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I lowered my voice to make it sound old and low. I said, "Mr. Luo, you saw Mr. Wang in the afternoon. Now, Mr. Wang asked me to call you!" Luo Ding did not make a sound. I thought he must be making a sign. I did not urge him. After a while, he said, "What's the matter?"? When I saw him, it was already agreed! My assumption was confirmed by his words! I hastened to add, "It's very important. It won't take you too long. I want to see you. He has something very important to convey to me. It's not convenient to say it on the phone. Please wait for me in the September Coffee Room in half an hour. You haven't seen me. I have a book in my hand." I did not allow him to have the opportunity to doubt or deny, and immediately put down the phone. My estimate is good, he went to see Wang Zhiyi in the afternoon, then, I can also be sure that he will come! I opened Xiao Bing's cosmetics cabinet and disguised myself as an old man in ten minutes. Then I went to the September Coffee Room. The reason why I chose this coffee room is that it is a place for famous lovers. The lights are dim and the chair back is very high. For one thing, no one will notice it, and for another, it is difficult for Luo Ding to recognize me. Because my knowledge is almost blank, I need to use my speaking skills as much as possible, ambiguous words, to make Luoding inadvertently reveal the fact that Luoding is not a fool, the light is dark, which helps me to cover up. Less than five minutes after I sat down, I saw Luo Ding come in. I quickly held up the book and raised my hand to him. Luo Ding saw me. He walked straight to me and sat down opposite me. I looked at him,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and he looked at me. At that moment, I really didn't know how to break the deadlock. Fortunately, Luo Ding opened his mouth first: "How long will you control me?" My heart hit a sudden, Luo Ding used the word "control", it can be seen that the matter is very serious! I immediately decided to say, "Mr Law, in fact, you have not suffered any harm!" Luo Ding seemed to have a fit. Although his voice was very low,ultrasonic handheld welder, his anger could be heard. He said, "In your eyes, I have nothing to lose, but I have had enough trouble. Now, what on earth am I? Is it your white mouse?" He used the word "white mouse" again, which was even more puzzling to me and almost unspeakable. I slightly stayed for a while, still keeping calm: "Comparatively speaking, you are much better than Guo!" " It's really risky for me to say this, because if Xiao Bing's experience is different from Luoding's, then my fake identity will be exposed immediately. So at that moment, I was extremely nervous. Luo Ding stared at me blankly: "I have accepted Mr. Wang's explanation. He has made two mistakes. I don't want to be the victim of his third mistake. Forget it!" His words, I understand that "two mistakes" may refer to Chen Mao and Xiao Bing, and the person who made these two mistakes is "Mr. Wang", that is to say, everything is related to Wang Zhiyi, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, which is really a great harvest. I immediately thought that I was now pretending to be the representative of Wang Zhiyi, so I should be embarrassed by his accusation. So, I let out a series of dry laughs. Luo Ding looked very angry and continued, "I don't care what he's doing, and I don't want to!" I thought for a moment and said coldly, "Well, why did you go to the country to see him?" I looked at Luo Ding, see his face, become very ugly, he did not speak for a while, and then murmured tunnel: "I am not good, I should not accept his money!" " When I heard this sentence, my heart beat violently! Wang Zhiyi had paid, and Luo Ding accepted his money! Why does Wang Zhiyi want to give money? Naturally, he wants to bribe Luoding. What does Wang Zhiyi want Luoding to do? When I was in a daze, even if I wanted to say a few words perfunctorily to him, there was no way to start. Fortunately, Luo Ding himself was probably very confused at this time. He didn't notice anything unusual about me. He added, "Everyone wants money, and he gives so much!" I took a breath and followed his tone: "So, Mr. Luo, you should do what Mr. Wang said, get people's money, and eliminate disasters with people!" Luo Ding's expression, becomes very ugly: "I do according to his words."? If he makes another mistake, it's my fault. Then what's the use of asking for money? When I heard this, I couldn't help being surprised. As I listened to Luo Ding's words, I guessed the meaning of his words and summarized them, trying to understand the facts. The result of my induction surprised me, and I had more or less got some facts from what Luo Ding had said. First, Wang Zhiyi had given Luoding a large amount of money, and the purpose of Wang Zhiyi's giving money was not only to ask Luoding to keep a secret, but also to ask Luoding to continue to do something, which was dangerous. The danger of this kind of thing is quite high, I can know, if once wrong, then like Chen Mao and Xiao Bing, even if there is more money, it is useless. I can also infer that the meeting between Wang Zhiyi and Luoding today must have been very unpleasant. Luoding may have refused Wang Zhiyi's request. Therefore, I pretended to be Wang Zhiyi's representative and made an appointment to meet Luoding. It was a very coincidental thing that I could find out many facts. As I thought of these points quickly, I said coldly, "So you'd rather pay back the money?" Luo Ding looked directly at me. He was very surprised and angry. He raised his voice. "What do you mean by that? Did Mr. Wang signal you?"? Don't forget, his secret is still in my hands! My heart was beating wildly again. Wang Zhiyi had a secret in his hands. My guess was right. I had expected that Luo Ding must be hiding something. Now, my guess has been confirmed. He did have something to hide. He knew some secret about Wang Zhiyi, but he never told Ren Hui! I was so excited that I was thinking about what I should do to force out the secret of Wang Zhiyi that Luoding knew. Just then, however, a deep voice suddenly sounded behind me: "Mr. Luo,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, even if I have a secret in your hands, you don't have to tell everyone!" When I heard this, I immediately stood up. It was Wang Zhiyi's voice!.

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