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A horse galloped out of the Han camp after the forest, and when the soldiers of Yanqi saw the Han camp with clear flags after the forest, they seemed to have come to their senses. They have been afraid of Qiang Rong for a long time. It was one of Han E's followers who galloped out of the Han camp. He took several soldiers of Yanqi to the camp to rest, but drove the dozens of soldiers of Qiang Rong to the empty field at the gate. The dozens of people were all tied together by hemp ropes. People who are usually so violent are as pitiful and embarrassed as a string of grasshoppers locked up in the pain of broken lute bones. They had no face to look up, did not dare to look at the head of the city of Yiwu, so forgot to think about everything, the empty mind was placed in the open area between the two armies, standing dejectedly. Almost all the people with weak legs wanted to sit down on the ground, but the rope around them led the other companions, and the braver ones stopped their cowardice with their eyes, but the only courage they had left seemed to be enough to keep a standing posture. But it was also a grovelling stand. The gates of the city did not open, they do not seem to have any compassion for the captured comrades, but worried that this is the trick of the Han army. There was a fall, and a chariot and horse galloped out of the Han army camp behind the forest. The chariot ran very fast, and the horse pulling the chariot was extremely handsome. There was only one horse, and it turned out to be Han E's spotted horse. On the bus, a tall young man stood upright like a thin and hard piece of wood. On the side of the shaft of his chariot stood a flag with four characters written on it: The Son of Heaven makes Han. That "Han" character black line rolling embroidery, the stroke is awe-inspiring, like the eyebrows and eyes of the young man under the flag. In the shadow of the flag, one of his faces seemed to be slightly sallow because of the fatigue of the army horse. His car just ran to the gate, across the dozens of Qiang Rong soldiers in front of him, is dozens of Zhangs away from the city. The young man on the bus stretched out a hand to cover his eyes and looked at Chengtou. "Han E, the envoy of the emperor of the Han Dynasty,liquid bottle filling machine," he said in a loud voice, "please ask Zong Luoba to speak." Yiwu Chengtou was quiet. For a moment, a stout man of Qiang Rong, with a thick black face and of medium height, stood up and shouted, "I am." Han E squinted at him and suddenly shouted coldly, "You're not!" He spoke so fast, but he drew the bow even faster, and before he had finished speaking,PET blowing machine, a carved bow was in his hand. Yiwu Chengtou people even "Zongluoba" almost had no time to react, and Han E had shot an arrow at Chengtou. The wall of Yiwu is very high, nearly five Zhangs, but Han E's bow is very strong, and he can shoot an arrow up. The black-faced man could not escape, his face was pale, and he saw an arrow coming straight to his throat. He suddenly stretched out a hand behind him, which clapped the arrow askew, but the arrow was still staring askew at the scarf of the black-brained man just now. Behind the man's shoulders was a golden face. His face was golden and indescribably strange. On the forehead of the face is wearing a small cap used by Qiang Rong people, one side of the braid hanging down askew, amazing or his face, but his head. His head was large, almost as wide as his shoulders. "You're the one," said Han E with a loud laugh at the gate. Without waiting for the real Zongluoba to speak, he suddenly raised his hand and pulled the scabbard out of the face of a captured Qiang Rong soldier who was ready to move behind him. The bowstring immediately drew a blood stain on the man's face. Qiang Rong people on the city head a clamor. Han E shouted, "Zong Luoba, Vegetable oil filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, it is said that you are the third disciple of the Dajinba Living Buddha of the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai. You are said to be a great master under King Youxian.". On that day, the Little Jinba Living Buddha once went to the Middle Earth to bathe the Buddha. He was already very insolent. It was only after the defeat of Yu Jiuque, who was in charge of our internal affairs, that he returned. At that time, the boy was young, and he always regretted that he had not met this battle personally. Today, you and I meet in front of the battle, this battle, attack and defense will be long. Although I will win, but you dare to come to the city first, when the two have no help, each other do not take a person, you and my commander in chief fight each other. You may also have a chance to avenge your past humiliation on behalf of Little Jinba Living Buddha. If you dare not come down, forget it. If you dare to come down, you can beat me. His body suddenly leapt up and jumped on the heads of the dozens of bound Qiang Rong soldiers. He beat them violently with his bowstring and then fell back into the car: ".." I will release these dozens of defeated soldiers. ” He raised his head and shouted again, "I'm afraid you don't dare to come, do you?" With a wave of his hand, one of his followers rushed over, translated his words into Qiang Rong language, and shouted to the city. Although the voice of the attendant is not as clear as Han Kui, it is much bigger, and everyone in the city heard it clearly for a while. At that time, the head of the city of Yiwu also stirred up, and almost everyone in the Qiang Rong garrison knew that Zong Luoba was a good fighter, the art of swords and bows, and how many of them were the first under the account of King Youxian. All can't help heart leap, only hope Zong cluck down to kill Han E, file the spirit of the Han army, and then pour out, defeat the siege of the Han army in one fell swoop-they despise the Han army for a long time, has never been such a bird gas, not everyone is looking at Zong cluck. Han E standing, less than half a mile away from the city wall, from the Han camp behind three miles. Help from both sides, but he is a little farther away. It seems that he really wants to make a fight for the next place in the city. He looked at Chengtou contemptuously, but he was extremely worried. Today's move, success or failure, depends on whether Zongkoba will be provoked by him and fight in the next city? Zongkoba was still hesitating, but his eyes had gathered into a pressure. If not the first battle in the city, he will never be able to raise his head in front of his soldiers. Once this face is lost, how can he control it again? After pondering for a moment, he gave a deep shout: "Good!" Suddenly, he grabbed a rope from the hanging blue beside him, and the man jumped with the rope and flew straight down to the city. When he jumped, his figure was very clever. ChengTou Qiang Rong soldiers see his posture valiant, not in chorus noise. As soon as Han E waved his hand, the attendant retreated. Zong Luoba, however, had already fallen to the ground. He came forward step by step. Han E also shrugged up and shook his body gently. He got out of the car and waited quietly. After he got out of the car, he patted the neck of the spotted horse, and the horse obediently dragged the car away,water bottle packaging machine, leaving an open space. Zong Luoba went to stand five feet in front of Han E and saw that there was no interpreter beside him. "I'll kill you first, then kill them, and then.." he said stiffly in half-mixed Chinese. He looked at the camp behind Han E:.. Kill all of you again. 。

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