. The sound of the system prompt from the headset made Mo Lu take back her thoughts. "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: Little Green, do you still need help? "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: Little Green, what's the matter with your disciple? I sent five or six applications to join the team, but he refused five or six times!!! "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: _ Your sister!!! If that boy wasn't your apprentice, I would have killed him right away!!! "Secret Language" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: You should solve the internal problems quickly, or you can quit the team and come here! …… Looking at several messages sent by someone in the private chat box, Mo Lu couldn't help laughing. She has to admit that these are all talented people. Smile to smile, she is still very kind in the team to the apprentice way: "Team" [Green Water Family Around]: Disciple, give me the captain. After getting the captain, Mo Lu invited Yuehefenggao to join the team. As soon as he entered the ranks, Comrade Yuehei Fenggao was furious. "Team" [The moon is dark and the wind is high]: Hey, you are trying to make trouble with me, aren't you? "Team" [The moon is dark and the wind is high]: Little Green, I don't think this boy has a good heart. You'd better stay away from him! "Team" [Green Water Around]: Ruffian, when did you become so narrow-minded? A misunderstanding, since the polar night is my apprentice, you will also take care of it in the future! The moon is dark and the wind is high. I wanted to refuse, but I was robbed first. "Team" [Polar Night]: No need. "Team" [Dark Moon and High Wind]:.. Just right! I'm not going to take such a trouble. One side of Mo green to see such a situation, can not bear to speak out to reconcile. "Team" [Green Water People Around]: What are you two doing? We are all our own people. If you have something to say, say it! "Team" [Dark Moon and High Wind]: What's there to say? Young master is not happy to see this boy! "Team" [Polar Night]: Each other "Team" [Green Water People Around]: () I said what deep hatred do you two have? Why is this burning? "Team" [The moon is dark and the wind is high]: Little Green, anyway, he has finished his apprenticeship. Your master has done his best. Let's go straight to T! "Team" [Green water people around]: B sweat! Ruffian, I've known you for so long. Why can't you change your stingy temper? I rely on (o ') convex! In front of the computer,smartboards for business, Yue Heng saw the words of the people in the team, suddenly felt very angry, and impulsively quit the team at that moment!.

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