Give you back sixty years (all for dreams)

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When I went to Qiaocheng, I went to see her off at the airport. I was with you. I ate. All the pictures were blackening her! The momentum is so strong! Temperament is super good! Walk in pants and bring your own BGM! Face value upup after bald head! The corner of my eye glanced at me and I lay on the ground for two minutes and couldn't get up! "I eat Ju Shuai!"! I eat Jumeng! I'm eating! "I said, what are you still struggling with?!?"? Did you see the cover preview of cm magazine? Chi Chi's special! Bar Mitzvah special! Go around and buy, buy, buy! Chi Chi is going to shoot a new cover for the magazine. The news has exploded countless people in the fan base. They don't seem to be able to say anything except "ah, ah, buy, buy, buy". Chi Chi's filming is like a hidden God. He didn't even attend the road show of Shen Jiu. The photos of the Bridge City Film Festival have been seen many times by fans. After Wen Luning's accident, they also covered their hearts and watched the short press conference for a long time. Although they were really distressed that Chi Chi had to defend Wen Luning while facing a group of reporters, Chi Chi's performance on it was so decent and handsome! Now, at last, they had something to look forward to, and the unpleasant things they had just left behind them. Originally,Nail machine manufacturer, I was very angry when I saw someone say that the movie "Shen Jiu" was not good. After a circle of fans, Qian Xiaohua once again became a pure nymphomaniac. What is "Daughter Country"? Can you eat it? Can I drink it? I eat good box office, good works, better people! What am I not satisfied with! Hua Xiaohua marries Shen Jiu: "Every day's flower is a flower that loves to eat more!"! If you don't understand my love, go to see Shen Jiu and buy the September special issue of cm! Her mind is full of princes, Chi Chi has a rare insomnia,Coil nail machine, when her logic can not let her understand a role, she simply does not know how to play. I want you to know a huge secret. If an actor doesn't feel from his heart that he is excellent as long as he lives, he will not succeed. Chi Chi always remembered this sentence, and she copied it in her own book, which is why she never cared about what kind of glory others gave her, because she believed that her efforts would be evaluated and rewarded. This is the aristocratic arrogance of an actor, which she is born with and does not need to cultivate. Now, the presence of "Prince" is impacting this arrogance. Am I not fit to play a negative role, or is my acting development bottoming out? The traditional "I see, I want, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,iron nail machine, I become".. Is it not suitable to interpret the prince, so what can I do to enrich my performance form? Or rather.. Is it my experience and memory that limit my vision and cause my wisdom to be insufficient to interpret the Prince? Actors should go to life, to the world that is far richer than themselves, instead of waiting for the world to embrace themselves. Actors who think they are important are "degenerate"-and she knows that. For any of his works, Chi Chi never felt that he was important. She thinks that she is only one part of the work, in fact, not only the actors, but also the people who put themselves too important in a work are not qualified-this is why Chi Chi can destroy the artistic foundation of She Bing, he put himself in the position of the controller from the beginning, which is wrong, the foundation is rotten, and everything else has become. Destined to collapse. Under the lamp, Chi Chi carefully deliberated on the source of his frustration today in his notebook. "Seven Diaries of the Prince" was placed beside her legs. Chi Chi read dozens of pages of the script in one breath. She could basically conclude that the part of the script that could make her "feel the same" was basically zero. There were some plays she could play, but she did not know why she wanted to play like this, nor did she know where the internal logic of the play was. She didn't think there was a problem with the script, but she became more and more firm in her idea that she was now at a time when not to advance was to fall behind. "Is my acting to the point of satisfying myself?" "No." "Why can't I imagine myself as a prince?" "Because there was no intrinsic reason for her behavior." "What is the reason?" "Not understanding leads to not understanding, my vision is narrow, I am addicted to what I get from acting, and I can't observe life seriously." How can I improve myself now? First, learn more about acting and improve your control of expressiveness. Second, broaden your horizons and get in touch with more people and things. Third At the end of the page, Chi Chi asked himself a question that seemed to have nothing to do with acting. I'm right about the pool.. Does the subconscious escape belong to Chi Chi? This is a jump out of the subjective torture, from performance, to performance, from the performance of a role, to the interpretation of their own lives. In such a torture, Chi Chi was always too cold to herself, and now she put down the pen in her hand, and there was a little coldness in the indifferent expression on her face-that was her dissatisfaction with herself. The next morning, Hua Xiaohua saw a micro-blog private message sent by seven eggs late at night. I don't know why, but I suddenly feel that life is the same every day now, so boring. "Alas?" Hua Xiaohua looked at the private message, touched her head,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and replied to her family's seven eggs: "Eat with me!"! It's not boring to be obsessed with eating!  ...   117. Parting 。” Youpaopao: "I learned video editing when I was a sophomore in high school. At that time, I also wanted to learn editing when I was in college. My family disagreed, so I learned education management. Now I am a teacher." 。

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