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"I can't. I don't even know when I'll be able to pay back the money!" Xiaoyi was too proud to accept it. So how about working in a restaurant when you're not at school? "Mr. Leng!" Xiaojie did not know when Leng Xinyue had come to the seat where they were sitting. Sorry, I didn't mean to listen to your conversation. I was just looking for you to get the business report. I heard from Xiaoyuan that someone was looking for you, so I came here to look for you. When Xin Yue saw the boy in front of him, he was embarrassed but still arrogant. Boss, this is Xiaoyi, my cousin. Xiaojie was afraid of Xiaoyi's embarrassment and took the initiative to cover up for him. Xiaojie, whether he is your cousin or your friend, I welcome him to join us. Xin Yue turned and asked Xiao Yi, "would you like to be one of us?" "I.." From their conversation, Xiaoyi knew the man in front of him and what he had done, but the important thing was that he was willing to give himself a chance, "I do!" Xiao Yi was so moved that he nodded and promised. Very good Xin Yue patted him on the shoulder appreciatively. I'll send Xiaojie back later, and you can go with me! Give us a minute. "Yes!" Xiaoyi respectfully agreed. Xiaojie took the statement and cash to the office and handed it to Leng Xinyue. Boss, Xiaoyi, he. Before Xiaojie had finished speaking, she was interrupted by Leng Xinyue. I'm glad he made the decision,Nail machine supplier, and it proves that you're right. Xin Yue said understandingly, "Wait a minute, let's send him back first and see how we can help him." "Thank you, Mr. Leng." Xiaojie nodded gratefully to Xinyue. You wait for me, I explain something to Chu Yu, and it will be ready soon. Xin Yue put the cash in the safe. I see Xiaojie went out of the office to find Xiaoyi first. Looks like it's been another day. Xin Yue comforted himself. With a fair and aboveboard reason,nail manufacturing machine, you don't have to discuss with Chu Yu today, but it's tomorrow's thing to love too much! ※ ※ ※ "This is my home," Xiao Yi pointed awkwardly to the old bungalow in front of him. Is this your own house? Xin Yue asked with concern. Uh When Xiaoyi saw that there was no contempt in their eyes, he was relieved to smile, "This is what my parents left me and my sister, and now.." "Xiao Yi mourned." What's the use of thinking about that now? Xiaojie patted him on the shoulder and comforted him. From another point of view, isn't it a beautiful thing that your sister and brother-in-law can even die together? And she left her baby son to you in the hope of giving you the courage to survive. "I know. I'm trying to think about it, too, but it's so hard!" Xiao Yi said with a wry smile. Tomorrow is Monday. It's time for class! We won't bother you. You're welcome to come to us at any time, for whatever reason. Xin Yue patted Xiao Yi on the shoulder and said in a man-to-man tone. I Thank you! Xiaoyi was about to enter the house when he was stopped by Xinyue, who handed Xiaoyi an envelope bag. Friends have the righteousness of wealth. Xin Yue looked directly into Xiao Yi's eyes and did not let him have a chance to refute. I can't accept it. Xiaoyi insisted on returning the envelope bag. Can! Unless you don't treat me like a friend. Xin Yue said in an emotional tone, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, "If money can save a young man who has gone astray, I believe many people besides me will do the same.". And I can't watch you take a wrong step in life because of money! "Xiaoyi, don't be stubborn. We don't look down on you. We know your situation. Do you want to hurt your sister's only lifeline because of your indifferent self-esteem?" By the way, Xiaojie spoke softly. Nope Xiao Yi shook his head excitedly. Very well, then take it! Xin Yue again stuffed the envelope bag into Xiao Yi's hand. While he was in a daze, he sat in the car with Xiaojie and drove away. In the quiet street at night, only Xiaoyi stood there, holding the envelope bag tightly in his hand, with tears of excitement in his eyes, looking at the direction of the car for a long time. ※ ※ ※ Xin Yue looked at the tree in the backyard, which was where he and Chu Yu first met and argued. Remembering her pretty short hair, he mistook her for a little boy, but he didn't expect her to be a beautiful girl. Usually always like to sing a different tune with him, even if clearly know he is right also want to argue with him, think of this Leng Xinyue can not help but show a smile. In her memory, Chu Yu would always seize any opportunity to make him angry, just to see how patient he was, and she would always be able to either escape or make him laugh before his anger broke out. For Chu Yu, he can only say that she is his destined nemesis, and can only use four words to describe his feeling-helpless. Admittedly, her argumentativeness played a very important part in the years he knew her, and also brought him a lot of fun and anger. Thinking of this, he suddenly felt something wrong in his mind, as if something was different from the past. He racked his brain to think about where or what or who made him feel this way. In the aspect of "people", he finally realized that this was Chu Yu, which was different from before. In the past, every time I made an appointment with him, I was not allowed to delay anything, and I had to give priority to her. This time.. Xin Yue said to himself, "I made an appointment with her, but I said I would send Xiaoyi and Xiaojie back, and she nodded and said yes." The more Xin Yue thought about it, the more wrong it was, which was different from Chu Yu in his impression. In the past, she would have insisted on sending Xiaoyi back with me, and then discussed with me what she wanted to talk about,wire nail making machine, but this time she didn't. Xin Yue recalled Xiao Yu's expression at that time. It's more like a sigh of relief than a shake of the hand. Xin Yue thought of the passage in the book. "Stubbornly covering up difficulties," Chu Yu did not want to discuss with me, because this can not face up to the existence of the problem. Xin Yue began to blame himself for evading responsibility and ignoring Chu Yu's current situation and her need for help from friends.

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