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Cherry Blossom City is named after the headquarters of the Cherry Blossom Club, and the name of Cherry Blossom City is worthy of its name because the city is full of light red, pink and white cherry blossoms. In reality, Dongsang National Flower, which has the longest flowering cycle of no more than ten days, touches tens of millions of people with its sad and beautiful charm. When it is transplanted into the game, this layer of fleeting flavor is lost, because the cherry blossoms in Cherry Blossom City are fragrant every day and dancing with the wind every month. Nevertheless, its gorgeous appearance is still there. Therefore, Cherry Blossom City is one of the cities in Dongsang District with the most players. From time to time, male and female players can be seen walking together in twos and threes, intoxicated in the rain of fallen flowers. But now, this is called by the east mulberry proverb the king in the flower is the cherry blossom profusion is trampled by the dense player under the foot, the pleasant cherry blossom rain is also covered by the skill ray which the player community releases, the cherry blossom has lost the attractive posture, another proverb male in the person is the samurai? Is it also like the petals trampled into the mud, groaning under the trampling of the fighters? From being raped and humiliated by Liu Lang and others at the Resurrection Point of Riverwind City, Sakura Yamamoto fled back to Sakura City. Sakura Yamamoto was livid all the time. She was hurt physically and mentally because of the great humiliation she had suffered, and then she was affected by the war situation that was not good for her. She was even more angry! He didn't understand the battle several times do not drop the imperial flag today why so crazy, even personally with a few captains can't defend the cherry blossom gate,ultrasonic spray nozzle, those who lead the charge dressed in black armor of the yellow people crazy to the extreme of the desperate attack just gathered in the gate of ten thousand people defense team forced back into the city, that to fight people, He was deeply shocked by the unstoppable offensive of the Yangtze River. Vaguely, there was a bad omen. It seemed that he had seen the collapse of the empire he had painstakingly built. The cherry blossoms in the sky were no longer there. They were all turned into a medal of conquest pinned on his chest by the imperial flag. · Chairman, the enemy's attack is so fierce that the five teams can hardly hold on. Do you need reinforcements? Sakura five team leader Maeda has been repeatedly defeated by the imperial flag, and has long lost his original arrogance and superciliousness. Arrogant expression has turned into deep bitterness, if let him choose,ultrasonic cutting machine, he is a thousand ten thousand do not want to fight with the enemy in front of him, repeatedly frustrated, he was completely killed by a group of fierce people who did not fall the imperial flag, killing the heart & # 38; # 183; & # 38; # 183; & # 38183; "Ba Ga!"! Sakura five teams have nearly ten thousand, even the thousands of people in charge of the charge can not be stopped, you this captain still have the face to ask for reinforcements? Sakura Yamamoto made use of the topic to play, grabbed the armor between the neck of the former field, gnashed his teeth and pulled it to the front, "The former field, you look there & # 38; # 183; & # 38; # 183; "The other hand points to the direction of the battle." Behind these black flags, there are the emperor, the red, the blue, and the purple, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic cutting machine, plus a blood flag that is well versed in the ancient martial arts of Yan Huang. According to the current performance of the Sakura Five Team, how much manpower do we need to defeat these people? You tell me?! Angry roar, contorted face, Yamamoto Sakura can be considered to have found a punching bag. He scolded Maeda, a fierce general in the past, so that he was timid. His face turned pale and his lips wriggled for a long time, but he did not spit out a word of rebuttal. "Humph & # 38; # 183; & # 38; # 183; & # 38: # 183;" Breathing heavily from his nostrils, he released his hand and vented some of his anger. Sakura Yamamoto finally came to his senses. He looked at his subordinates who had no fighting spirit. He softened his complexion and said in a deep voice, "Maeda, look at these falling cherry blossoms and think about the people of Dahe who are silently watching us behind you. Do you want to be ruled by the inferior blood of the alien race?"? Do you want this country full of cherry blossoms to be devastated by war, to become a broken wall, and to become nothing again? Seeing the body of the former field straightened in his questioning, the expression of panic and helplessness on his face was gradually replaced by perseverance, Yamamoto Sakura continued to encourage, "Maeda Jun, hold the Toru in your hand, don't let this knife be ashamed, go to fight, for the dignity of the Dahe nation!!!" "Hey, Yi!" Fearful to the end, one mind to fight, before the field to regain the fighting spirit, carrying the tiger rushed to the front of the battlefield. Come on Give encouragement at the right time, eyes turn, slightly scan the battlefield, Yamamoto Sakura found the team's hundred stem mirror, "hundred, you go to find Miyamoto Jun, and he led the kamikaze special team all endure from the north gate out of the city, sneak behind the flag, first harassment, when the time is ripe, cooperate with the brigade to exterminate the flag!" "Yes." Hundred stem mirror answered, told the deputy to continue to coordinate the personnel who came one after another, and carried the floating technique into the air. After sending out a group of people, Sakura Yamamoto turned her eyes again and found Misaki Sakai, who was out of her mind. She pretended not to see her with a sense of loss on her face and said in harmony: "Group leader Sakai, cheer up. Don't be knocked down by some small setbacks. This beautiful city of Sakura still needs us to defend & # 38; # 183; & # 38; # 183; & # 138; #183;” Miki Sakai collected herself and nodded, "Yes, President.". I will do my best "En, Sakai group leader, you gather the cherry blossom special task force, from the south gate out of the city, around to the back of the imperial flag, cooperate with Baidijun from the rear siege.". Use the failure of these yellow people to wipe out the shame we have suffered! The words ignited Sakai Misaki's dim fighting spirit,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and she resumed her coquettish smile, shaking her lips three times a step, and took the order away. Hiss & # 38; # 183; & # 38; # 183; & # 38: # 183.

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