Listen to the wind when the snow falls -- Xuefu Yunting

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Zhou Yufei blinked and said with some uncertainty, "Do you mean that this person only picks people from all walks of life to take the lead?" A talented woman with outstanding appearance, a scholar with brilliant literary talent, a warrior with strong martial arts skills, each of whom is excellent in one aspect and can be regarded as the best. Is this the criterion for the murderer to choose the target? Zhan Yun knocked on the folding fan with one hand and nodded gently, with a touch of approval between his eyebrows and eyes: "The inference of the dust is very reasonable.". At least, we have one more clue now, and if we follow this point, we should be able to gain something. Zhao Ting also nodded and said, "This is easy to handle.". Every year, all kinds of competitions in the capital are recorded in Kaifeng Prefecture, and then you can check the names to be sure. Zhou Yufei took a look at the curtain and then looked at the three of them. "You go back to the palace first. I'll get off at the intersection ahead and go back to the government office to get the files back. We'll have a good time in the evening." Zhao Ting and Zhan Yun looked at each other, each a little funny. This boy is really forced by his father. He used to do everything, but these days he is more and more conscientious. He walks outside every day and never goes home until dark. Zhou Qianbo also made up his mind to fight with the seven princes, almost every night he came to the palace to eat, and strictly forbade Zhou Yufei to go home to eat. Every day to see Duan Chen smile is particularly kind and pure, there is no appearance of the shelf, and often talk to her about some of Zhou Yufei's childhood. Hearing that Zhou Yufei wanted to find a crack in the ground, Zhao Ting and Zhan Yun were cold and gentle, but Zhan Yun always smiled, and Zhou Yufei felt a chill on his back day after day, and woke up several times in a dream. At the intersection, Zhou Yufei nodded with the three men, lifted the curtain, jumped out of the car,x56 line pipe, and strode in the direction of the government office. When the curtain was put down, Zhan Yun's face changed slightly, and the crescent moon's eyes flashed a different color. Quickly withdraw the line of sight, is facing the upper section of the dust cold line of sight, spread the cloud curved lips shallow smile, and gently shake his head, indicating no harm. Duan Chen withdrew his line of sight and turned to look out of the window without saying anything. Zhao Ting looked on, his dark eyes darkened, and his heart was filled with a touch of bitterness. These two people, the tacit understanding is getting better and better. Once the building that time,uns c68700, Zhan Yun was poisoned, he flew downstairs with people, Xiao Changqing came forward to see, immediately changed face, said more than a moment can not be delayed, two people will go all the way to the palace. He was worried about the situation of Zhanyun, but he kept recalling the situation of the man pulling his sleeve, shedding tears and splitting half of the window with one hand. It was the first time that he saw Duan Chen shed tears, and it was also the first time that he heard her soft words begging him, but he would rather be poisoned and injured himself than be begged by her to save another person's life first. Obviously, he fell in love with her first, and he had expressed his mind to her early in the morning. Obviously, he liked her no less than Zhan Yun. Finally, he even put down his pride and put aside his scruples to dissect his heart with her, but in the end, the man said that his love was not pure. How does she know what he likes is not pure enough? He had lived for twenty-five years, and he had liked such a woman, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316 stainless steel plate, and he had never seen another woman, whether she was a lady or a beautiful woman in Jianghu. Is it not enough that he likes her, wants to pity her, protect her, marry her as a princess, and there will be no other woman in the future? She said that her likes are too limited, but if they are limited, don't they like them? He is a prince, is a member of the royal family, many ideas are almost cultivated from childhood, he can not accept love with men, will not allow himself to like foreigners, brothers of women can not touch. Who doesn't have his own rules and bottom line, who doesn't live according to his own trajectory, who can guarantee that he likes another one without any additional settings? The other two people in the car did not speak, but the faint sweetness and intimacy between them could be felt even by strangers. Zhao Ting half lowered his eyes, thin lips lightly pursed, always cold face shrouded in faint gloom. He really likes this person, even if she says her love is not pure, even if she already has someone else in her heart, he still likes her. The author has something to say: There will be more at nine o'clock this Saturday morning. Piece, ahem, has a little foreplay on the weekend ~ The Lun family wants to let people know that the Lun family is also good at stewing meat! ╭(╯^╰)╮ 91 Chapter 8 Sprouting • Entangled.. In the still of the night. With the evening breeze, the faint fragrance of lotus spread in the room, and the ice pieces placed everywhere on the windowsill gradually melted, floating a thin white mist, bringing a few refreshing coolness. Everyone in the room was holding a book and reading it carefully, and from time to time there was a sound of turning the paper gently. Zhao Ting raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, turned his face, and saw Duan Chen half leaning against a chair near the window, with a book in his hand on his lap, his head slightly tilted, his phoenix eyes lightly closed, his lips slightly turned up, his face was very quiet, and his cold face showed some rare tenderness. Like a kitten putting away its claws, it curled up beside itself and dozed off. Dark eyes flashed a touch of soft smile, subconscious side eyes, see Zhan Yun eyes half drooping, one hand holding the file to see carefully, the other hand clinging to the folding fan, not slow to help Duan Chen fan. Aware of the search line of sight delivered diagonally opposite, Zhan Yun raised his eyes, curled his lips with a smile of some spoiling and some pity, and silently said a few words: I'm exhausted these days. Zhao Ting nodded, got up and walked to Zhan Yun's side. He took the file from his hand and whispered, "Send her back to her room. I'll just come with Yiran for the rest." Zhan Yun took a deep look at him, but did not refuse. He closed the folding fan and bowed to Zhao Tingwei. Then put his arm around Duan Dun's waist, put his other arm around her leg, and gently picked her up. Zhao Ting took a few quick steps to help open the door, and at the same time pulled the book out of her hand. Duan Chen gently lifted his eyelids and moved his body slightly. Zhan Yun said softly, "It's all right. Go to sleep.." He looked up at Zhao Ting again and whispered, "I'll be back soon." Holding people all the way back to the backyard, has not yet entered the house, Duan Chen has gradually awakened. Aware that he had been beaten and hugged, he recalled in a trance the conversation between Zhao Ting and Zhan Yun. His auricle was burning slightly,347 stainless steel, but his voice was hoarse because he had just woken up: "Put me down.." Zhan Yun looked at the beautiful woman in his arms with a smile, and his clear voice showed a shallow smile: "Don't move, we're here." 。

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