A stunt driving game where you own many cool cars

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Madalin Stunt Cars is developed by Madalin Stanciu, an independent developer from Romania. It was released in July 2015 (last updated in November 2017). The game is attractive to many players over the world until now.

There are no rules in this game

That is the fact when there is no rules or mission in this game. You just drive freestyle as your brain can imagine The game will turn you into a stunt driver. Then, you can drive the car at extreme speeds. One more thing, Madalin Stunt Cars is designed with all types of impossible ramps, and loops. You can perform some mind-blowing tricks on these ramps and loops. Don’t worry when your car is stuck because you can restart its position by pressing the R key. The game provides three maps for you to try. Moreover, you can choose one of more than 30 cars from the selection. If you are too bored with the normal driving game, this game is what you need. 

The attractive features of the game 

What make the game become popular in the whole world? Let's learn some features of Madalin Stunt Cars. As mentioned above, there is no limited time, mission or rule. You just jump, fly, fall, crash and do what you like. You will feel like driving a car in a real-life thanks to changing the camera view. Besides, you can play in many views such as a first-person view, a third-person view, etc. 

Explore the mode of Madalin Stunt Cars

Moreover, there are two available modes for you to choose from, including single-player and multiplayer. 

In single-player mode, you will choose your dream vehicle first. Then you will drive it on the map where has no other players. Start the car and use your  driving skills to release all stress. Just speed up because no police will arrest you. Crash into any obstacle if you like because your car will be fine.

In multiplayer mode, you will get a chance to show your great skills with many fans of speed from over the world. There are three options for you to choose from. Firstly, you can create a room, then invite your friends. However, the other players also enjoy your room when it is public. Secondly, you can joy other rooms by entering the room name. Thirdly, you can participate in the available room on the screen. Remember to pick your username before taking part in any race. Here, you can have a race with other players in a certain area or even bump into them. One more thing, you can chat with other players through box chat. Maybe you can have some friends after playing the Madalin Stunt Cars. 

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