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Lin Qizheng left the crowd and walked straight to me and Zuo Hui. I haven't seen him for several days, and when I meet him suddenly, I always feel a little moved. He seemed to have drunk a lot, and his face was a little red. Director Zuo, long time no see. He first shook hands with Zuo Hui, then took a deep look at me and nodded. Zuo Hui hurriedly said: "General Manager Lin, I went to your company twice before and wanted to see you, but unfortunately you were on a business trip." "I'm sorry, I'll ask Director Zuo to come to the company to guide the work another day." "I dare not, as long as General Manager Lin can meet us when he is free." The two of them began to speak in a bureaucratic tone, which made me feel a little uncomfortable in my ears. Are you eating here today? Lin Qizheng asked. Yes, invite an old leader. Lin Qizheng raised his head and said to the front desk clerk, "Put it on my account." Zuo Hui hurriedly said no, but Lin Qizheng let him refuse and led the gang away. I stood there, from beginning to end, expressionless, without saying a word. Zuo Hui shrugged his shoulders and said to me,alloy die casting, "Well, the big boss pays the bill." I forced a smile and nodded. After a while, Zuo Hui and I helped Director Li, who was already half drunk, walk out of the gate of Tianyi. Zuo Hui asked me to hold Director Li, and he went to drive the car. I stood in the doorway, supporting Director Li's body shaking from side to side,car radiator cap, and accidentally found that facing the gate was a huge black jeep with a license plate number of 66888. Then, I vaguely saw Lin Qizheng sitting in the driver's seat of the car. In the dark car, I couldn't see his expression clearly. Zuo Hui's car stopped beside us at this time. Zuo Hui got out of the car and helped Director Li into the back seat. I had no choice but to sit in the co-driver's seat. The car pulled away from the hotel and my phone rang. Do you have to sit next to him? Lin Qizheng asked on the phone in a rather stiff tone. No In front of Zuo Hui and Director Li, I can't answer directly. Where else are you going? "I have something to do." "Anything else?" He demanded. "I'll contact you again." "Well, I'll wait for your call." He took the lead in hanging up, showing obvious dissatisfaction. I put my cell phone back in my bag, and I had some worries in my heart, and I blamed myself for making him unhappy. Who is it? Zuo Hui asked without knowing the time. It's none of your business! Just as I had no place to vent my anger, I gave him a harsh rebuke. He is indifferent, still said: "Zou Yu, Director Li is my old leader, I know best, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, he is a good intention, I do not take offense." When I looked back at Director Li, I was already paralyzed in the back seat. Director Li is also good for us. Zuo Hui continued. Zuo Hui! I interrupted: "If you think I have been a person to wait for you, then you are very wrong." I choked Zuo Hui for a long time. Passed for a long time, he asks anxiously: "Between us, is a bit impossible?" "No, not at all!" I answered fiercely. I will wait by your side until the day you forgive me. He actually said. I suddenly want to laugh, men are always so easy to say forever, Gao Zhanqi, Zuo Hui, and Lin Qizheng, are the same, and women, such as me, only choose the words I would like to move. Take Director Li home. I propose. Zuo Hui and I, together with Director Li's son, spent a lot of effort to get Director Li upstairs. Back to the car, I took out my bag from the car and said to Zuo Hui, "You go back first, I have something to do." Where are you going so late? Or I'll give you a ride. Zuo Hui said strangely. No, I'll go by myself. Zuo Hui had to drive away. Seeing his car disappear from sight, I dialed Lin Qizheng's phone. Hello He answered. Where are you I asked. A car braked suddenly beside me and brought a gust of wind. Turns out he's been following us. Rolling down the window, he motioned for me to get in. I sat in the car and saw that his expression was still unhappy. I rolled up the window and drove the car forward. How to change such a big car? It's so black that you can't see anything inside. It looks like an armored car. I talked about him, trying to liven things up. He did not answer, but looked ahead. Today is for the matter of small month, small month in the civil service examination of the tax Bureau, the written examination, only the interview, Zuo Hui asked their deputy director in charge of personnel to eat, say hello. "I have to explain tonight's dinner in a positive way." If you want to get into the tax Bureau, why don't you come to me! More than the tax Bureau? Which office does Zou Yue want to go into? I can't do it. He spoke, but in a discontented tone. It was Zou Yue's decision to sign up for the exam and so on. She had come to this step. Yesterday, when I talked about it, I thought it would be better. Anyway, I knew Director Li, so I promised to come to dinner. I'll explain further. Were you with Zuo Hui yesterday? Aren't you helping Zou Yue introduce someone? "" He remembers it clearly. No, when I sent Zou Tian downstairs, I met him and talked about it. So late? How could I meet him again? "He lives downstairs from us!" He did not speak again. The car was stopped at an intersection. When the green light came on, the car in front started slowly. He frowned and honked the horn vigorously. The sound of the horn was so strange that it startled me. Do you need to have dinner with the director next time? He suddenly asked. I don't think so. "Or will he find a way to get you in?" "What are you saying?" His words made me a little unhappy. Why are you so cooperative with his help when you are not willing to accept my kindness? He suddenly asked me in a loud voice. I said clumsily, "Qizheng,Stainless steel foundry, you misunderstood me. That's not what I meant." "You know he has other ideas about you, but you still go in and out with him, pulling and pulling. Are you encouraging him?" His tone became more and more severe. But I have clearly refused him. I argued feebly. But you also explicitly refused me! He followed up with a sentence.

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