Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I want to waste your text + extra chapter

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That touch of tenderness and nostalgia is replaced by cruelty and cold killing in a twinkling of an eye, the cold light in the eyes makes the falling feathers almost unable to stop a little chill in the back, this cloud kills the sky. "A cloud with such eyes would have died long ago. It's better for me to keep such eyes than to let people kill me." Cold to the extreme words floated out, cloud killing day stroked the hand of falling feather eyes, suddenly a tight. Luoyu immediately felt a pain in her eyelids, and the cloud killed the sky to gouge her eyes. Sure enough, what gentle, she must be wrong. At that moment, he quickly raised his head to the back and shouted at the same time: "The cloud kills the sky." On one side, he waved his palm and directly hit the Baihui acupoint where the cloud killed the sky. There was a sudden roar in the empty nave, which immediately caused a doubling of volume in the empty place, as if it had struck a thunderbolt in their ears. The crazy and violent cloud in his eyes was startled when he heard the sound, and his crazy eyes returned clearly. He turned his head back and avoided the palm of the falling feather. He frowned and looked coldly at the falling feather crawling on his body. Seeing this, Luoyu said angrily, "Let go." The cloud killed the sky and frowned. "It was you who climbed on me," he said coldly. The fallen feather listens to the willow eyebrow to erect, this cloud kills the day. But in that willow eyebrow a vertical, the falling feather clearly saw the cloud to kill the day the eye to start a little black to rise again. No, Luoyu was startled. The cloud killed the sky with an expressionless face, and serious injuries or other thoughts could not be seen on his face, but the darker the eyes, the more problematic they were. This person's emotional changes can only be detected in the eyes. If it gets so dark, he will be confused again. Fallen feather eyebrows a frown up, such a strong cloud killing day should not appear such a problem, now there is such a situation that can not control their own consciousness. That is That's his wound. Fallen feather eyes a bright,water bottling line, immediately do not want to put a hand on the forehead of the cloud killing day, the other has been grasping the five fingers of the cloud killing day arm, immediately moved down to buckle in the pulse of cloud killing day. As soon as the cloud killed the sky, his eyes sank and his voice was cold: "Take it away, who will allow you..." Chapter 123: Silk Ambiguous 4. The forehead is boiling hot, the temperature is surprisingly high, the two forces in the body, one cold and one hot, collide with each other crazily,CSD filling line, and the tendons and veins are confused and will collapse at any time. Damn it, the face of the fallen feather changed slightly, and the wound of the cloud killing the sky suddenly worsened. Throw away the elixir. Quick, throw it away. It's no use to you, it's harmful. A palm on the top of the head of the cloud killing day, falling feather internal force a surge, calm the cloud killing day Lingtai Pure Brightness. The cold inside the cloud killing celestial body is too heavy, and the inner alchemy of Tyrannosaurus Rex belongs to fire. The consequences of this collision.. The cloud killed the day to receive this blow, the look in the eyes is instantly clear, woke up from the muddle. Purple Zun King, that is not lip service, the cloud kills the day to be clear-headed, immediately perceived the wrong place. As soon as the hand loosened, the eleven-level magic Dan in the hand was thrown out at once. At the same time, his hands made a lotus gesture and began to heal. However, he was so seriously injured that he could not shoot at all, but today he shot again and again, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, and now he is eroded by the inner alchemy of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which makes the situation in his body almost uncontrollable. The falling feather grasps the pulse of the cloud killing the sky and clearly perceives everything. See this, looking at the eyes of half of the blush almost dripping blood, half of the face is blue and purple began to congeal the clouds of frost to kill the sky, there is a moment of hesitation in the heart. If he helped the cloud kill the sky, then he turned his head to kill her, what would she do? Don't help him.. But that gentleness, that smile, that hurt for her. Hesitation is only a moment, Luoyu gently sighed: "I help you, do not resist my power." With that, he let go of the cloud and got up and squatted between the legs of the cloud and reached out to untie the clothes of the cloud. The cloud killed the day to hear the words of the falling feather, see this can not help but open his eyes to sweep the falling feather one eye, cold. Luoyu sees this shrunken mouth. Do you think she wants to do this. She doesn't know how to heal the wound, but she knows the ancient martial arts. The cloud kills the day wound in the Dantian, but the Dantian is in the lower abdomen, she does not have that ability to pass on the work through the clothes. Untie the clothes of the cloud killing the sky, revealing the six-pack abdominal muscles tangled in the lower abdomen, honey-colored skin is not pale after a long illness, but sexy enough to make people salivate. Such a half-naked body lay in front of Luoyu, which was really a feast for the eyes. Chapter 124: Silk Ambiguous 5. Luoyu picked up the corners of his mouth, pressed his right hand, and stuck it to the lower abdomen of the cloud killing heaven, and began to heal the wound for the cloud killing heaven. The Crystal Palace is empty and lonely. The half-naked man was sleeping on the ground, and a disheveled woman was squatting between his legs, so gorgeous that it was really fantastic to see it from behind. No wind, no rain, the underground crystal palace can not feel the passage of time, only two breaths one after another. For a long time, Luoyu Fang withdrew his hand and stood up. But at the foot of a crooked almost fell down again, the feather swayed twice to stand still, his face a little pale, sweat straight on his face. What a serious internal injury, almost hurting every tendon and vein. Such a heavy internal injury simply can not start again, and this cloud killed the day unexpectedly again and again, it is simply desperate. And such a serious injury can also be strong to this, do not know the intact cloud to kill the sky, that will really be strong to what point to go, falling feather at the same time also a little shocked. Fallen feather looked at the cloud to kill the day, almost spent more than half of her strength, only to join hands with him to suppress the attack of his old wounds, tired her to death. But the face of the cloud on the ground was much better, although it was still a little pale, but there was no frost and flame. Reaching out to touch the sweat on his face, Luoyu saw that the cloud had not yet woken up, so he turned around and began to untie the robe of the cloud. It was so hot that I didn't feel it at first, but then I felt that the robe was too thick. In summer weather, the cloud kills the sky and wears a thick robe that is almost comparable to winter. Quickly untied her robe, Luoyu glanced at the wound on her chest. It's not deep. It looks scary, but it's just a flesh wound. At that moment, he ignored her, bent over and grabbed the hem of her skirt, tore off a section of it and wrapped it around her upper body, tied a knot,bottle blowing machine, and covered the clothes that had been pulled open and became tights. Turning around, he grabbed the robe of the cloud and was about to put it on the cloud when he saw that the cloud had already sat up and opened his eyes, looking at her without expression.

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