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Tanchun's face changed again. She shook her head and said, "Shaoxia, don't ask any more questions. The maidservant didn't say anything, because you are our girl's benefactor. The maidservants often hear our girl mention you. They know what kind of person you are. That's why they dare to talk to you more.." Li Jianfan said, "Since you four know what kind of person I am, you shouldn't have any scruples about me. To tell you the truth, I'm here to visit Miss Situ and pay my respects to Miss Situ's adoptive father, Ouyang. Miss Situ is not here. Mr. Situ said that there would be a strong invasion in the near future. He was ill in bed and asked me to stay and help the'Situ Family '. For the sake of Miss Stu." I can't refuse. There was a sound of rapid and steady footsteps. "In recent years," said Tanchun in a hurry, "our old master's disposition is very different from that of the past. We don't allow people to talk to outsiders about anything about the Situ Family. Please, Shaoxia.." "Don't worry," said Li Jianfan. "I know." Pick up the glass in front of you and dry it. Tanchun hurriedly lowered her head to pour the wine. Qi Beichen came in, a pair of sharp eyes first from the four women's faces, four women are calm enough, did not show any color. Qi Beichen immediately folded his fists to Li Jianfan with a smile: "Shaoxia, I'm sorry!" Li Jianfan stood up and said, "Well, General Manager Qi is now in charge of the Situ Family. He has a heavy responsibility. When a guest comes, he has to greet him. But I, a guest who is full of wine and food, should thank you for your hospitality." "You're welcome,Agate Slabs For Sale, Shaoxia," said Qi Beichen hurriedly. "Shaoxia is a distinguished guest of the Situ Family. How dare you treat him slowly? In fact, our host has always been hospitable. The accommodation has been arranged for Shaoxia. Please go to have a rest." He did not allow Li Jianfan to speak, turned sideways to make way, bowed and waved his hand. Li Jianfan also did not say much, a "have trouble" line went out. Out of the waterside pavilion, Qi Beichen accompanied Li Jianfan to the north and said, "Lord Bai Shao and all the masters of the White Clothes Castle are now open to see my master. Would you like to see him,Grey Marble Slab, Shaoxia?" "No need," said Li Jianfan. "Lord Bai Shao has met me several times, but they all met under unpleasant circumstances. Lord Bai Shao must have come to help me. Now that the strong enemy is pressing the border, it's not appropriate to have a conflict within the Situ Family. It's better not to see him." Qi Beichen said with a smile, "To tell you the truth, Shaoxia, I have mentioned the misunderstanding between Shaoxia and Lord Bai Shao. My girl has already mentioned it to my old master. When I just came from Changxuan, I heard the old master mention it to Lord Bai Shao. I believe the misunderstanding between Shaoxia and Lord Bai Shao has been cleared up now." Li Jianfan said softly, "Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Situ!" As they spoke, the two men entered a small courtyard, where they saw flowers and plants everywhere and a winding stone path, which was very quiet and elegant. A fine house was located in the north of the courtyard, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,White Marble Mosaic, with a pool of clear water in front of it and a bamboo behind it. The ripples of the pool water and the light sound of bamboo leaves added a bit of tranquil beauty to the quiet elegance. Into the fine house, the decoration is elegant and luxurious, but also elegant, no matter how many, a chair is just right, a look will know that it is carefully arranged. Qi Beichen said, "I live in a humble place. I'm going to ask Shaoxia to compromise here for a while." "Compromise?" Li Jianfan said with a smile, "Although the house of princes is just so so, if this is called a compromise, I would rather compromise here for the rest of my life." Qi Beichen said with a smile, "You're kidding, Shaoxia. It would be an honor for the Situ Family to invite Shaoxia to stay with them for a long time." He accompanied Li Jianfan to look around. When he saw the bedroom, Li Jianfan saw a silver rope hanging from the head of the bed and a handle hanging from his head. Looking up, the silver rope went straight to the ceiling. He couldn't see what it was. He immediately asked Qi Beichen. Qi Beichen said with a smile, "The people who wait on you have their own arrangements. But if you are in urgent need, please pull this silk rope, and someone will come to wait for you." Li Jianfan was stunned and said, "I see. Your family is really thoughtful." Two people did not say anything, both out of the bedroom, Qi Beichen did not stay much, he said "Situ family" people have the habit of taking a nap, he also asked Li Jianfan to lie down to meet, and then he said "excuse me" and left. Qi Beichen left, he tried his luck, and the food and wine just now were not poisonous. Szeto Yingqi did not let people tamper with the food and wine, what does it mean, can it be said that this Szeto Yingqi is not a little wary of him? Not suspicious of him? He sat down in a rosewood chair with a cushion of bright red satin. He also thought of Szeto Yan and the four maidservants, Yingchun, Tanchun, Yuqiu and Yinqiu. Since the four maidservants have been in the Situ Family since childhood, they must know everything about the "Situ Family" and must have served the two hostesses one after another. They may not know that the master of the "Situ Family" is not Situ Yingqi, but they must know how the two hostesses came and how the first hostess went. Szeto Yan likes her four, she four also love this girl, there must be a reason, and Szeto Yan can not take the four to the side, naturally there is more reason. Szeto Yan and his mother did not know whether the owner of the "Szeto Family" was not Szeto Yingqi. If they knew, her mother and daughter would know who he was. Do not know, to her mother and daughter to expose the mask of this Situ Yingqi, can also force this Sibei Situ Yingqi away from the "Situ family.". Situ Yan's mother and daughter are not in the "Situ Family", but this is easy to handle, the four maidservants may know where her mother and daughter are. The difficulty was how to convince Szeto Yan and her mother that the owner of the "Szeto Family" was not Szeto Yingqi. This Situ Yingqi may be really not wary of him, really not suspicious, otherwise how can he stay to help him "Situ family"? As a matter of fact, he had come to pay his respects to Ouyang Peng. It was justified and there was no flaw. It was impossible for Szeto Yingqi to be suspicious of him. But if this Situ Yingqi is suspicious of him, on the surface, quietly, but leave him to help the "Situ Family",Pietra Gray Marble, there will be a bigger and more vicious conspiracy. Just as he was thinking, a light sound of footsteps came over, and it was obvious that it was the sound of a woman's footsteps. Li Jianfan's heart jumped and he stood up.

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