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The first time Ziqian came to visit, she frowned when she saw the courtyard and said, "How can people live in this place? It's so miserable that it's cold in my bones.". "I remember this place used to be for the unloved servants and servants to live in, but when did it become the courtyard of the temple? It's going to be changed soon, and it's chilling to live in." But she smiled and said, "It's better to be lonely. It's just right for me." The bedroom is also a front hall and a back bedroom, with a small study and a room for receiving guests. Outside the study, there are two plantains, the huge leaves will block the window off a small half, and then look at the past canna slim and graceful, the hot summer wind blowing through the green leaves seems to be a little more cool. Most of the time, people who step into this room can see piles of books, which spread from the shelves to the ground and collapse, showing the owner's extensive reading and love for this house which is not so comfortable for ordinary people. Zhao Tongying sat down on the platform and looked around and said with a smile, "It's rare to see you so clean here." "Even I'm not used to it." The two of them talked and laughed a few words. After Rizhao sent tea and snacks, he wanted to salute and retreat. He listened to Shuiying and said, "You stay and wait on me." Then he looked at Zhaotong Ying and said,non standard fasteners, "Is there any inconvenience?" "Naturally." After a pause, he suddenly said, "There aren't many women officers in the past who love reading as much as you do.". I remember the late emperor once said something similar to me. "What the female officers have to do is to balance the harem and share the worries and difficulties of the emperor. They don't need to know astronomy and geography." "Qing's idea is obviously more than that." She sighed softly and suddenly said, "You already know something about my life.". Soon after his Majesty left me with him, he asked me what I wanted. I said to his Majesty, 'I want to be able to serve your Majesty.' The late Emperor looked at me for a long time and replied,deep draw stamping, 'Then you can read and write with the female clerk.'. At that moment, I understood that in the heart of the first emperor, an excellent side needs something. After a slight pause, he said with a smile, "At first, it was to please the late emperor.". However, after a long time, the benefits will be felt. For a man who loves history, there is no better place than the Palace Library. Especially Especially the history of this Dynasty. "Like what?" "Like.." For example, His Highness Jialan has revealed with Qing the secrets about the Sutai royal family and the Qianyue family. "The Qianyue Family, a name that has disappeared for more than two hundred years these days, is mentioned in my ear almost every two days." Zhao Tongying smiled and said in an indifferent tone: "I can't understand why the Sutai Royal Family has believed for more than two hundred years that'the Sutai Royal Family and the Qianyue Family die together 'is a curse." "What do you think?" For a moment there was a gleam of excitement in her eyes. The Sutai royal family and the Qianyue family perish together. This sentence, Steel investment casting ,DIN screw plug, in turn, means that the Sutai royal family and the Qianyue family coexist. If it were me, I would understand that this is not Qianyue Su's curse to Emperor Gaozu, but her promise to replace the Qianyue family. As the last prime minister of the Qing Dynasty, in order to be loyal, she has no choice. However, the Qianyue family, which once shared the same honor and disgrace with the Qing Dynasty, can also share life and death with the Sutai Dynasty again, and honor and disgrace depend on each other.. "Qing's idea is different." "Where is Qing?"? What does Shui Ying, a well-read former female officer and one of the youngest young Wang Fu in the history of Sutai, think? "Me." She was silent for a moment and made a seemingly irrelevant reply: "However, for more than two hundred years, the monarchs of Sutai believed in the former, and no one thought in the other direction." "That's because Qianyue Su is really too heroic.". Such a heroic and faithful Qianyue Su, a friend of Emperor Gaozu in life and death and a good friend of Qingmei, has not changed at all in the face of Emperor Gaozu's hand in hand to persuade him to die for Qianyue Su, who died for the former Dynasty wholeheartedly. It is no wonder that the emperors of later generations have to think about the word'curse 'in their last words before they die. "Qianyuesu also has a helpless place." "Yes," Zhao Tongying smiled at the young woman in front of her, the friend she met at the age of eighteen and talked about everything in the next three years: "Without Qianyue Su, who vowed to be loyal to the former Dynasty, the Qianyue family does not deserve to be valued by the latter Dynasty. Qianyue, who could not perish with Qingmiao, was not qualified to say that she lived or died with Sutai. Therefore, Su died for the Qianyue family in the former Dynasty, and then left a loyal and strong reputation of Qianyue, brand-new to the latter Dynasty. In an instant, two lines of tears fell from Shuiying's face. Zhao Tongying watched quietly, waiting for her to wipe away her tears and restore her usual calmness and indifference before saying, "Qing is also a sentimental person." "It's a joke." She took a sip of water and her voice calmed down. She said slowly, "When I was reading this secret history in the harem, I often felt that Emperor Gaozu actually understood what Su was thinking, so Emperor Gaozu just expelled the Qianyue family to a remote place.". Perhaps Emperor Gaozu could not accept Su's determination, or perhaps she deeply understood Su's painstaking efforts to complete the consolation of the Qianyue family to the former Dynasty with a generation of exile.. "The emperor appointed the so-called descendant of Qianyue as the inner God.". I heard that after this man went to the capital, he asked for a meeting with His Royal Highness and confessed in front of His Royal Highness that he was not a member of the Qianyue clan, but in order to get a shortcut to fame. After she entered the palace, she also apologized to the emperor for this. "This is a wise man." "What do you think?" "What?" "Does Qing think what she said is true or false?" "Do you want to say that this man is really a descendant of Qianyue?" "I've seen her twice in Wanxia and Qingping, and this man's style." If she is the rebirth of Qianyuesu,car radiator cap, I also believe it. "What's the use of Qing asking me?"? Do you think I'm the one who knows the secret? Perhaps, but if I were the first emperor entrusted with such a heavy responsibility, would I fail to live up to the expectations of the first emperor? "Qing has a misunderstanding.".

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