Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

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Although the prince knew that there was no danger, he was still a little worried. He kept sending Su Qinghuan to the carriage and said, "Niang will go early and come back early. My sister will nurse in an hour." The nurse sat beside Su Qinghuan, nodding like garlic, "the maidservant dare not forget." Into the palace, under the guidance of the palace maid, Su Qinghuan embrace Awa, step by step to Liu Qinghan's palace. After saluting, she looked up at Liu Qinghan, only to find that the latter's face was very ugly. Bring Awa up and let me have a look. Her tone was dignified and authentic. Su Qinghuan refused to give his hand to others and held him in his arms. The female officer was at a loss. Liu Qinghan sneered, "That's all. She just laid such an egg. It's precious.". Am I still afraid that she will hurt me? It crawled out of my stomach, too. Su Qinghuan knew that she had always been mean, and was not angry, so he held her in his arms and sent her to her. "Ah, this is the imperial concubine, who is also your grandmother. She has given you a lot of things. When you grow up, you will repay her." "I'm not old yet!" Liu Qinghan said in a cold voice,juice filling machine, looking down at her eyes but unconsciously showing love and spoiling, "Little thing, your mother has a conscience for the sake of the many things I have given you, and finally admits that I am your grandmother." She always does not forgive people on the mouth, Su Qinghuan knows very much, so but smile not language. She didn't recognize strangers. She blinked her big eyes and looked at Liu Qinghan's glittering hair accessories. She didn't know what she saw. Suddenly she grinned and babbled to herself. What did she say? Liu Qinghan asked Su Qinghuan. Su Qinghuan:.. I don't know. "How can you be a mother?" Liu Qinghan rebuked angrily. Su Qinghuan:.. Such a big child, no mother knows what she is talking about. Everyone is the same,Beverage packing machine, but you have no common sense, hum! Liu Qinghan "hum", but did not continue to scold her, looking at the pink and tender little face, she subconsciously wanted to reach out and touch. However, when he saw his long armor, he stopped his hand in the air. Su Qinghuan was softhearted. He lowered his head to tease Ah Wan and said, "Ah Wan, would you like my grandmother to hug me?" What does Awa know? This is clearly an invitation to Liu Qinghan. The eagerness in Liu Qinghan's eyes was gone in a flash. He waved his hand and said, "No, I dare not.". I didn't hold you when you were born. I didn't hold such a small child. All right, sit with her in your arms. I have something to ask you. Su Qinghuan sat down with Awa in her arms, liquid bottle filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, but Liu Qinghan said, "You let the nurse hold her and sit aside." Seeing Su Ching-huan hesitating, she sneered, "Do you think I'm going to hurt her?"? And don't let her go out, let her stay away, because I want to curse, don't frighten my good granddaughter. Su Qinghuan: ".." When she got up and handed the baby to the nurse, the female officer moved a delicate little bed with many toys on it, apparently prepared for it. She also ignored her mother and sat in the small bed, touching and biting one by one. Chapter 676 mother and daughter (1). The attendants in the house were held back, and even the nurse went out, leaving only the female official to help take care of Awa. Bai Su and Angelica dahurica were not at ease, but Su Qinghuan gave them a look and reluctantly went out. Have you always turned a deaf ear to my words! Against me on purpose! Liu Qinghan began to break out angrily. "I told you to go back to the border town earlier, but you didn't listen. I asked someone to tell you that Qin Fang was not allowed to go to Liaodong, but you didn't listen. After he left, I told you that the door was closed and you were not allowed to go in or out. But you still didn't listen.." Do you want me to be angry to death? Some people can be bad for a lifetime; some people become good when they are bad, but maybe they are not bad in nature? In Su Qinghuan's view, although Liu Qinghan is also harsh now, her heart is quite different from that at the beginning. The beauty is old, and her heart has softened a lot. Answer me, what are you laughing at? Liu Qinghan picked up the teacup and wanted to throw it away. He looked at Awa who was eating the rattle with relish, but he gave up and put it back on the table heavily. How dare I deliberately oppose the empress? I've already told you the reason for staying in the capital. It was the general's idea to go to Liaodong. I have to respect him. As for the matter of closing the door, it was really my negligence that led to the storm in the city and made the empress lose face. Although the window paper has not been broken, her relationship with Liu Qinghan is well known. Rumors about her must also make Liu Qinghan lose face. When did you take care of my face? Liu Qinghan snorted coldly, but his face softened a little. He laughed at himself and said, "If I had waited for you to save face for me, I would have thrown myself into the well in shame and indignation." Su Qinghuan bowed his head and looked a little cramped. Come on, don't pretend with me. Do you have me in your heart? I still know. This is really to kill the heart, Su Qinghuan hurriedly said: "The empress these days of guidance and support, dare not forget." "I won't talk to you about these useless wheels." Liu Qinghan waved his hand and looked around at the extravagant arrangement, with a self-deprecating smile on his face. "This palace is not a good place, so he said earlier that he would go back with Awa in his arms.". I can't raise you as a white-eyed wolf. I hope you can have a little conscience and remember your grandmother. Su Qinghuan heard from her voice that she was heavy and regretful, and thought to herself that perhaps she now regretted abandoning her own affairs. Be good to you. At my age, you will know that a woman with children is different from a woman without children. "Liu Qinghan said faintly.". How lonely it is to be in the palace! A child is a comfort to me; not having a child is an endless despair. Young? Beauty? Even family background? These are all passing clouds, and there is no shortage of these in this palace. Liu Qinghan knew that she actually had a "valuable fate" judgment, and was already better off than many others; even now, the emperor had not snubbed her, and she could still come to sit once or twice a month. She did not even feel lonely at the top, and she was sure to fight whoever she wanted in the palace; but what was there to be happy about such a day? Looking at the life of the woman into the palace with children,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, every time she came to change her appearance, she could feel the passage of time, finally brought some positive changes. gzxilinear.com

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