The Return of the Condor Heroes (newly revised edition)

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Yang Guo was surprised: "There are thousands of women in the world. If thousands of women treat me well, do I like those thousands of women?"? Like the little Taoist nun Hong Lingbo, she hugged me and talked to me warmly, which was comfortable, but how could she compare with her aunt? Said: "Auntie, I treat them well, that is different from you.". Before you put down the'Broken Dragon Stone ', I thought that I could not be with you from now on, which was more sad than death. I would rather starve to death with you in the tomb and be beaten to death by Li Mochou with you. Aunt, if I can't be with you, I'd better die. If there is another woman in the world who treats me as well as you do, I will regard her as a good person, just a good friend, but I will never die for her. "Why?" Asked Xiaolongnv? Is it because I treat you well? Yang Daodao: Auntie, I like to see you and stay with you. It doesn't matter whether you treat me well or not. Even if you beat me and scold me every day and cut a scar on me with a sword every day, I still really like you. Even if God wants me to be a dog and a cat, and you whip me and kick me every day, I will follow you. Aunt, I only like you all my life. "That's good," said Xiaolongnv. "I'll do the same for you." Her master and disciples get along with each other day and night in the ancient tomb,plastic pallet manufacturer, and their feelings are deeply rooted, but they don't realize it clearly. In addition to martial arts, daily life does not talk about the rest, until this moment facing the life and death barrier, I really understand the deep feelings in my heart, the original and the other side was so hard to leave. "Then I'm relieved," sighed Xiaolongnv. Clasp his hand tightly. Yang Guo felt a burst of warmth coming from her hand. "Guo'er," said Xiaolongnv,collapsible pallet bin, "I'm really not good." "No, you've always been fine," said Yang Guo. Xiaolongnv shook her head and said, "I used to be very fierce to you. At first I wanted to drive you out. Fortunately, Granny Sun kept you.". "If I hadn't driven you away, Granny Sun wouldn't have died!" At this point, tears came to my eyes. When she began practicing kungfu at the age of five, she no longer shed tears. At this time, she wept again. Her mind shook greatly, and her joints rattled all over her body. It seemed that she felt that the internal force of kungfu was leaving her body. Horrified, Yang Guo called out, "You.." Aunt, what's wrong with you? How do you feel? At this moment, suddenly rolling sound, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet price, the stone door pushed open, Li Mochou and Hong Lingbo came in. It turned out that Li Mochou thought that the broken dragon stone had already fallen, and that there was a death on her left and right, and that she no longer cared about the fact that there were powerful organs lying everywhere in the tomb. She rushed forward bravely, and even went through several stone rooms for her, and went to Grandmother Sun's room. She secretly rejoiced that she was so lucky that she didn't trigger the mechanism to be trapped, but she didn't expect that the mechanism in the tomb was originally set up to resist a large group of Jin soldiers. It was all made of huge stones, thick and heavy, and had to be manipulated by someone to resist the enemy. Xiaolongnv did not plot against her, and all kinds of mechanisms had no movement. Li Mochou lived in the ancient tomb when she was young and knew the structure and operation of the main organs roughly. But since her master was determined not to pass on her mantle, all the ingenious mechanisms in the tomb did not tell her how to use them. Yang Guo immediately grabbed it and blocked it in front of Xiaolongnv. "Get out of the way," said Li Mochou. "I have something to say to Younger Martial Sister." Yang Guo refused to get out of the way to prevent her from cheating and hurting the master. "That's what you say," he said. Li Mochou stared at him for a moment and sighed, "a man like you is really rare in the world." Xiaolongnv suddenly stood up and asked, "sister, what do you think of him? Is he good or not?" "Younger Martial Sister," said Li Mochou, "you've never been down the mountain. You don't know that people in the world are dangerous. It's hard to find another person like him who has deep feelings." She broke her heart in love, and in spite of her grief and indignation, she could not help speaking too much and obliterating all the men in the world who had true feelings. Xiaolongnv was greatly relieved and said in a low voice, "Well, if he dies with me, it won't be a waste of my life." "Who is he to you, Younger Martial Sister?" Asked Li Mochou? Have you married him? "No," said Xiaolongnv, "he is my disciple. He said he only liked me all his life. He would rather die than leave me. Li Mochou was surprised. "Let me see your arm, sister," she said, shaking her head. She stretched out her left hand and gently held Xiaolongnv's hand. With her right hand, she rolled up her sleeve, but saw a little red on her snow-white skin. It was the Shougong sand that Master had ordered. Li Mochou secretly admired: "These two people are grinding together in the ancient tomb, but they can keep it with courtesy. She is still a pure virgin." At that moment, I rolled up my sleeves, and a little Shougong sand was also delicate and beautiful. Two white arms were close together, which was very moving. However, I had no choice but to keep my virginity. Younger Martial Sister had a man willing to die for her. She still kept her virginity like jade. The difference between difficulty and ease was quite different. Thinking of this, I could not help sighing and letting go of Xiaolongnv's arm. "What do you want to say to me?" Xiaolongnv asked. Li Mochou intended to humiliate her, saying that she had seduced a man and corrupted her school. She wanted to provoke her into revealing the secret of the tomb when she felt ashamed and angry. But now she was speechless. She hesitated for a moment and then had an idea. She said, "Younger Martial Sister, I've come to apologize to you." Xiaolongnv had a big accident. She knew that the sister was arrogant and would never bow to anyone. She did not know what this meant. She said lightly, "You do your own thing, and I will do mine. I will go my own way. There is no need to make a mistake." "Listen to me, Younger Martial Sister," said Li Mochou. "As women, the most blessed thing in our lives is to have a sincere husband. The ancients had a saying: It is easy to find a priceless treasure,plastic pallet suppliers, but it is rare to find a lover. It goes without saying that being a sister has a hard life. This young man treats you so well that you don't lack anything. Xiaolongnv smiled and said, "I am very happy.". He will always be good to me, I know. 。

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