Pure Mommy: Hit Cold President by Mistake

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"Misunderstanding?" Nai Nai was a little stunned, "I don't know." Just feel strange, sometimes cold brother said, Nai Nai do not understand at all! He lowered his clear eyes, shook his head lightly, and felt some pain in his heart. Nai Nai! Don't guess, just ask him, actually. Sometimes, Nai Nai should learn to be brave! Because the real happiness is to rely on their own to fight for! Murong Yin's voice was very gentle, and the smile on his lips was not stained with fine dust. Nai Nai, hidden happiness, has always been in your hands! All the time All the time. However, he never dared to strive for it, not because he was afraid of failure, but because he was afraid. Nai Nai pain, afraid Nai Nai can not bear to refuse! Nai Nai, happiness is to strive for failure, but as long as Nai Nai turned around, hidden will undoubtedly appear behind you. Forever and ever! "May I?" Shuiling's clear eyes flashed a glimmer of brilliance, and she was always soft and weak, never daring to fight for anything. If you don't try, how will you know if you can? Reach out to arrange the broken hair on her forehead carefully,Gear Reduction Motor, with a gentle and warm smile on her lips. Nai Nai Zheng Zheng nodded, heart, but flashed a trace of uncertainty, she, really can try to fight for it? A night of'indulgence 'is doomed to the pain of the second day. Yesterday was too carefree, too happy, accompanied by stinky sugar and hidden until late at night, finally,gear reduction motor, at dawn, I found that my work was like an avalanche straight to the petite and weak of her merciless pressure. She rubbed her bleary eyes in the office, as if she was really a little tired. Get up and go to the teahouse to make some coffee to relieve the trouble. As soon as he went out, he ran into Gong Qian Ning, who was swaggering in the hall. Nai Nai lowered his eyes and hurried past. He really didn't want to pass her by. Oh! Is our Jingda designer very busy now? Gong Qian Ning raised his voice and shouted gloatingly in the hall, full of sarcasm. The other members of the design department in the hall immediately cast their eyes on Nai Nai, with a little hostility and jealousy in their eyes. Heard that this time the Valentine's Day large-scale program was all taken into the arms of this newly arrived woman, not a bit of their heads. Nai Nai looked up, felt the sudden pressure around him, a little embarrassed, his face was slightly red, his lips raised a pure smile, and nodded politely. Everyone was shocked and stunned by her quiet and harmless smile. Gong Qian Ning angrily took a look at the people in the daze, disdainful cold hum, full of jealousy. Yes, Vending Machine Motor ,small geared motors, she had to admit that such Jing Nai Nai was undoubtedly the object of public attention, because of her tranquility, her warmth, and her faint charm, always with a harmless innocence. The more so, the more she Gong Qian Ning will not let her feel better. Chapter 22 retort (Words:! 359 Updated: 2009-! 0-! 2! 8:0!: 00) "Jing Nai Nai, do you think you are qualified to compete with my Gong Qian Ning for the design of this project?" Gong Qian Ning approached her, lowering her voice but still saying bossy words. Nai Nai was stunned, and the smile on her lips stiffened, but the next second she recovered. Because Gong Qian Ning did not have such a great influence on her, it was not enough to hit her self-confidence. Miss Gong, this design is specially arranged by the president. Who do you think is qualified to talk about the ownership of this design? Lips smile is still pure, still innocent. Gong Qian Ning one Leng, seductive beautiful eyes flashed a trace of astonishment, but also with obvious anger and jealousy. Is this woman choking with herself? Jing Nana, who do you think you are? Can't you see the president's ulterior motive? Hum! Do you think you want to beat my Gong Qian Ning by yourself? Gong Qian Ning raised his head, and his shrill voice was full of sarcasm. Sorry, Miss Gong, I'm a little busy now, I really don't have much time to listen to your great declaration, we have time to talk another day! Nai Nai smiled, nodded, and turned away. Only left the room full of stunned people, as well as the anger to the mad Gong Qian Ning. A great declaration? How dare this woman satirize her in a roundabout way! And everyone is admiring Nai Nai's courage, because of the relationship between Gong Qian Ning and the president, no one has ever dared to speak so loudly to her, she Jing Nai Nai is the first person today. Out of the hall, Nai Nai long exhaled, stroked the heart that was still beating rapidly, stuck out his tongue niftily, and smiled with relief. Finally, I took a bad breath for myself. Not far away, Wei Chi Han just walked to the design department and was slightly stunned by Nai Nai's cute side. Look at her to do a bad thing also a face of titter look unexpectedly feel some lovely, beautiful lips unconsciously slightly raised. Nai Nai looked back and was stunned. Always. President? Nai Nai stared at him in amazement, his voice broken because of nervousness. Just now, she seemed to have really caught the faint smile on his sexy lips. Wei Chi Han was slightly surprised by her sudden turn back, and Junrong suddenly sank. For the faint smile just now, there was a slight secret anger in my heart. He had never expected that this woman's every frown and smile could also slightly affect his cold heart. He pursed up his sexy lips and snorted sarcastically. He thought that he had not touched such a seemingly pure woman for a long time, so the immunity of his heart was inevitably somewhat low. Charm eyes coldly glanced at her, did not say a word and went straight to the design department. Nai Nai eyes, with a little loss, the body slightly cold, just she clearly saw the cold brother lips faint smile. Is it really just her imagination? Nai Nai looked back, took a sad look, and left. She took a dose of coffee and went to the office. As soon as she arrived at the door, she unconsciously slanted her head. A familiar and ambiguous passionate drama flashed into her eyes through the glass window without warning. Her heart suddenly felt a little painful. In the office, he found Nai Nai's figure from a distance, cold lips curved a beautiful arc,micro gear motor, hidden a touch of sarcasm, star eyes with a frivolous smile, staring at her pale face outside the office. Chapter 23 deliberate ambiguity. ichgearmotor.com

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