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Six amethyst sky thunder, six big killers burst at the same time, even Luofu, the God of the nether world also dare not hard shake, will be blasted into slag. Chu Feng to do so, is entirely to save amethyst day thunder, according to his consciousness, even if the looting of the secret treasure to use more leisurely, can not be thrown out. Besides, this kind of super amethyst thunder is really not much. If those people are scattered and he goes to break through, it would be a waste to throw them out one by one to blow up the blockers in different directions. So he felt that it was necessary to gather them together, and then bomb them indiscriminately, and kill a road directly, so that it would be safest to break through. Sure enough, after he escaped from this area, no one rushed up below, no one stopped him. Because the people who wanted to make a move just now were all attracted to the high altitude, and now they are all in a mess. The tenth beauty under the starry sky was the most unlucky. Her black dress was broken and her whole body was snow-white. Even if she had a close-fitting inner armor to protect her vital parts, many places were bloody and fell down. On the ground, a group of people stared, and even some people took out their light brains to shoot quietly. yuan Shicheng, Prince of the First Demon Clan, roared and caught his sister. Then, he chased Chu Feng crazily. He reacted the fastest. Just now, he was far away from the thunder area and was not affected. Kill! The Immortal Body of Destiny was furious. He had just been entangled by lightning and nearly fell into the whirlpool of death. Fortunately, he escaped by means of going against the sky. Cough! Undead Silkworm Childe coughed, he was vomiting blood, also spinning silk, mixed together to spray out,plastic pallet containers, extremely embarrassed, his treasure clothes were taken away, he was just injured by thunder, some silk sprayed out of his nose, it can be seen that the injury is not light. Poof! The rosefinch fairy showed a pair of red wings. One of her robe sleeves was broken, revealing a glittering lotus root arm. She also swooped down and chased after her. Aren't you going to fight?! Luofu complexion is cold, he just bear the brunt, some parts of the body scorched black, the other side is absolutely mainly aimed at him, want to destroy him. With a bang, the whole person and the God's knife were United,collapsible bulk containers, turning into a knife awn, splitting the chaotic void turbulence, and chasing down. A group of people are angry, some people were injured, some people were bleeding, the only good thing is that no one died, all together to kill, want to immediately cut off Chu Feng. Breakthrough success, Chu Feng did not have time to breathe a sigh of relief, in front of twenty or thirty old people suddenly blocked the road, silently into the air, began to intercept him! One of them is a middle-aged man, who is the field master of the Xilin clan, and also the person who used the secret treasure of the field to calculate Chu Feng after laying out with Luofu, Youming Shenzi and Qin Luoyin. Boom! Chu Feng smashed out the gold bracelet of the starry mother and tried his best to kill the group of people. When he broke through, no one could stop him. Poof! Just like that, several people were exploded and turned into a fog of blood, even if they were all visualizing the peak. At the same time, the bracelet rotates, evolves into a black hole, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet box, directly devours five people, shatters into blood mud, and dies a violent death. He rushes to the front and back and waves the reincarnation knife. Just now with the universe's top Tianjiao fight, those people are too sensitive, are avoiding the blade, dare not touch with the body, are very cautious. Now it's different. These old people may not be in a low state, and there are even people who are beyond the peak of visualization, but their reactions are not enough. On the spot, some people's weapons were cut off and their bodies were cut open. Once the wound is cut by the reincarnation knife, it is fatal! "Ah.." These people screamed, Chu Feng rushed past, destroyed more than a dozen people on the spot, first the body melted, then the spirit annihilated, both form and spirit destroyed! Chu wind disappeared, has been sitting on the green bamboo boat, this far away, disappeared. When he was surrounded by people just now, even if he was forced to sit on the green bamboo, he would eventually be exploded. Now he is like a dragon returning to the sea, without a trace. Just go against each other? Everyone is speechless, it is really thunder and rain, too not fastidious! Many people hated him so much that their teeth were itching and they wanted to skin him alive. Even the people who watched the battle were like this, not to mention a group of people who fought with him. Among them, there were yuan Ci Holy Body, Tianming Immortal Body, Wanxing Body, Prince of the First Demon Clan, and so on. All of them were the top young and strong people in the Star Sea. None of the people who made a move just now were weak, and they were all great masters. Chase, he can not escape far, once found, we encircle and suppress him together, must slaughter him. "That's right," said Luo Fu in a cold voice. "Block the exit of this piece of pure land and don't let him escape!" "The exit had already been blocked, and he could not escape!" The middle-aged man of the Xilin clan, who is also a master of the field, said in a gloomy voice. Poof! However, the next moment, the voice of the field master of the Xilin clan suddenly stopped. He was split in half by a man. A red knife flashed, separating his body. Then his body and spirit were destroyed, and his body was dissolving. The scene was horrible. Chu Feng, get out of here! The Louvre drank heavily. People's hair stood on end. It turned out that the mysterious man had not fled far away and had come back. He was so bold that he killed an important person directly. Is he Chu Feng or not? Everyone is suspicious, and at this time there are countless people in the starry sky waiting for the exact news, triggering a heated debate. Boom! Suddenly, there was a dazzling burst of light in Louvre, a super amethyst thunder exploded, and immediately he coughed up blood, half of his body was ragged. Impossible to defend, the enemy hidden in the void, become the top killer! Poof! As Louvre rolled out, a dark red knife flashed, and poof, one of his arms broke away from his body, and no matter how strong his senses were, he could not escape. Because, he was blown up by Amethyst Sky Thunder! "Ah.." Luofu screamed, backed up at a very fast speed, and cut his body crazily. He approached yuan Shicheng, Prince of the First Demon Clan, to seek refuge. Poof! Another red knife flashed, splitting at the God of the nether world! People gasped. The man was so bold that he thought he had run away, but now he seemed so bold that he came back to kill people. Chapter 637 is it a worm or a dragon? The God of the nether world was very cautious,secondary containment pallet, surrounded by black fog. When a touch of dark red knife light came, he opened his mouth and spurted out a bright glow. This was a breath of mixed essence, the essence of energy in his body. He went all out to spit it out with the help of breathing and hit Chu Feng.

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