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The fat man appeared silently beside her and quietly stopped her hand. The body shook very lightly, and then let the fat man hold her hand and fly straight into the endless blue sky. The blue sky is like washing, and above the floating clouds, there is another sky. When they rushed to the endless sky, the background around them changed from blue to dark. But on the dark curtain across the sky, the catfish is not decorated with catfish stars, but a translucent sphere that can not be described as vast and slowly rotating. Looking up at the sky, I felt that the sphere was so huge and oppressive that it seemed likely to fall from the sky at any time and destroy all the worlds below. Although she is aloof and strong, but before the power of heaven and earth, her hands are also quietly cold. Only the hand that was held was still surrounded by warmth. Her hand was clenched quietly: "Oh, you see, that's the projection of the whole world we live in." Looking at the giant transparent ball that occupied most of the sky for a long time, he asked, "Where are we now?" "Here?" The fat man smiled and said, "This is my field, and this is the world I created." Staring at the fat man, he added, "But aren't we all destroyed on the final day of judgment?" The fat man smiled and said, "Long before the final judgment.". I left myself a way out. Weena relies on the realm to fight,x52 line pipe, while you give up the realm and only pursue the supreme power, but I am different. I try my best to develop the realm, but I don't develop any ability related to the realm. My domain is just a domain for the sake of domain, or to put it another way, it is an absolute domain. In this way, even if the plane is destroyed, my realm may continue to exist in nothingness. Sure enough,x70 line pipe, shortly after the destruction, I woke up here. Hey, hey. Where is my old man's foresight and sagacity comparable to that of ordinary little gods? A pair of Dai eyebrows wrinkled up again, she naturally understood what the fat man was pointing at, so sullen, holding the fat man's right hand quietly added some strength. But her grip, which was enough to choke the broken steel, was completely fruitless, and a few wisps of cold that pierced the fat man's palm like a sharp needle sank into the sea without a trace. The fat man sighed and shook his hand gently, and the casual tenderness quietly extinguished the slight anger in her heart. He pointed to the sky again and sighed, "Until I created this world.". Only then did I understand many mysteries of this multi-plane space, and more or less understand the Supreme God and the heaven where his light shines. You see, that's the Supreme God. Looking in the direction of the fat man's finger, I saw a catfish light somewhere in the giant ball. The light was unlike anything she had ever seen before. It doesn't have any attributes, uns s32750 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, it doesn't have any meaning, it's just pure light! The light of this catfish from the time it appeared. Just like life, it kept expanding and spreading, and soon occupied a considerable area in the giant ball. The fat man said slowly, "This is the process of the Supreme God and his celestial realm conquering the plane.". Heaven pours its own radiance into the individual planes, and then transforms the entire plane into the poles of light and darkness, and the light is absorbed. While dark is excluded. Where there is light, there is darkness. This is a saying that you and I are familiar with. However, light and darkness are not balanced when the celestial plane is decomposed, and the light produced by faith is far beyond darkness. You understand what this means. When each plane is disintegrated, the power of the heavens will be stronger. The speed of expansion will also be faster. In fact, for the whole multi-plane space, the expansion of the celestial world is too fast to be stopped and unbearable. I think you can see more clearly if you speed up the time. With these words, the fat man waved his hand, and the expansion speed of the holy light in the transparent giant ball in the sky immediately accelerated by thousands of times, occupying a small half of the sphere in a twinkling of an eye! Looking at that piece of light, which was like a living thing crawling in the ball, I felt a chill in my heart and clenched the fat man's hand. Suddenly she turned to Rogge and said, "No!"! This is not an illusion, but time is really speeding up! This How is that possible? "Why is it impossible?" The fat man smiled gently and said, "Since this is the world I created, all the rules should be made by me. It's not a big deal to change the flow of time.". In fact, as long as I want, I have seen all the people and things can appear here. "But." Then he looked at the giant ball in the sky and asked, "Even if you create a new world, can you avoid the expansion of heaven?" The fat man smiled and said, "Why not?"? This world is born of nothingness, and we do not have any material form of existence at all. So in heaven, we don't exist at all, and of course we can hide from it. Staring at Sheng Hui, who was still expanding in the giant sphere, he suddenly frowned and said, "If the Supreme God expands like this, will it cause the imbalance of the whole plane system?" "Is it more than an imbalance?"? When the light accumulated by the Supreme God exceeds a certain limit, the whole plane system will collapse, and all tangible existence will turn into nothingness. At that time, if there is still space, it will only be filled with the most original violent energy. "Why?" Ask Yeah, why? Ask Yeah, why? The fat man also looked up at Sheng Hui, who had already occupied half of the space of the giant ball. After a long time, he sighed heavily and said, "You see,316l stainless steel pipe, in fact, the whole plane system is a huge cage. Each plane is the steel column of the cage, and the space rule that maintains the stability of the plane is the lock that blocks the cage.". I also thought about it for a long time before I suddenly understood the purpose of the Supreme God. It wants to get out of this cage! 。

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