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Nianer suddenly nodded and wanted it. He has no excuse to come in without my invitation. Li Mingqi way, small nose wrinkled, pick up the pen to write a letter, "he came, military forces is also my help, my position in Shannan Road Jiannan Road is even more unshakable." The more she appears in front of people, the more she does, the longer she can last. Nianer stood over and rolled up his sleeves. "I'll grind ink for the young lady!" Li Mingqi said, "Grinding ink is not important, the important thing is to send the letter out." She regularly sent letters to Xiang Nan, and Jiannan Dao had not yet announced the dissolution of the engagement, so she needed letters between husband and wife. The content of letters written in the past is nothing, but this time it's different. We should avoid Jiannan Road. On the surface, he still sent a letter to Xiang Nan's son. Li Mingqi whispered to Nian'er, "Then go out and find a businessman on the northwest line to send the letter to Xiang Yun." Nian son is not useless, the letter according to Li Mingqi's command properly sent out, until after three checkpoints, was found. Quickly sent to Linzhou's sweet-scented osmanthus hands, she read the content, always dull face emerged anger,inflatable floating water park, "this little girl how so heartless!" Just like watching Han Xu in Shannan Road, after Han Xu arrived in Linzhou, she also came. The reason is to take care of everything in Jiannan Dao and Shannan Dao. Didn't you say you knew everything? Han Xu retorted, "do you still need to ask me?" The sweet-scented osmanthus said, "I learned this from viceroy Li. Viceroy Li also said that there is no end to learning. Viceroy Li is gone, and it is a troubled time that has never happened before. Of course, I will continue to learn." Han Xu said, "What can't you do? You can ask me in Jiannan Dao and Shannan Dao. You don't have to follow me specially." The woman did not dare to admit it and looked outside. "It's better to ask for advice face to face." Every day in the face of this Han Xu,Inflatable meltdown, is there a time alone, but looking at Li Mingqi's letter, Osmanthus is not in a good mood at all. Sitting under the porch drinking tea, the old man in charge of escorting the goods laughed, "These little girls have a lot of minds." "No matter how many people have the intention of harming others without benefiting themselves, they are also stupid." The sweet-scented osmanthus road, "looks like must let her have an illness to return to the inner house to raise honestly, now so nervous time." "Let's break off the engagement with him while Xiang Qi is getting married." The marriage between Xiang and Li is no good now, and the dissolution of the engagement can make Xiang Yun look less helpful in front of Wei Dao. I'll write to Miss. Osmanthus nodded, "now." Before she had finished speaking, a guard outside hurried in. "Xiang Yun surrounded Linzhou with Longyou soldiers." Xiang Yun? The sweet-scented osmanthus looked surprised. How did he come here? Aren't you going to Anton to visit your family? "Shit." Laoguan jumped up from the ground. "This fellow is going to attack the young lady!" The sweet-scented osmanthus asked, "How can I hit Linzhou first if I want to start with the young lady?" Laoguan stamped his feet, "He wants to use Han Xu to deal with the young lady and question the young lady about the crime of regicide!" ……… ……… Layers of military forces spread in Linzhou, it seems that the water is slow, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable amusement park, but as the water becomes more and more red, the enclosure is getting smaller and smaller, the wall of Linzhou has been clearly visible. The changeable formation, the fierce fighting, the soldiers who collided together seemed to be fighting with themselves. It is always difficult for me to overcome myself, especially when I am at a disadvantage in numbers. Lao Guan stood on the wall and patted the wall bitterly. Looking at the city again, the people who fled in in a hurry stirred up the whole city, and there were cries everywhere. Xiang Yun walked out of the army and looked at Chengtou in front of him. Han Xu, come out and confess! "Otherwise," he said in a loud voice, "the whole city will be rebellious and will be killed without mercy!" The soldiers in the array will send out his voice layer by layer. Han Xu pleaded guilty! "Han Xu pleaded guilty!" diyihou。 book500164 The twentieth chapter of the main text asks the crime officer Han Xu. The official office in Linzhou is the palace of the king of Lu. The palace is not as good as the palace, but it is much higher and thicker than other Taoist offices. The high and thick walls and courtyards could not stop the noise of the city. The sound of crying and shouting broke through the doors and windows. You can lock me up in the city. Han Xu sat in the hall and looked at Zhongli. "Do you still want to lock up the people?" "Don't worry, sir," said Zhongli. "A few thieves are not to be feared. We can hold the city of Linzhou. ” Han Xu looked at him: "Who are you talking about?"? Why on earth did you trap me in Linzhou? Is it Li Mingyu or Xiaoqi? He knew that no matter Li Mingyu or Xiaoqi of Henan Road, he was not sincere in making friends with him, but just used him to fight for power, but now the world is not peaceful, it is too urgent to unload the mill and kill the donkey! Han Xu, who was indifferent no matter what happened, could not hide his disappointment when he looked at Zhongli. Not long after the city of Linzhou was surrounded, he discovered that, as the Lord of the city, he could find any change in the clues, not to mention the closure of the territory by cutting off trade routes. What shocked him even more was that it was Zhongli who arranged all this. In the middle is his eye, is his hand, the hand and the eye suddenly did not have, he has become the blind disabled person, he is helpless. Did not expect ah, did not expect, there is no loyal man in this world, will change. "When did you join them?" He asked. He has asked this question many times. As before, Zhongli did not avoid his eyes, but said, "My Lord, my duty is to protect your safety, and it has not changed from beginning to end." Han Xu sneers: "This officer's safety, is not you these military forces can guard, but is the unarmed populace." He pointed to the outside. If you can't keep the people safe, the officer won't be safe either. Someone hurried in from the outside and said, "Lord Li, Lord Guan asked you to ask Lord Han to go out." Zhong Li frowned. "Don't you need Lord Han to come forward?" The bearer glanced at Han Xu, bowed his head and said, "Master Guan said that if we can't defend the city, there will be too many casualties." The rest of the words he did not say, in the very clear,inflatable amusement park, must be for Han Xu is not worth letting the whole city people buried. Han Xu laughed when he heard this: "It seems that they are not crazy yet. They know which is more important." He stood up and straightened his robe and went out, this time without hindrance, following him. The courtyard outside the hall was covered with guards and layers of armored weapons.

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