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As soon as Yu Baiwen moved, his third sister Yu Jingwen planned to come to the capital to play next week. By the way, she said hello to her and asked her to spare time to play with her. Xu Xinhua had always had a good relationship with Yu's third sister. Xu Xinhua thought that she had bought a duplex building specially. There were enough rooms. If she moved to a new house now, she could also take advantage of the time when she was not busy to let Xu's father and mother come to the capital to live for a period of time. The older generation of people did not yearn for anywhere. They just wanted to come to the capital to have a look. They came here now. She could also accompany them to climb the Great Wall and see the Forbidden City on weekends. Unfortunately, now the old man Mu is like that, she ran to tell Mu Shao to move out, Mu Shao's temper is estimated to explode again. Xu Xinhua is very considerate to decide not to add trouble to Mu Shao for the time being, and wait for the matter of the Mu family to pass. Yu Jingwen was very natural and unrestrained. She asked for a week's leave, plus her own weekly rest. She could play for eight or nine days in total. Her husband and children were not taken with her. She came to the capital alone. Of course, she lived directly in Yu Baiwen's house. For the first two days, Yu Baiwen and Xu Xinhua took turns to take her out to play. Later, she said that she didn't need them and left the driver to her. She didn't dare to drive alone. Yu Sanjie had a good time for a few days before she found Xu Xinhua in private and asked her to take a day to accompany her to the hospital. Since she gave birth to a child, her period has not been allowed. At first, she did not take it to heart. The state strictly enforces family planning. She and her husband work in the system. Unless they do not want this iron rice bowl, it is impossible to have more than one child. Since she didn't plan to have a second child, Yu Jingwen didn't care about the problem of not allowing her period. This year, Yu's mother accidentally knew about it and began to worry. She took Yu Jingwen everywhere to seek medical treatment and take medicine. But I don't know if it's been a long time. It's been more than half a year and it hasn't improved yet. Yu Jingwen wants to come to the capital to have a look. The best hospitals and doctors in the country are all here. If she can't be cured, don't mess around any more. Had it not been for Yu's mother's urging,inflatable water slide, Yu Jingwen himself would not have been interested, and when he came to the capital, he would have played hard first, and only when he had played enough would he have thought about business. See gynecology this kind of thing let Yu Baiwen accompany is not appropriate, sister and brother also have the difference between men and women, Xu Xinhua very consciously took another day, personally drove Yu Jingwen to the Capital General Hospital,Inflatable outdoor park, here is Yu Sanjie said the best hospital in the country, as for gynecology is not the trump card department, that is unknown, Xu Xinhua did not know a few women in the capital. There's really no place to ask. Yu Jingwen is a bachelor, she is to complete the task, as long as it is the best hospital in the capital. When they arrived at the Capital General Hospital, they went straight to the gynecology department on the fourth floor. When it was Yu Jingwen's turn to check, Xu Xinhua answered the phone and waited for her outside. As soon as she answered the phone, she saw Dr. Shen coming from the transfer. Not seen for a few years, Dr. Shen wearing a white coat and a mask, Xu Xinhua still recognized him at a glance, eyebrows or her memory of the appearance, it seems that the age has not increased, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, is still so handsome and gentle. Time sometimes has a preference for men. Dr. Shen actually saw Xu Xinhua earlier, and now he approached. His eyes were more complicated. He couldn't help glancing at her stomach and said, "Xin, Xinhua.." So it's really you? Xu Xinhua looked up and suddenly realized that gynecology is still in the category of gynecology and obstetrics. She was a girl standing at the door of the obstetrics and gynecology department. No wonder people misunderstood her. Xu Xinhua does not mind, laugh: "Yes, I accompany a friend to come over to see a doctor, you, how can be here?" Shen Zhinian took off his mask and smiled: "Now he has been transferred to the General Hospital." Xu Xinhua knew that after he came back from Japan, he often went to various places for further study and training. It was not surprising that he was transferred to the capital, but he still congratulated him with a smile. "When did you come?"? Why didn't you inform me? Chapter 128 becoming beautiful chapter 128. I met an old friend in a foreign land, and I haven't seen him for a long time. I should have had a good time to catch up. But Dr. Shen is still working hours, there is no way to talk too much, such as Yu Jingwen check out, he and Xu Xinhua have finished a brief greeting, by the way, about the next meeting time and place. Xu Xinhua, who used to feel that there was no need to get in touch with each other after breaking up, was very happy to keep in touch with Dr. Shen, probably because their separation was very peaceful. It was a textbook good reunion and good separation. Many lovers had no hateful state and hysterical hatred when they broke up. They all remembered the best side of each other. Therefore, the absence of feelings does not affect Xu Xinhua's personal affirmation and appreciation of Dr. Shen. When they are separated, they are also in the mood of blessing. Of course, this may be related to Xu Xinhua's inner guilt towards Shen Zhinian, which is not clear. In short, after Xu Xinhua separated from Dr. Shen, they did not completely cut off contact. There are not many opportunities to meet. Xu Xinhua himself has been running all over the world in the past two years. Dr. Shen is also a frequent business trip for further study. They are like old friends. In fact, there are still some differences. At least, they should pay more attention to avoiding suspicion than others. Old friends want to meet and say hello. No matter how busy they are, they can cooperate with each other in time. If the old friends after breaking up operate like this, That is a bit ambiguous, whether Xu Xinhua or Shen Zhinian do not have this idea, let nature take its course, is a separation after years, never met. If we don't meet, the phone will be called occasionally. At the beginning, Dr. Shen called Xu Xinhua. His character was very meticulous. He would greet his predecessor on New Year's Day. Not long after the separation, Dr. Shen himself also bought a large apartment in Yangcheng. It was said that he had a place to live with his parents in Yangcheng for the holidays. His qualifications to apply for a unit room had to wait for marriage. After marriage, he might not be able to get a two-bedroom apartment. Maybe it would be a small apartment of forty or fifty square meters. If he bought a house, it would save trouble. It would be more convenient than living in a dormitory. The landline telephone was also installed. After knowing Dr. Shen's home phone number, adhering to the principle of reciprocity, Xu Xinhua occasionally returned one or two phone calls. The last time she took the initiative to call Dr. Shen, it was more than half a year ago. At that time,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Dr. Shen's colleague and good friend Liu Xiangqian and Wang Zhenzhen were on and off, and occasionally called Xu Xinhua to complain. It was estimated that Xu Xinhua was an "experienced person", and she should have some experience and experience to share.

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